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Before thinking out-of-the box, learn to think what is in-the-box

In our corporate world, now and then, we can hear this word Out-of-the-Box. Not bad, we should go beyond our limits at least when trying to search the solution, which is not in general.

But before that if should be wise to know, what is inside the box.

Sometimes it happens, we try to find the thing, which is in front of us. And generally this happens when we could not focus, or we have limited information about the product.

This situation comes again and again in our life and nothing to related only with items, it could be anything. Lets us focus now when it happened last time with you.

You will simply again focusing on items, and here we are discussing this in more broader term. It could be day to day situations, either in office, in home front, in streets, and especially in our relationship.

When we try to find one, actually we are loosing another, obviously from our sight, mind or focus.

Do you agree, we are loosing every second, one second of our life? You agree or not, it is. Now the next point is, it will never come back. And this is a fact of our life.

Are we utilizing this second or wasting, is the million dollar question? Well if we are not able to utilize it well, obviously, it is going to be waste anyway.

Well, when we able to start thinking that are we utilizing this moment, then only we start thinking inside the box.

Every body in the corporate word, is thinking out of the box, but we need to think reverse.

We have limited distributed moments in our life and we are adding more complexity in our life by running behind the rat race.

Do not plan the life, live as it is coming in your way, swim with the flow. You can see the life will be easy after that.

No doubt, we need to plan, but to some extent. Do not run behind it. plan with in your capability and capacity.

You will see, you will never feel ashamed for your failure in front of mirror.

You are a born learner, every day you learn something,

You could be the worst critics for yourself, but till the extent, where you start learning and try to capture your faults.

To see your faults means looking inside the box, and then you know what you can do and this is the thinking out of the box.

Isn’t It. Now the World is your’s and you are for the World….Try this now…

Thanks for reading.

Bye and take good care of your self.

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