I am a software engineer by profession and find myself quite lucky, that I got a lot of opportunities to visit client sites, which roaming all over the world.

Approximately after visiting more than 27 countries, I found one thing in common the world is really beautiful, full of diversification, lovely peoples, different human behaviors, natural scenarios.

Beyond geographical differences, the one thing is common among all and that is a lovely heart. People love with pure heart, and love is actually beyond the line of the border.

I realized the line of the border is not for division, it is a place where we can meet forever. It is a joining line, where people of the two countries can meet forever.

When I decided to resign from my current job, I was having a very clear through my mind that, I am wasting my time to please my immediate bosses. I locked me within a small cabin with four wall boundaries. And not doing justice to myself and my life.

After all, life is a one-time reward from GOD, and I am not justifying myself as well as I am not justifying with the one time opportunity given to me by GOD.

On 3rd August 2018, I decided to quit the job because I felt I need to do a lot of things, before leaving this world. And now after quitting my job, I have started my own venture, Aaradhya Groups, with a long term vision and dedicated mission.

Aaradhya Groups, a group started, with their unique vision,mission and activities to make familiar to the people of the whole world, with an invisible enemy, a unforeseen evil which is heading up its head in the society, and spoiling the ideas, thoughts, relationships, culture, lifestyle of a common man and destroying the future generation. And what is this?

Intellectuals of the world are worried about increasing pollution on the earth, but no one is realizing the increasing pollution in our minds which is mixing poison in our relationships.

“Relationship”, the word, actually meant for safety, love, and security, has lost its meaning now, but TRUST is no more among relationships.

Aaradhya Groups is committed to making everybody realize in the world, that the relationship is a base of humanity and mankind. We as “Aaradhya Groups” are trying to rejuvenate “Trust” among relationships.

Aaradhya Groups is trying to address today’s burning problem of the World, which is now a Global issue. And that is “Ideological Conflicts”.

The War of Ideas is a clash of opposing ideas, ideologies, or concepts through which nations or groups use strategic influence to promote their interests abroad. Shared systems of beliefs, concepts, emotions, and values give groups a sense of identity, specify targets of hostility, legitimize aggression and enable coordinated action.

Aaradhya Groups is trying to bridge the gap by finding the root cause of the “Ideological differences” among people and trying to bring back the values, faith, care and trust in relationships to make everyone’s life beautiful.

Aaradhya Groups has one more important vision and that is, “To bridge” the “Generation Gap”, which is growing wide among members of families, relatives, and this is generated without reason, just through innocence only.

Another vision for me is to force all middle-class families in the world to see the world at least once. Who so ever thinks it is very difficult to survive in any other part of the globe for a single day because there are multiple spoken languages and different behaviors of people, I will try to convince them they are not correct.

My request to everyone is to remove out these thoughts from your mind, else you are losing the opportunity to see the diversification, love, and affection of people surrounding the whole world. I am here to make everyone a smart traveler because I will share my own experience and also help to minimize the travel budget.

Besides destination travelers, we will provide you a lot of new digital products to send your feelings to others, which helps you to strengthen the relationships and social circle.

Speaking E-Greetings video Clips: is one of the products, where you can record your own voice from our website and you can provide multiple films to the digital greetings clip, and when the recipient will get the greeting card, he can feel warmth in your voice and he can feel your presence, in front of him.

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Bye bye, take care

Only Yours

Neeraj Bhatia

Direct Email: neeraj.bhatia@aaradhyagroups.com

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