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High time for TV & News channels to introspect

GUEST ARTICLE  By Mr. Phanindra Panishankar Rao

Before Covid 19 Pandemic, each one of us had our own Ambition, dreams, problems, like somebody was fighting to become a Rich & some was fighting to feed their stomach. But after Covid 19 Pandemic, the first priority is to fight against this Pandemic. Irrespective of their ambition, problems, the entire nation is fighting against pandemics including celebrities, corporate companies, all kinds of professional groups, especially Doctors, and even political parties amidst their politics. Many of them learned from their mistakes and changed accordingly.

Similarly, if you travel back for some years and observe, The News readers have also changed themselves to visual media from Radio broadcasting. Later when public channels became popular the newsreaders changed their body language, accent to attract the audience and keep the good TRP. When they became popular with their news reading style, mannerism, the same person started anchoring the shows and slowly became an Analyst. He/She also started criticizing the governance and execution & became popular and it was accepted by the public, perhaps because of many reasons. Commenting and criticizing became popular. This is extended to the extent that the same Person started managing & controlling the system of governance & bureaucrats with his criticism/comments. After this, News channels never changed their attitude even when there is so much change happening in social life, Technology, etc. Unfortunate is that this continued even during Pandemic time which is unknown & uncertain to everyone.

It is very disturbing when we watch news channels that show only the Covid news, deaths, or its impact on the public. They could have shown some other good news as well. Most of the time they criticize the public servants and Govt. to the extent that you stop believing in your public servants and Govt. who are really working hard in serving society. Sometimes it looks like a competition between the channels, the anchor of channel1, criticize with his own mannerism & accent, the anchor of Channel 2, overtakes the other differently.

During the lockdown/semi lockdown period, if the police control the public by using some strict control rules, the TV news criticizes them. The same Channels will say police failed to control the public if the police give some tolerance to the public. Since they do not own anything, they assume their job is to criticize, leave out all the good words, work done by the person and focus only upon negative words used by the person during his/her speech. Neither they acknowledge the achievements nor telecast the service rendered, instead only criticize them. We can observe this kind of incident recently when one of the ministers brought transparency, digitalization, and smooth functioning, and easy process in bed allocation for the Covid patients.

Recently in one of the local channels, the anchor was pointing out what Govt. is doing is wrong, they are begging from neighbors, even from small countries. Further Anchor was comparing our country with some other country in a very bad manner. In another channel, the anchor was demanding and forcing a Govt. spokesperson to withdraw the decision & policy, despite the spokesperson assuring him that the new policy will be more beneficial to the poor section. Like this, we can see many more such incidents in news channels.

They assume that their job is to attack & criticize the ruling govt. News channels use the person as a scapegoat to attack/criticize the ruling Govt., even forget that once the same person was criticized by them & he was abusing these channels.

It is high time for TV News channels to introspect on:

Newsreader– The person who reads the news can have good language, communication and read fluently. But unfortunately, the News Readers start commenting on the news they read and criticize the person.

