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Space in Relationship

We conquered the moon, we reached space, but it is sad that we still could not understand that how much space we required or how much space we should give to the partner, to balance the relationship.

Can we agree on one point that TRUST is the only feeling, which can save all the relationships, but this should be from both sides?

I remembered one joke in general, where three adjectives are used for wife in context of marriage. First is before marriage she seems like “Chandramukhi”, means beautiful same as Moon, Second is after marriage she seems like “Surajmukhi”, means similar to “SUN”, and the third one is after some months/years of marriage, she seems “Jwalamukhi” means volcano.

Maybe any experienced man made this joke, but can’t we see the other side of the joke. This is the perspective to see the situation and become judgemental without looking at oneself in the mirror.

Remember when you meet someone the first time, it could be infatuation, it could be sympathy, it could be real love. But it is only you, who knows, or maybe you don’t know.

If your association starts with expectation, then this is a bitter truth, that it will be no longer exist because your emotional building is based on giving and taking and maybe your partner was not so judgmental to realize on first meeting. But as soon your partner realized, the emotional building will collapse.

You have gone thru so many websites, highlighting some signs that, now this is the time when your relationship needs space, and it could be in numbers (3 signs, 7signs, 9signs, 11signs, etc.). I have seen some websites are taking a Phycological online test, by giving some questions with optional answers. And with the help of your answers, the computer software will tell you, if you need to continue with this existing relationship or you need to go for the breakup.

Come on. Give me a break, Can a computer tell me, that what should i do with my relations? Are we crazy enough to believe it?

Believe me “TRUST” is the only word, which gives you all of your answers. You want to fight with your partner, go for it, but do not lose the trust on him or her. If you want to go for all the wrong ways, go for it, but do not breach the trust.

We have faith in GOD, but have you seen him? We are experiencing a supreme power every second, every moment, but have you seen him? Doesn’t it a million dollar questions? We are experiencing him when TSunami comes or when an earthquake destroyed thousands of lives. Or any event which shattered our faith, then only we cried “Please GOD SAVE US”

Similarly when it comes to have faith on our partner, then why we are not experiencing. You know, Faith is unconditional, and Trust is calculative. We have not seen GOD, but we have faith in him, but we see our partner daily, but we do not have trust in him or her?

When we are looking for space in our relationship, i think we need to bridge the GAP between our thoughts. There could be thousands of ways to distract, but there is only one way to attract and that is “TRUST”.

I met one couple, approximately aged, in the ’80s and they have successfully maintained their relationship. I simply asked, how? It would be 50-60 years from now.

I got the same answer from both. When one partner dissatisfied, on any decision, and there is the situation of the fight, then if the wife thinks, that my husband is wrong, she left the room for a while and walkover nearby for 30 minutes. and the same case with her husband. Later they sort out the issue and chilled.

Conclusion, leave the space for some time, it seems funny, but this is a fact. Anger is prevailing in the space at that time. Leave the space.

And this exercise will never bring the situation to discuss the space between relationships.

Agree? then Try from today onward.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now, and take good care of you.

Only Yours,

Neeraj Bhatia


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Motion in Emotion

I was in the restroom and saw a guy entering for a nature call, but just to my surprise he was wearing wireless headphones on ears and talking to somebody continuously.

It could not took much time to me to understand he was on a official meeting and answering the questions relevant to him.

This incident was not new nowadays, but this shocked me, and I was started thinking, we are driving machines or machines are driving us.

We would have been obviously very happy on the day when we got the information officially that electricity is a reality now.

Our house illuminated with power, electronic gadgets invented, then in today’s scenarios, we got Solar Power, Wind Power, etc…. so many other means, to get power and make our life easy and now easiest.

Had we thought earlier, instead of taming power by us, the day will come when power will tame us?

Inventions are always for the betterment of life, but nowadays life is not going forward. We are moving forward, but life is in reverse gear.

We are giving power to robots to think emotionally, not bad, but we are moving out of all types of relationships.

