Natural Accommodation

No doubt, we as a traveler think, so many times, that, what happen, if we could not get good accommodation in the place we are schedule to visit. And honestly, this is a genuine question. What if, we can not get good sleep in night and next day you have to go for trekking?

Okay, analyzing another question, what if we get a good accommodation, at every expensive cost? O’ la la, budget is slipping from our hands… answer is simple, okay cut one day from our earlier planned tourist spots.

No doubt, this is a obvious fixed cost for all travelers, but the million dollar question is how to reduce cost to make it big saving.

So try to play some of the tricks to enjoy maximum days

  1. Try to find companion at visiting place:

This is possible some times, where you are going to travel, some one of your Facebook friend is also ready to travel with you, so your expenses can be distributed or may be you will get someone like tourist guide, who is looking for your to earn some bucks, can give you place in his home, don’t think it will be win-win situation for both. Well this will get only from network, which will slowly slowly growing up with your multiple travel plans

2. Do not ravel at peak season:

You have seen i traveled Ooty, Karnataka India, in Feb-2019, but season starts from April to September, this saves my lot of bucks, i got the cheap hotels. You can also travel off-season. Well there are some events like festivals, obviously you can not compromises with dates, then what we need to do is that you need to book your tickets in advance, and if you are travelling to india, do not try to book one or two week before, it could be two to three months in advance. Well there are also one facility called “Tatkal (means ‘Immediate’)” in railways, where you can get tickets one day before, but it is a little bit higher side.

3. When you need to book Hotel:

Well, try to pay partial payment initially, like booking only, because some times you can get very cheap booking off-season or last minutes clearance booking. There are some websites like, where you can book tickets with out giving your credit card and also no initial booking fees, and this sites gives you the option to cancel tickets 2 hours before your reservation starts, so this is also win-win situation for both parties.