Analyst – The person, who analyzes the policies of the Govt., should have at least specialization in that particular area and has some work experience as a reporter (fieldwork) and work experience. Like if somebody analyzes governance & its execution must have solid expertise in planning, strategy, and operations along with other credentials or work experience in that area.
The recent news related to the covid vaccination giving to the public, the audience expects/thinks that the anchor or one who writes the analysis should have experience in life science & manufacturing of medicines. Because one should understand the time taken to set up the manufacturing plant, procurement process and manufacturing lead time, and logistics to deliver the vaccine to the destination Also know about the demand and supply meet. Let them keep these data and check the demand (country population) and plant’s capacity to produce the vaccine. Very importantly, one should know that there should be an order placement from the customer(states) to produce the vaccine in more numbers or to increase the production qty from the original production qty. Somebody who speaks in front of the media cannot be considered as an order for them to produce. Interestingly when somebody claims they need so much vaccine, they should also be prepared their vaccine Centers with manpower and inform the public to take the Vaccine with social distancing. After having all these data, let them compare and criticize, point out the mistakes where Govt. failed. When the Media comment/criticizing so much on Vaccine shortages, we can also expect their contribution to help the citizens in giving awareness to the public to get the Vaccine. Has any media done anything to bring the public to the vaccination centers when it was surplus during wave one? They would have telecasted the news to inform the public to go and get the vaccine as it is good and help them to come out of pandemics. Instead, they shifted to some other breaking news. Even now, the News shows the only shortage of vaccines as a weapon to blame someone instead of considering the above points with correct data & inform the public the reality and ask them to maintain lockdown process, social distancing, and wait till they get sufficient vaccine. Most importantly expect them to own what they say or should not criticize.
Importantly in the Medical field, one should also know that each vaccination bottle has an expiry date and it should be given to a minimum of ten people once it is opened for use otherwise it loses its power. Mean to say that, the moment it is produced, it should be delivered to the destination and consume full before it expires. We are lucky that our medicine does not require a specific Refrigerator to maintain a temperature to preserve the vaccine power like other vaccines, which are produced by other countries. With this, we are not only saving money but also not worrying about the production of these refrigerators to preserve the vaccination. By this, we can ignore the refrigerator plant & the rest.

Anchors – Observed some Anchors in Media bring some expertise from the respective field & ask them to answer their questions. Ironically, they will not stop after the debate, further go ahead and give their conclusion/opinion. When Anchors expect others to have a solid answer or solid work and criticize their work, there is nothing wrong in expecting an Anchor to have solid expertise, knowledge about the topic they debate and understand what the guest Expertise said in the program. It should not become like an Arts student sit in a science class and give his/her remarks about the science subject and the lecturer. It should be like when Mathematic teacher, teach math’s and conduct exam, they have the right to correct the answer paper and give marks/opinion and comment about the student and answer written by the student.

Having said this, to work in any one of these areas like legislative, executive, or judiciary one should have a good qualification, knowledge, and mindset to work in any one of these areas. When a single person sits in a room and comments on all these functionaries, there is nothing wrong in expecting them to have the right qualification, knowledge, and maturity in analyzing and commenting on these functionaries.
The audience is not asking news channels to stop criticize, comment on anyone, policy, or subjects, instead expects them to research and come up with the right data and share it with a skilled anchors/analyst.

Already some viewers have got shifted themselves to social media by criticizing these news channels. If News Channels does not introspect and correct their mistakes, there is a possibility that almost all the viewers would shift to social Media permanently.