We are not able to think about this life, we are living in a life, which we have never seen, and most probably will never see in this life.

I am referring to a person, who told me that she believed in rebirth, and she wants to do all the things in this life, which is morally right, so she can get rebirth and meet angels.

My thoughts are different in this subject. I am the least concern about life after death, I am more concerned about life before death.

We made machines to give easiness and peace to our lives and now the machine is ruling on us, obviously, we get easiness but we deprived of peace.

Our emotions are replaced with emojis, the icon is telling, what is our mood at this moment. We take birth with our siblings, but now we don’t have time to meet them. We do not have time for anyone, who was close earlier and don’t bother if they are not close now.

One family decided to meet in person after a long and the occasion was very pious, they all got calls from their grandparents, saying they don’t have much time left in life and they wish to meet all members of the family altogether.

They all accepted, and decide a day to meet. They came, they met, they all are happy to see that their grandparents are happy to see all of them together. Everyone is taking selfies with grandparents on their mobile phones.

After some time, there was a deep silence. Everybody was sitting in the same room, but grandparents were alone, looking at each other. The reason was simple. All members of the family were busy with their mobile phones. They are sharing selfies with their friend circles. Someone is chatting, another one is smiling by seeing a video clip, another one is sad to hear bad news.

The whole purpose was defeated.

Machine won, easiness is there, silence was there, but actually peace was torn apart into pieces.

We need to understand actual relations are more important than virtual relationships. We are smiling getting likes on our Facebook post, but we are not participating in the smile, which is actually looking for us. We are smiling while taking a selfie, but we are not smiling forever.

Machine is for us, we are not for machine, or we are not machines.

Grow up now…before its too late.

Someone is with us today, maybe he or she will not be tomorrow, but these machines will be with us, which will be useless at that time.

We can’t replace virtual relations with original. The cost is too much. Isn’t it?

Thanks for reading.

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The present” is shocked to see the “Future” and “Past” is confused, to see the “Present”.

Everyone is running towards a materialist world, and the attitude “Who Cares”, is spreading like a chronicle disease.

The world is running towards the sky, day and night thru technologies, obviously, speed is multi-fold. Today “Present” is thinking, I should be far behind, if, would not able to cover a long distance to reach at par from others. “Future” is thinking that I am ruling the world because just to catch me, people are destroying their present. And “Past” is thinking that I always taught the people to learn from mistakes and move forward.

Maybe, the person who follows the natural rule, could not become a public figure, cannot rule the world, but at least, he is learning from the past, living in present and ruling on for the future.

In this mess, relations are found themselves cornered. What if you are popular enough but cannot meet your, parents, daily. What if you become a celebrity, but cannot hug your relations in public. What if you are millionaire, but unable to send your real feelings to the right person at the right time.

Aaradhya Groups is trying to bridge the gap among relationships because today everybody is running, but nobody can see, what they are leaving behind.

“Speaking e-Greeting Card”, is a product, thru which you can send your feelings to the person, who cares for you, and you are also caring for them, but you are unable to describe properly. Due to this, an unseen GAP among all relationships is generating.

Our Tag Line says “Send your feelings not only words”, because sometimes words can not express your real feelings.

Book today, a lovely greeting card from our website.

Record your feelings thru message, and instruct us to whom and when to send. Rest we will take care.

Thanks for reading.


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Before thinking out-of-the box, learn to think what is in-the-box

In our corporate world, now and then, we can hear this word Out-of-the-Box. Not bad, we should go beyond our limits at least when trying to search the solution, which is not in general.

But before that if should be wise to know, what is inside the box.

Sometimes it happens, we try to find the thing, which is in front of us. And generally this happens when we could not focus, or we have limited information about the product.

This situation comes again and again in our life and nothing to related only with items, it could be anything. Lets us focus now when it happened last time with you.

You will simply again focusing on items, and here we are discussing this in more broader term. It could be day to day situations, either in office, in home front, in streets, and especially in our relationship.

