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In Your Greeting Video Film

- You will be the HERO of the Film
- You will be a WRITER in your Film
- You will deliver DIALOGUES
- You will SING a song
- You will compose MUSIC
- You will  DIRECT  your film


We have 27+
years of experience

Aaradhya Groups, engaged in the media and entertainment industry started with a unique vision to care for human values & relationships. We are enough innovative to come up with new entertainment products, which cares distance relationship and enhance compassion among relations.


We spread our wings more than 70+ countries, which includes United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany etc.

1. Saves your time - Our Media Team will prepare greeting video for you, while you are busy in your office work

2. Your Stuff: Greeting Video film will be prepared from the sharable stuff given by you. Like Photographs, Videos, etc.
3.  Hobby: When you sent any message in your voice, this is an unforgettable dream for the recipient. Try it. 
4. Feelings: Send your emotions not only words, and this is a remarkable experience for anyone.
5. Surprise: By sending Greeting in Video, to any relative, any friend or any colleague, which would be a great surprise to them.
6. Music: Well, you could not be a great music composer, but you can help us to select background music for the video.
7. Price: It is not a very costly affair. It is starting from INR 499/-, which is very cheap compared to the feeling of a recipient 
8. Schedule: You will never miss any particular date because we will schedule it well in advance and we will intimate you before a week ago.
9. Delivery: AGs e-Speaking Greeting Video Film will be delivered within 24hours. And urgent delivery could be within 30 minutes.
10. Revision: You will get 1 revisions for all of your orders free of cost. 

How to book order for AG's e-Greeting Speaking Video Films

1. Select Event from list of values
2. Select Relationship with the recipient
3. Select Language of your video film
4. Record your message from "Record Your Voice" Message bar
5. Send us recipient photographs or videos, you want to share with. If you want to play any specific piece of music, please also share with us.
6. Enter recipient Name
7. Enter recipient Date of birth
8. Enter Email ID
9. Enter event date and time
10. Complete the order 

Your order is booked now, we will intimate you with the first draft copy 24 hours before. You may get three revisions before the final copy sends to the recipient email.

All  Occasion Greeting Video Films

Bollywood, Hollywood, Cultural, Sufi Songs

Feature Film, Documentary, Short Film


International Language


National Language





With a unique vision and mission, the founder is working so hard to bringing love, peace, and harmony among the relationship of the world's population and establishing humanity.


Managing Director -
AGS Media & Entertainment Production house 


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