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Bag-Pack-Tourism in C-Era



If we combine each country’s loss in revenue, the financial impact of Covid-19 on world tourism has resulted in a total revenue loss of $195 billion worldwide so far.
If you calculate separately, France is the world’s most visited country with over 89 million tourists each year, but the impact of COVID-19 has resulted in a total revenue loss of £8.7m.
As some of the countries emerges from lockdown much of the world is sinking deeper into this exponential and existential crisis.
Travel and tourism have been one of the most disrupted industries by COVID-19. Travel and tourism are also one of the most disruptive negative forces impacting our natural environment and the health and wellbeing of our planet.
This blog aims to summarise the key points which emerged amongst our thoughts, as well as the direction of travel for the industry, in particular from a sustainable perspective.
My personal experience, having spent a decade working in the information technology industry, and having been fortunate enough to travel a lot approximately 27 countries over the past many years, is that travel and tourism will continue to contribute massively to diversity, cultural understanding, education, a global outlook and to contribute to a more harmonious and peaceful world for all.
However, the travel industry cannot and must not continue to have scant regard for the damage it does to the natural environment.
There is a huge opportunity post-COVID to reset, to create a new paradigm which is genuinely sustainable, where travel and tourism are framed in a more planet-friendly way and where people think before they moving into a plane.
With the industry on its knees, governments across the globe should consider following the lead of the French Government and link airline bailouts to their environmental policy and strategies.
In the context of a sustainable reset, we may travel less but we will most certainly enjoy it more and do less harm.
1. Deep Mingling experience
We have experienced in past days that we are now much closer to nature. Now further travel can open our eyes to the value of nature, different cultures and the interconnectedness of all of us.
The panellists made the point that in a post-COVID world, it is vital that we shift our mindsets from bucket-list ticking to a more thoughtful, deeper approach to travel.
We need to stay for longer in the places we visit; engage with local communities, and give back to them. When travelling with children, we should teach them about where they’re going prior to travelling and what to take care of whilst they’re there and help preserve the environment in doing so.
We should be more careful but more enthusiastic now when we are attending a religious ceremony in India, or a how-to prepare pastry’s lesson in Paris, or following any passion, we could experiencing life as a local, understanding it, and helping communities thrive who will, in turn, care more deeply for the environment around them.
We have spotted many innovators and startups who aim to help communities affected by tourism. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many startups has released evocative adverts aiming to pull tourists back once they are able to travel, in order to help the local community, and some startup already started co-operations that work with neighbourhoods and renters to create an ethical alternative to Airbnb, Oyo etc. type of companies.
2. Own the responsibilities
When we say “It is a local government Job”, then simultaneously we are trying to shun our duties and responsibilities and only remember our rights.
It’s easy to place the responsibility we have towards the environment and local communities when travelling on governments and big businesses. But in accepting that each individual traveller has a role to play, we can help to mitigate the negative aspects of the industry.
While tourism brings in massive revenues to local communities and helps to fund the wages of rangers and other wildlife preservationists who protect local species and the environment, communities can be overwhelmed and the environmental cost of travel and tourism is massive.
We should research the most environmentally-friendly travel companies, and which ones give back to and engage with local communities.
3. Environment-Friendly
Without a doubt, everyone agreed that younger generations are certainly becoming more aware of the need to travel sustainably and drive the demand for sustainable change.
Having an interesting, environmental edge, such as eco-friendly portable hotel concept is a major requisite for many young people and it’s important for the big players in travel and tourism to lean into this.
They need to be transparent about what they are doing to be more sustainable; like afford to send their employees on trains instead of planes, saving on carbon emissions?
Moreover, after months of remote working, is it necessary to travel around the world for work at all anymore?
We have certainly noticed a plethora of innovators seeking to make the remote working experience. some creative companies are also coming forward to accept this culture. In being selective about the environmental and ethical practices of the travel companies we generally use, we should put pressure on companies and businesses to live up to the same standards and open up conversations between governments and local communities.
4. Pack your bags for short travels
Kurt shared data that shows this is most likely to be short-haul and localised, with long-haul, international travel unlikely to return to normal until around 2023.
It is likely that, as the travel industry begins to reopen, there will be an immediate upsurge in cheap, accessible holidays in popular destinations, as tourist boards and travel companies try to rebuild themselves after the pandemic by offering discounts and cheap travel.
After being inside for months, travellers will likely be eager to travel at the expense of the environment and other considerations.
As we begin to rebuild the travel industry, we must make sure that sustainability forms part of the recovery plan; it is incumbent upon everyone to make the change permanent, to refuse to return to normal, to explore your local area rather than travelling a far, and to check the policies of your travel companies. Mitigation isn’t the solution.
5. Time to Give Back This means travelling lightly in terms of the environment, and deeply into the communities we should enter. All travellers either governments, or businesses or individuals, all are stewards for the planet, and we must give back in any way we can.
The new role for the travel and tourism industry would be, they should become unites, educators, great employers, and the drivers of empathy and change. And yes, they can do, if they are committed to doing so.
As the COVID-19 pandemic has made our world smaller than they have been for a long time, it is vital that we remember how privileged we are when it becomes possible to travel again.


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Covid-19 – A Strong Remedial Action

When the first news of Covid-19 broke out, we never thought it will go to this extent, where we will lose a huge population, a lot of our beloveds.

The duration between lock-down starts and lock-down ends, we are completely shattered multiple times, with a number of news publicizes.

I observed, that there was a fight between the ideas of believers and no-believers of GOD. it was an ideal fight between theists and atheists. Sometime theists win sometimes atheists. Trust shattered and faith grounded many times.