When we try to find one, actually we are loosing another, obviously from our sight, mind or focus.

Do you agree, we are loosing every second, one second of our life? You agree or not, it is. Now the next point is, it will never come back. And this is a fact of our life.

Are we utilizing this second or wasting, is the million dollar question? Well if we are not able to utilize it well, obviously, it is going to be waste anyway.

Well, when we able to start thinking that are we utilizing this moment, then only we start thinking inside the box.

Every body in the corporate word, is thinking out of the box, but we need to think reverse.

We have limited distributed moments in our life and we are adding more complexity in our life by running behind the rat race.

Do not plan the life, live as it is coming in your way, swim with the flow. You can see the life will be easy after that.

No doubt, we need to plan, but to some extent. Do not run behind it. plan with in your capability and capacity.

You will see, you will never feel ashamed for your failure in front of mirror.

You are a born learner, every day you learn something,

You could be the worst critics for yourself, but till the extent, where you start learning and try to capture your faults.

To see your faults means looking inside the box, and then you know what you can do and this is the thinking out of the box.

Isn’t It. Now the World is your’s and you are for the World….Try this now…

Thanks for reading.

Bye and take good care of your self.

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Coorg & Madekeri – A Live Destination Travel

Approximately 265 kilometers of distance from Bangalore, Coorg or you can say Kodagu, a district in Karnataka, and Madikeri is the district headquarter. Coorg is known as the Scotland of India.

Glance of History:
In 1834, the East India Company annexed Kodagu into British India, after deposing Chikka Virarajendra of the Kodagu kingdom, as ‘Coorg’.

Coorg Province was largely inhabited by the Kodava people who spoke the Kodava language.

During the 19th century, a number of coffee plantations were established in Coorg with the result that Coorg became one of the largest producers of coffee in the British Empire.


I will start with accommodation first;

I used to book my hotel thru and

I got a beautiful accommodation, in the mid of the forest, approximately 32 km far from city center,Madikeri. And that was Zostal Coorg. It starts from INR 499/- per dorm, if you are lucky then only you can get it. Dorm means one cot, it can be ground floor, or upper.

Located in the middle of a mini forest and coffee plantations, Zostel Coorg is a laidback backpacker hostel in the lap of nature. The hostel is 5 kms from the Siddapur town and is well connected by bus and auto rickshaw service.

Tucked away in the greenest lands of the town, Zostel Coorg offers a variety of dormitories, tents and private rooms. There is plenty of space all around the hostel for travelers to mingle apart from the cozy common room and the multi-cuisine cafe.

For the more adventure-loving of the lot, they have tents for you to camp with wilderness around you. There is a small pond within the property and hammocks are all around the place to just relax and do nothing.

Places to visiting in Coorg/Madikeri

I will not give you bunch of places. I will suggest only important main places mandatory to visit. It will not take more than 24 hours, but yes, you can spent more day, if you are going to my way. I spent two days and one night.

1. Coffee Plantations:

Coorg is renowned for its coffee plantations, which contribute around 60% of India’s coffee production. It also has plentiful teak, rosewood, and sandalwood forests. You have two choices: Either stay near by resort or join the group, who is visiting coffee plantation group tour. You can have a fresh cup of coffee definitely.

2. Waterfalls:

Abbey Waterfall

Abbey Falls and Irupu Falls are two of the biggest waterfalls in the Coorg region. Abbey Falls, located about 15 minutes north of Madikeri, is most accessible. Irupu Falls is nearly two hours south of Madikeri and an hour from Nagarhole National Park.

3. Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp is an elephant training camp operated by the Karnataka government. The camp is open daily from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.The elephants are located on an island within the camp and it’s necessary to take a boat to get there. Hence, if you want to experience the bathing try to arrive as early as possible, preferably by 9 a.m. You’ll be able to learn all about elephants, ride them, and even scrub them while they’re being bathed in the river.

4. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary:

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, also known as Pakshi Kashi of Karnataka, is a bird sanctuary in the Mandya District of the state of Karnataka in India. It is the largest bird sanctuary in the state, only 40 acres in area, and comprises six islets on the banks of the Kaveri river.

5. Namdroling Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery and Golden Temple

It’s located in Bylakuppe, near Kushalnagar. One of the must-see Buddhist monasteries in India, this monastery is home to one of the largest Tibetan settlements in India. The amount of gold in the prayer hall and temple is quite overwhelming, as too are the immense gold statues of Buddha.

6. Madikeri Fort

Madikeri Fort

Madikeri has an old fort and palace. Most of the palace has been turned into government offices though. A small part has been opened as a rather unappealing museum.

7. Nisargadhama hole National Park

Nisargadhama is a breathtakingingly beautiful island off the state highway, two km from Kushalanagar town and 28 km from Madikeri. The 64-acre island, surrounded by the Cauvery river, can be accessed by walking across a hanging bridge.

8. Rajs’s Seat

Raja’s Seat

One of the popular tourist spots, Raja seat literally means “Seat of the Kings”. Located in the town of Madikeri, it is a beautiful place presenting a refreshing setting and soothing environment.

The place is called as Raja’s Seat because it was the place where Coorg’s kings used to visit and enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty around. The sunset and sunrise make for mesmerizing view which is worth captivating in your cameras.

You can also follow in our YouTube channel to get VLOG on Coorg.

Thanks for reading.

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Real Mother’s Day

Just gone thru an article written by Alice E. M. Underwood and thought to write some line to extend the same. In early 1900, i was not born, but even then i can accept that “Anna Jarvis” started the campaign for an official holiday honoring mothers in 1905.

My personal thoughts are very generic. Only a women can become Mother. As a husband, i can become Father only when my wife become Mother, here i am talking about biological father. So then only we both become parents.

You will strange to know that if you think deep, you will find that a women give birth not only a child, she gives birth approximately all type of relations on the day of birth. In a single home. We suddenly, become, Uncle, Aunt, Dada, Dadi, Nana, Nani, as so on….

Mother can only has a power to excuse a child for all type of faults, if it is small or big. She has only power to bear all type of problems, because GOD made her too strong same as earth.

Our character is a reflection of our upbringing, and this points to our mother’s teachings. Because the first teacher in our childhood is our mother. Let make the world know that what our mother taught us, and our actions in society, gets this reflection by our doings.

If only Mother is strong as Mountain, has deep understanding as Sea, has a great heart as Sky, has ability to make us cool as Water, can produce energy in our heart, as Fire, has selfless love as purity, has forgiveness as GOD’s act and last but not least she has a pool of emotions. Then why we need especially a special day to recognize her as Mother. Every day is a Mother’s Day, because we are always in debt to her.

If i will see some book titled, “Lean how to make Love”, then i will say a single word, “Rubbish’. Nobody teach you how to love. Love is a pool of emotions. And it should be with you always, that is different and due to some unavoidable circumstances, you buried them, but it is in you only.

Well i will say, if you really want to learn how to “LOVE”. You can look towards your mother, who given you selfless love always and never expect anything from you. If you will send her to OLD HOME, even then she will not resist, you can find her to talk about yourself among her mates, and these are only good things.

Recently i gone thru one real incident, where, a visit with some school pupil, to an OLD HOME, a child started crying like anything, after embracing, an old lady, when asked, she told, she is my grand parent and my parent told me that she left us without notice, she never know that she has been sent to an old home, but her parent were telling a lie. And to add a surprise, that old lady was giving blessing to her son and daughter-in-law.

Can you find any other example of a pure heart then a Mother?

Yes, we can say Happy Mother’s Day, if our upbringing converted into actions towards humanity and this is for sake of safe world.

