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Digital Video Greeting Film – A Simple Step, Premium Loyalty

After the product, Speaking e-Greeting Card, now there is another product called Digital Video Greeting Film is a beautiful product from Aaradhya Groups. Which emphasis on the need of feelings to be reached to the right person on the right time. Nowadays, relations are on blast, due to the rat race. Everyone wants to win the race from others. But actually the race is against time and nobody realizes it. The relationship is losing its loyalty, just for a small ego or misunderstanding.

Digital Video Greeting Film Aaradhya Groups comes up with this unique feature, where you can send your emotions and true feelings with a small video created by us for you, which will produce a true story, your honest angle of the story so at least the bridge or gap among relationships can be dumped forever or at least minimize. Well on another way, it is another way to express your feelings of best wishes, for all of your near and dear ones.


Digital Video Greeting Film: Below a small video clip, is a sample product, showing that when a family is happy on a birthday of any of the members of the family, how can they celebrate via sending a small video clip having common wishes. Here you can send us your voice recordings and photographs of a person and your photographs with person, so we can help you to create a beautiful video with musical background and with your own blessings.

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Places you can visit under $30

Yes, I know that you want to travel around the world, like you have heard a song in your 80’s picturized one of legend Indian actor Shammi Kapoor i.e “Around the world in 8 Dollars’. You know that was possible in those days and this is also possible in now-a-days, but frankly speaking, it is not possible in 8 dollars, there could be some zeros you need to add. Anyways, there are a lot of countries where you can visit without VISA or any invitation, it could be an additional bonus. and yes some places you can visit under $30.

Even if you are not subscribing membership, even then I will regular guide you by updating you about my trips, then you can easily understand that travel around the world is not very difficult. The only this is just getting up and going. Well, I will make you ready by updating where I visited and how I deal with good and bad persons, how can a solo traveler make its journey better, cheaper and longer, and if you are looking for travel with your family, then what points you need to remember, to make this journey interesting.

So join with me to subscribe my newsletter helping you to get going and start for a remarkable journey.

Best of Luck.

Regards and Best Wishes from


Always Yours

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Do not wait for tomorrow… Get Inspired Today and now only…..

Often i have heard saying somebody, well i want to travel all around he world, but not getting inspired. Nobody can inspire you, you are the only person who can inspire you. My suggestion to all of those is simple “Do not wait for tomorrow”,not sure, if it will come or not., so Inspired today and now only…

Above photographs is of Ooty Lakes, Karnataka, India, where i visited in Feb-2019. It is a beautiful hill station. The another name of Ooty, famous among tourist is Queen of Hill Station. Ooty is located in the Western Ghats zone at an altitude of 2240 mtrs.

It is the headquarters of the Nilgiri District, where the two mountain ranges meet. Coffee and Tea Plantations and trees like Conifers, Eucalyptus, Pine and Wattle dot the hill side in Udhagamandalam and its environs.

Summer Temperature : Max 25 C, Min 10 C

Winter Temperature: Max 21 C , Min 5 C.

Nearby Places; a) Coonoor – 19Kms, b) Kothagiri – 31 Kms are the other smaller nearby hill stations.

Ooty population is 88,430(2011 census) and Nilgiri District population is 7,33,394(2011 census).

Best Time to Visit: Summer: April- June Winter: September- November