Seriously, I don’t have time?

From 2nd October 1988 to 15th July 1990, the 94-episode Hindi series had its original run on DD National TV channel. It was produced by B.R. Chopra and directed by his son, Ravi Chopra. I remember those days and its airtime, you would find rarely a single person on road. Everyone stuck to its television…


SUFISM – A way to union with GOD

To me, music doesn’t have any discrimination, any demarcation, any boundaries. Music does not create any division among religion, caste, color, creed, and languages. Music understands only one language and that is “LOVE”. Music does not have any specific name, we have given a lot of names to it which creates a lot of differences also. But the truth is music is the only way to transport yourself to another world. It relaxes you and if music, lyrics, and voice combination have great command in any of the performances, you can feel heaven on earth.

99….& Counting Starts Again

“When you meet someone, the greeting should be like that your greeting with this person is the first time in your life”. And maybe you will never get a second chance in this life for this greeting”
“When you leave anyone, leave as you will never meet with this person anymore in your life and this is your last day or last moment of your life”. You need to practice it on a daily basis, even if you are meeting with the same person the next day.

Bonding or Burden

The entire world will say that Open and Close are opposite words, but in real life, we feel close only to those whom we are open with. True?

Your first best friend is your Mother. Do you think you recognize her effort to make your day-to-day life easy? I am sure, so far you have never think of it. Lets us visualize again for all of your family members. Try to remember their sacrifices. I am sure, you are taking all of them granted. because if we did not develop this habit in our life, for us this is their duty to do that And our thinking is “What if they are doing”.

“WHY” clears then “HOW” starts

Especially in India, we learn to live within limits. In one way it is good, but in many ways it is bad. If you will not see the dream, then you will never think of it to be completed. In a simple language, then you will complete only other’s dreams, by doing 12 hours job for them and even then cannot claim for 12 hours salary, because by default it is only for 8 hours job.

Is Ignorance Blissed?

Inventions are always for the benefit of mankind, but, we always able to find its disaster side. For example, Can a missile starts without manual intervention to kill thousands in a single shot? You will say yes, it can be programmed to an automated setup. Agreed, but who is behind it to set up as automated. Obviously, an only single idea generated in anybody’s mind to kill thousands. So missile is not bad, its invention is not bad, its application is also not bad. How, when, where and whom against it is planned to use, could be bad, because here IDEA is bad, that thought is bad. Intentions are slaves of our ideas, and this needs purification, obviously.

Father’s Day?

Late Mr. Niramal Joshi, Renowned Editor in Delhi, once asked me a question: Suppose a father is beating his child when a child is asking for a costly toy, which father’s pocket can’t afford it. what do you learn from this? Why? What is the reason?

In this world, everyone has a right to keep a relationship or break relationships anytime. But this is a fact that relationships never end. When the next generation surpasses the older generation, only then they understand the issues faces by their parents.