Thanks for reading

Bye and Take care

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Mother’s Day – 12th May 2019

Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love Mother Teresa

Do we think, we need to dedicate one day in a year to our mother? My personal thoughts are a little bit different from the whole world. I think every day is Mother’s day. If she would not have been given birth, we never ever get the chance to dedicate a day to her out of 365-366 days.

I heard a story, but it seems it is real. A child daily used to go to church and whisper something with folded hands in front of statue of Jesus, before going to school. One day father thought let me hear, what actually child is asking, most probably i can help him.

On that day again the child did the same whisper and to father’s surprise, he was not asking anything. He murmured English alphabets (A to Z) and in last he told with folded hands, i do not know how to make prayer, but prayer prepared from words and words prepared by alphabets, i am surrendering all the alphabets to you, so you can make my prayer and bless me and my family.

The crux of the story is simple, there is no difference in kindness, either by GOD or by mother. Both do not want anything from us. They may not need us, but we need them always.

If we don’t forget her virtues ever, we do not need to remember her specially only for one day.

In real life, mother becomes reflection of our character, because she provide us knowledge with correct information. Knowledge converts into Ideas, and this becomes our thoughts. Thoughts becomes our action and action reflects in our character.

In depth, “whom so ever” is giving us, we accept as mother. In India, we accept earth our mother. We accept our country as Mother. We accept our land as Mother because it bears all the pain, but even then in return it gives our grains. If you throw a stone towards a tree, it never return stones but the possibility is it returns fruits. It is nature, never asks anything in return. Neither for air nor for water.

Actually earth never came with division, we divided with lines. Lines of geographical division. Why can’t we see the line as place of meeting, instead of division. Similarly now-a-days in nuclear families, every body wants to divide mother, some for some months, some for days.

Just want to share one live story with you. In a family, after death of her husband, mother was alone and depended on her two son. Now both bothers discussed and told mother, that, we have our own life and our own expenses, so we have decided you spend 15 days in a month, with younger son and 15 days in a month with elder.

Can you guess what happened after that? Mother spent one day in some months in hunger because all months do not have 30 days, some months have 31 days also. And on that extra day, both were not able to decide, who will take care of mother.

Motto of this real story is heart touching. Mother never wants to leave our fingers when we are in trouble, but we as a so called legitimate sons, can not able to hold her hand, when she is in need.

In conclusion, nature and mother never asks us anything from us, they are here only for giving not taking any thing from us. If mother can not give us any thing, even then she can give us blessings…….. and it is a food for thought.

My appeal to the people of whole word is, please shut down OLD AGE homes, and bring you parents back to your home (at least who can afford). Then only we can say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY….. Is n’t it?

Thanks for reading..

Please visit our Mother’s Day short video film.

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Networking is about Giving

Now a days, every second person is talking about available networking in LinkedIn and Social media, which is not helping them in searching job. Even then a person has more than 1000+ friends in their social circle.

But whenever they are posting something about themselves, they got a lot of responses. Hundreds of likes, and from them also, whose names hey haven’t heard earlier.

Experienced enough? Yes, this is correct, when we are sharing something, very good stuff, which is beneficial for society or some thing touching personal, then people response. Also when publishing something, which is against society or any celebrity, even then people react, because nobody is listening them, they got a platform to write anything, whatever they have in their mind.

Also when publishing something, which is against society or any celebrity, even then people react, because nobody is listening them, they got a platform to write anything, whatever they have in their mind.

Why? the million dollar question? Because we are human being, we are emotional social animal. When we read somebody achieved something, we become happy, because internally somewhere, we want to be happy and we are looking for chance to be happy, but always feeling that today my achievement is underestimated.

Nobody understand that i have put my best foot forward today, i have done my best, but this gone unrecognized.

Somewhere, this is going on and at the same time, see your posting, we want to appreciate ourselves, thru liking your post, and if want to go one more step forward, then comment on it by saying ‘good job” done to you.

There are some people in our community, they really want to appreciate people, because they already understand that networking is for giving not expecting something. from others

Why very limited people response, when we are asking help for job search? Because either they faced the same problem earlier, or they are real people, who really want to help you.