I remember a Swiss psychiatrist, Kübler-Ross first introduced her five stage grief model in her book On Death and Dying. Kübler-Ross’ model was based on her work with terminally ill patients and has received much criticism in the years since.

Mainly, because people studying her model mistakenly believed this is the specific order in which people grieve and that all people go through all stages.

Kübler-Ross now notes that these stages are not linear and some people may not experience any of them. Yet and still, others might only undergo two stages rather than all five, one stage, three stages, etc.  It is now more readily known that these five stages of grief are the most commonly observed experienced by the grieving population.

When a human goes through any tragedy, natural disaster, accident, they pass through 5 stages. They are Denial, Anger, Bargain, Depression, and Acceptance.

In era of COVID-19, we faced all five stages, before accept its existence and it is a pandemic.

First Stage: Denial

The first statement we had given to everyone was “What a rubbish?”, this could not possible. We denial news, we denial all the facts. Denial is the stage that can initially help you survive the loss. We might think life makes no sense, life has no meaning and is too overwhelming. We start to deny the news and, in effect, go numb.

It’s common in this stage to wonder how life will go on in this different state – we are in a state of shock because life as we once knew it, has changed in an instant. If we were diagnosed with a deadly disease, we might believe the news is incorrect – a mistake must have occurred somewhere in the lab–they mixed up your blood work with someone else.

If we receive news on the death of a loved one, perhaps we cling to a false hope that they identified the wrong person.

In the denial stage, we are not living in ‘actual reality,’ rather, we are living in a ‘preferable’ reality. Interestingly, it is denial and shock that help us cope and survive the grief event.

Denial aids in pacing our feelings of grief. Instead of becoming completely overwhelmed with grief, we deny it, do not accept it, and stagger its full impact on us at one time.

Think of it as your body’s natural defense mechanism saying “hey, there’s only so much I can handle at once.”

Once the denial and shock started to fade, the start of the healing process begins. At this point, those feelings that we were once suppressing are coming to the surface.

Second Stage: Anger

Well, in this stage we have a feeling, of news to be true to some extent. But if it happened to ourselves, then the scenario is completely different. Once we start to live in ‘actual’ reality again and not in ‘preferable’ reality, anger might start to set in.

I think this is a common stage to think “why me?” and “I think life is not fair!”

We might look to blame others for the cause of our grief and also may redirect our anger to close friends and family especially in case disease reaches through them.

We find it incomprehensible of how something like this could happen to us. If we are strong in faith, we might start to question our belief in God. “Where is God? Why didn’t he protect me?”

Researchers and mental health professionals agree that this anger is a necessary stage of grief. They encourage anger. It’s important to truly feel the anger. It’s thought that even though you might seem like you are in an endless cycle of anger, it will dissipate – and the more you truly feel the anger, the more quickly it will dissipate, and the more quickly you will heal. It is not healthy to suppress your feelings of anger – it is a natural response – and perhaps, arguably, a necessary one.

In everyday life, we are normally told to control our anger toward situations and toward others. When you experience a grief event, you might feel disconnected from reality – that you have no grounding anymore. Your life has shattered and there’s nothing solid to hold onto.

Think of anger as a strength to bind you to reality. You might feel deserted or abandoned during a grief event. That no one is there. You are alone in this world. The direction of anger toward something or somebody is what might bridge you back to reality and connect you to people again. It is a “thing.” It’s something to grasp onto – a natural step in healing.

Third Stage: Bargaining

When something bad happens, have we ever caught ourselves making a deal with God? like “Please God, if you heal my husband, I will strive to be the best wife I can ever be – and never complain again.” or “I will be healed, I will donate a fair amount to your temple”. This is bargaining. In a way, this stage is false hope.

We might falsely make ourselves believe that we can avoid the grief through a type of negotiation. “If we change this, I’ll change that”. We are so desperate to get our life back to how it was before the grief event, we are willing to make a major life change in an attempt toward normality.

