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Motion in Emotion

I was in the restroom and saw a guy entering for a nature call, but just to my surprise he was wearing wireless headphones on ears and talking to somebody continuously.

It could not took much time to me to understand he was on a official meeting and answering the questions relevant to him.

This incident was not new nowadays, but this shocked me, and I was started thinking, we are driving machines or machines are driving us.

We would have been obviously very happy on the day when we got the information officially that electricity is a reality now.

Our house illuminated with power, electronic gadgets invented, then in today’s scenarios, we got Solar Power, Wind Power, etc…. so many other means, to get power and make our life easy and now easiest.

Had we thought earlier, instead of taming power by us, the day will come when power will tame us?

Inventions are always for the betterment of life, but nowadays life is not going forward. We are moving forward, but life is in reverse gear.

We are giving power to robots to think emotionally, not bad, but we are moving out of all types of relationships.

We are not able to think about this life, we are living in a life, which we have never seen, and most probably will never see in this life.

I am referring to a person, who told me that she believed in rebirth, and she wants to do all the things in this life, which is morally right, so she can get rebirth and meet angels.

My thoughts are different in this subject. I am the least concern about life after death, I am more concerned about life before death.

We made machines to give easiness and peace to our lives and now the machine is ruling on us, obviously, we get easiness but we deprived of peace.

Our emotions are replaced with emojis, the icon is telling, what is our mood at this moment. We take birth with our siblings, but now we don’t have time to meet them. We do not have time for anyone, who was close earlier and don’t bother if they are not close now.

One family decided to meet in person after a long and the occasion was very pious, they all got calls from their grandparents, saying they don’t have much time left in life and they wish to meet all members of the family altogether.

They all accepted, and decide a day to meet. They came, they met, they all are happy to see that their grandparents are happy to see all of them together. Everyone is taking selfies with grandparents on their mobile phones.

After some time, there was a deep silence. Everybody was sitting in the same room, but grandparents were alone, looking at each other. The reason was simple. All members of the family were busy with their mobile phones. They are sharing selfies with their friend circles. Someone is chatting, another one is smiling by seeing a video clip, another one is sad to hear bad news.

The whole purpose was defeated.

Machine won, easiness is there, silence was there, but actually peace was torn apart into pieces.

We need to understand actual relations are more important than virtual relationships. We are smiling getting likes on our Facebook post, but we are not participating in the smile, which is actually looking for us. We are smiling while taking a selfie, but we are not smiling forever.

Machine is for us, we are not for machine, or we are not machines.

Grow up now…before its too late.

Someone is with us today, maybe he or she will not be tomorrow, but these machines will be with us, which will be useless at that time.

We can’t replace virtual relations with original. The cost is too much. Isn’t it?

Thanks for reading.

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