In both situation, they know that networking is just to give, extend the support, if you can not help, ask somebody to help others.

When we are expecting something from anyone, and this doesn’t happen according to expectation, we started cursing the day, the fate, and more so, the person, whom face we have seen in today morning.

But we forget that moment, person never suppose to help, or person never promised, this, means we become victim of our own web of hopes. Hoping against hope. Isn’t it.

Well, if we started helping someone, whom we do not know, we personally feel good. If you never felt this kick, try this, you will feel good.

The only condition here is, don’t expect help in return. Again expectation will spoil happiness.

If everybody follow this, i am sure, the day will come when, everyone will star helping each other.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now.

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Speaking e-Greeting Cards -Send your feelings, not only words

Emotions play out in the theater of the body. Feelings play out in the theater of the mind.

– Debbie Hampton

Most probably you have heard about e-greeting cards, recordable greeting cards, or maybe you have used it sometimes, but we are sure you haven’t heard of Speaking e-Greeting Cards.

Love is an emotion, but what about feelings… due to an extreme state of love sometimes, you could not understand how to deal with the situation. You try to hurt yourself, when you see, nobody trying to understand your feeling and blaming repeatedly that you do not have emotions left in you. At this stage, you want to tell the world aloud, you care about them, but what if nobody cares about you.

Speaking e-Greeting cards are available for all occasions. It could be new baby congratulations, wedding wishes, romantic colorful musical moments, inspirational prayer, moral teachings or It could be the opportunity for a job promotion. And unfortunately, it could be sad moments. The subject could be any, but we are available for you for all topic of life.

The First time in history Aaradhya Groups is launching all occasions premium Speaking e-Greeting greeting video films, where you can send you feelings direct to a person, whom you are interacting with. It is fast, quick, simple, free of shipping, downloadable from anywhere, anytime. And it works quickly.

Aaradhya Groups is giving you the opportunity to record your voice from the website itself and select the card from the gallery. Or if you want to send your handwritten card, that is also acceptable. Our media team will embed your voice in this Speaking digital e-greeting card and will send on the date and time as appropriate in your step-by-step instructions.

To book right now our products, please click here to visit the order page.

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Digital Memory Album – A premium best selling product

When we want to save your future, generally we forget that to save the future, we need to save the present, because the present will become past. Because past always has good or bad memories. We need to learn from past, live in present and then only we can enjoy future.

Digital Memory Album: Aaradhya Groups introduces a product called Digital Memory Album, which gives an opportunity to create memories in digital form and keep it safe for ages for the next generation.

You have heard of a product named Digital Photo Album, Digital Photo Frame, Digital Picture Frame, Digital professional Photo Album in the shopping street. But these all are physical items or devices to save memories in form of photos and images.

How the media team of Aaradhya Groups(AGs) works? AGs media team is consists of very experienced personnel, where conceptualization is our main theme.

AGs Team prefers to preserve memories. Photos, images, and videos are only helpful to visualize, but actually, events create memories Event could be a birthday, wedding ceremony, job promotion, retirement, travel your dream destinations, parenthood, etc.

Or you can say any moment of your life, which will never come back. Such as the college graduation ceremony of your child, the first birthday of your son, or daughter, etc.

AGs media team tries to create a memorable beautiful conceptualized movie, so the next generation can learn from them or can enjoy seeing, those historical moments of the family achievements.

Storage: In our product storage will only on the cloud platform. which is always accessible, thru social media accounts or from your home computer, or from your smartphone or even thru your emails.

You need not worry about its storage or any other expenses. Storage is always free of cost. So this product is easy, quick, simple and free of shipping and long life durable.