Guilt is a common wingman of bargaining. This is when we endure the endless “what if” statements. like “What if I had left the house 5 minutes sooner – the accident would have never happened”. And like ” What if I encouraged him to go to the doctor six months ago like I first thought – cancer could have been found sooner and he could have been saved”. We started running from reality. The truth, which can’t change.

Fourth Stage: Depression

The next stage is ‘Depression”. It is a commonly accepted form of grief. In fact, most people associate depression immediately with grief – as it is a “present” emotion.

It represents the emptiness we feel when we are living in reality and realize the person or situation is gone or over.

In this stage, we might withdraw from life, feel numb, live in a fog, and not want to get out of bed. The world might seem too much and too overwhelming for us to face. We don’t want to be around others, don’t feel like talking, and experience feelings of hopelessness. We might even experience suicidal thoughts – thinking “what’s the point of going on?”

Last Stage: Acceptance

The last stage of grief identified by Kübler-Ross is acceptance.

Not in the sense that “it’s okay my husband died” rather, “my husband died, but I’m going to be okay.”

In this stage, our emotions may begin to stabilize. We re-enter reality. We come to terms with the fact that the “new” reality is that our partner is never coming back – or that we are going to succumb to our illness and die soon – and we are okay with that.

It’s not a “good” thing – but it’s something you can live with. It is definitely a time of adjustment and readjustment. There are good days, there are bad days, and then there are good days again.

In this stage, it does not mean we will never have another bad day – where you are uncontrollably sad. But, the good days tend to outnumber the bad days.

In this stage, we may lift from our fog, we start to engage with friends again, and might even make new relationships as time goes on. We understand your loved one can never be replaced, but we move, grow, and evolve into our new reality.

The fear of the people when our country’s corona count was 100, is not there when it is over 24+ Lakhs today.

In summary, in COVID-19 experience, first of all, we show our refusal to believe such a thing could happen. Even we denied us to that extent “Corona will not come to us”. Even it came, we repeatedly were in denial mode that it will not be spread to our place due to so many excuses like we used to drink hot water, our climatic conditions is very hot, etc.
Then once it enters and started affecting our day to day life we started getting angry. It was anything, like, death of beloved, death of relationships, anger over the loss of income, or the loss of independence life due to lockdown.

Then we started to bargain with GOD. Inwardly lamenting that the Corona may not have come and there should have been a lockdown at all. We started asking deal to GOD, but nothing happened. Our faith shattered. Trust betrayed. And then the stage started of “Depression”, where we started feeling mental pressure and losing everything. we feel helpless, we started to doubt our capabilities, we started losing faith in our doctors, who was researching for medicine day and night. And at last, we accepted, we are at the mercy of GOD, we accepted, we can only work, but the result is not in our hands. We started accepting that Corona is real, and it can hurt us, our relations, our entire society. We need to learn to live with Corona, which is the only solution.

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Mirror Never Speaks Lies


In our childhood days, we use to see mask worn clown, always become a laughing stock for us. But now In today’s Global COVID19 situation, everyone is bound to wear a face mask.

A face mask covers our nose and mouth. This legal order will continue for some time, and after that again people will allow roaming without face masks.

But what about the mask a person wears behind a face mask. Yes, you understood well, I am discussing here a person behind a person.

No doubt, we have multiple personalities, we are multitasking people, but when we use these features to satisfy evil within ourselves, then we know very well that we are misusing the virtues.

This is a true statement that we speak lies in front of the mirror, but the mirror, never speaks lies.

Even if we are wearing face masks. “The only sensible way to live is without rules”.

Remember, rules are to make life easy to live in society, but this is not true for your life. You are given your life to enjoy, why it should bound in rules. You are a free spirit. Live like whatever ways you want to.

There are some important points, I want to share with you, which I have learned from my life

1. Everyone does not get the opportunity to get a second chance to meet life. So enjoy the life utmost. Life is precious. We should always have greed for lovely moments. Life has chosen you, you have not chosen life. Even you could not want to take birth in this world, but you are here and enjoying that is the truth. So value it.

2. It could be a funny incident, but when initial days, we face any problem with our computer, we learned to switch off for a while and it starts working again.  Why can’t we use the same trick with our life?  Well If you face issues, mental stress, depression, just switch off for a while. Try to rejuvenate your mood with other activities. If you stick with it, it is not going to resolve, but sometimes if you do not care, it comes in the right way.

3. Generally, we run to get in peace outside the world, but actually it is within us, nothing is outside. You have heard some preaches about hold horses of your mind, but I will suggest, never hold. Let your mind travel. wherever it wants to go, whatever it wants to do. Do it with it. I bet, you will feel calm and peace within you. Do not try to buy serenity and peace of mind, it is already within you. you never care for it, so you are thinking that it is gone somewhere, but this is not true.

4. Well if you are a parent, you are blessed. You can enjoy your childhood again with them. so don’t disrespect them. You need to make your children free. Again, I am not telling to accept every demand raised by them, but you need to be a child with them to understand to read their mind. You can enjoy your memories with them. Life is just to see your past and smile, but do not regret, what you could not able to do then, try now to do all you want to do and could not able to do.

5. This is a bitter truth that you cannot make happy everyone. Do not try to become good for all. If you are good, you will do to help them whatever you want to do. You will not ask anyone if you do or not. Well,  if someone has a problem and you don’t have an answer, just pray, you can not do more than it. Sometimes our Help is usually not helpful, it makes them toxic. You need to understand the difference between “help, helpless, helplessness “and “good with goodness”.

6. Never compare your inside world with other people’s outside world, it makes you worse. Comparison is a poison. It never comes alone, it will bring along all types of misfortune, which you never expect.

7. Sometimes, you want to produce your views on any topic. But you think it is not in presentable mode. It is ok, start writing. When you start writing, you will be surprised to see that you can write not only your views, your truth, your vision, instead, you can write your songs, your stories, etc. etc.  Do not write to please someone, write to please yourself.

8. God has given us so many things free of costs, like air, water, land sky, and this earth. When a farmer starts farming, it needs to tear if land in many parts, and then it sow seeds. But if you realize, even then land always gives us beautiful fruits and grains to eat. Land does not take revenge, it forgives us about our deeds. Earth is a forgiveness school, we can learn forgiveness from it, but this is always helpful to begin it with forgiving yourself.

9. Start realizing every moment of this life. The earth is moving every second, but we never realize, it does not mean it stopped moving, we realize only with feeling when day and night replaces by the sun, we realize when the weather changes. Realize every movement of grace, which changes us and heals of our world.

10. Try to go for roaming outside, if possible, I will suggest roaming the whole world once. Meet with all types of creatures. Learn different languages, meet thousands of emotions, learn to live within the jungle, learn to live alone, learn to live in-crowd. learn to dance, learn to show your happiness. enjoy your depth of the heart.  We have only one life, but there are a huge number of people and spices, we can not gain knowledge of all in one life. Try to lean worship from nature. It is endless.

In last, I will say, start living at least now. Don’t wait for a moment, take a moment in your hand to enjoy.

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I Quit


14th Jun 2020, It was around 1 p.m. news flashed on all media channels about the suicide committed by “Sushant Singh Rajput”, an actor from Bollywood. He has a dream list of fifty dreams. Some were finished, some were pending.

I started thinking about what could be the reason behind it, why he took this extreme step. He was a young man of just 34 years old, having good physic. He was a talented actor, he was successful. But the probability of depression was, he was expecting too much from the film industry. He was an emotional thinker, he was intelligent, but the calculation of bouncy roads on his way was somewhere went wrong.

When you want success, you are ready to pay the heaviest price for it, but when you become successful, then you realized, what was at stake, what left behind. To get happiness, you lost happiness.

To reach on the top is obviously difficult, no doubt, but you have to do more hard work to maintain your position on top.

Life is like a blank page like mystery, you need to learn how to write your story on it, you can draw any sketch in it.