Happy Vacation – A Sample Product for Digital Memory Albums

To book order right now, please click here

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GolKonda Fort, Hyderabad, India

Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad, India

So…excited…yes, this is a second blog from my side on the travel destination, but actually, this is not a blog, this is a Vlog because I came with the complete video shoot. There is a huge demand from foreign travelers regarding Indian heritage, Indian forts, Indian culture, so this time we picked up Golkonda Fort this is in Hyderabad, South India.
The name of the fort has been derived from the Telugu words “Golla” and “Konda” which together means ‘Shepherd’s Hill’. Founded in the approximately 12th Century by the Kakatiya Kings, this massive Golconda Fort with eight gates and 87 bastions was later built by Qutub Shahi Kings.
The king constructed a mud fort around this holy spot and after 200 years, Bahamani rulers took possession of the place. Later the Qutub Shahi kings converted this into massive granite fort extending 5km in circumference. The fort is considered a mute witness to historic events. The Qutub Shahis reign at Golkonda ended in 1687 when it was run over by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, who intentionally left it in ruins.
The system of acoustics in the Fort is something which attracts each and every visitor. The sound of clapping at the entrance can be heard at the ‘Bala Hissar’ which is the highest point and almost a kilometer away. This system was apparently used for communication purposes, especially to alert the royal in case of an attack.
So ready to see…. here is the video…

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Digital Video Greeting Film – A Simple Step, Premium Loyalty

After the product, Speaking e-Greeting Card, now there is another product called Digital Video Greeting Film is a beautiful product from Aaradhya Groups. Which emphasis on the need of feelings to be reached to the right person on the right time. Nowadays, relations are on blast, due to the rat race. Everyone wants to win the race from others. But actually the race is against time and nobody realizes it. The relationship is losing its loyalty, just for a small ego or misunderstanding.

Digital Video Greeting Film Aaradhya Groups comes up with this unique feature, where you can send your emotions and true feelings with a small video created by us for you, which will produce a true story, your honest angle of the story so at least the bridge or gap among relationships can be dumped forever or at least minimize. Well on another way, it is another way to express your feelings of best wishes, for all of your near and dear ones.


Digital Video Greeting Film: Below a small video clip, is a sample product, showing that when a family is happy on a birthday of any of the members of the family, how can they celebrate via sending a small video clip having common wishes. Here you can send us your voice recordings and photographs of a person and your photographs with person, so we can help you to create a beautiful video with musical background and with your own blessings.

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Places you can visit under $30

Yes, I know that you want to travel around the world, like you have heard a song in your 80’s picturized one of legend Indian actor Shammi Kapoor i.e “Around the world in 8 Dollars’. You know that was possible in those days and this is also possible in now-a-days, but frankly speaking, it is not possible in 8 dollars, there could be some zeros you need to add. Anyways, there are a lot of countries where you can visit without VISA or any invitation, it could be an additional bonus. and yes some places you can visit under $30.

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Do not wait for tomorrow… Get Inspired Today and now only…..

Often i have heard saying somebody, well i want to travel all around he world, but not getting inspired. Nobody can inspire you, you are the only person who can inspire you. My suggestion to all of those is simple “Do not wait for tomorrow”,not sure, if it will come or not., so Inspired today and now only…

Above photographs is of Ooty Lakes, Karnataka, India, where i visited in Feb-2019. It is a beautiful hill station. The another name of Ooty, famous among tourist is Queen of Hill Station. Ooty is located in the Western Ghats zone at an altitude of 2240 mtrs.

It is the headquarters of the Nilgiri District, where the two mountain ranges meet. Coffee and Tea Plantations and trees like Conifers, Eucalyptus, Pine and Wattle dot the hill side in Udhagamandalam and its environs.

Summer Temperature : Max 25 C, Min 10 C

Winter Temperature: Max 21 C , Min 5 C.

Nearby Places; a) Coonoor – 19Kms, b) Kothagiri – 31 Kms are the other smaller nearby hill stations.

Ooty population is 88,430(2011 census) and Nilgiri District population is 7,33,394(2011 census).

Best Time to Visit: Summer: April- June Winter: September- November