The teacher asked students to be attentive and look carefully at what she is doing on the whiteboard. It was a new hanging whiteboard, obviously, it was in white in color. She picked up a black marker pen and put a black dot in the center of the whiteboard. Now anyone can see easily that there is a small dot on the whiteboard in black color. It was so bright that anyone sitting on the backbench also can see easily. Now teachers instructed all students, to write an essay on the subject. One curious student asked, “what is the subject teacher”. She smiled and told, “Haven’t you see what happened just now”. The same student replied, ” You put a black point on the whiteboard, that is all”. He retaliated “but where is the subject, madam?” The teacher smiled again and repeat to the whole class, “This is the only subject, let me see, who can write up the best”.

Everyone started writing. The teacher knew that everyone was writing on the black dot, but nobody is writing on the white part of the board. And she was right. Then she explained, “No one wrote about the white part of the board. Everyone focused on the black dot. Exactly, we tend to do the same thing in our lives.

We have a beautiful light-filled canvas to observe and enjoy and fill with good things, but we almost always focus on the dark spots. Our life is a miraculous gift given to us by GOD. We have countless reasons to celebrate life. Nature renewing itself every day, our family, our friends, the job that provides our livelihood. The miracles of life are all around us.

Do you know what the three sweetest words in this life are? That is  “I NEED IT”.  It seems to you a very simple three words, but you know it is very difficult to say.

Life is a gift given by GOD to us, we do not want to come on this earth, but we took birth, so it does not mean we should think that we deserve it. It is not our property, and we can not do whatever we want to do with this life. Try to say once in a day to your life “I really need you, you are precious”. believe me, you will start feeling good.

You remember when you are a child and you visited a departmental store along with your parents. You were very much shy about asking anything to purchase for yourself because you know it would be rejected by your parent. But you never forget the day, when you were looking for any chocolate and just by reading your eyes, your parents purchased it for you and gifted you immediately. You couldn’t believe it and with your eyes wide open, your lips trembled only two words “Thank you”, but internally a statement is flashing again and again in your heart, “Yes, I need it”.

If you are staying in a Five Star Hotel. You noted that there are a lot of items you are getting free of cost in your room or bathroom. What do you think, is it your right to get all these? No, it is your privilege, but not right. In the same manner, life is a privilege, not right. So, you can not make a decision to end this life to your own alone? Isn’t it? The earth is just like a hotel room, at last, you will leave it, so we shouldn’t take granted.

We never realize what we have in our life, but we always try to compare things with others, it could be any stuff, education percentage, job position, salary, marriage, home, career, successes to name a few. We become judgemental immediately, without understanding the background.

A new couple came to stay in my friend’s neighborhood. That couple had a bad habit of comparison with each and everything with others. In next morning, they saw the neighbor’s washed clothes hanging on the rope. They started cursing them that the clothes really still seems dirty. Slowly this converts into a habit to curse every morning to them on dirty clothes. One day their maid came early for some reason and she saw them cursing their neighbors on dirty clothes. She asked, “What happened?”. The Couple answered, “Our new neighbors are really very dirty. You can see how dirty their washed clothes are? The maid told, “How come it happened?, I am the only person, who washed their clothes daily?” The couple surprised to hear that. The maid asked,” How you come to know that the clothes are dirty?”. The couple showed the room window, from where they are peeping every day. The maid smiled and suggested, “You need to clean your windowpane. Clothes are not dirty, your windowpane is dirty, so whatever you will see from here, you will assume as dirty.”

Actually we are a culprit of becoming quick judgemental.  We tag “MisFit” anybody or sometimes everybody, but somewhat may we never think that maybe we are misfit instead of others. It could be any situation in any sphere of life.

Nobody will teach you how to love your life, you need to start giving importance to yourself. You are very important to yourself. It may be, we are a unit or item or subject in other’s eyes, but try to see yourself with the eyes of your loved ones, you are a whole world to them.

Think before to say yourself, “I Quit”, you have an option to say “I need it”, and please don’t miss it.

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What Is Your Story?

Do you remember stories heard from your Grandma, in your childhood? Have you ever surprised where it comes from? Let me tell you, every story has a story. Let us discuss how?

During a course in Film Direction at Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, I taught by my faculty about the various levels of a story. The lesson was “How we choose stories to make films?”.

Obviously, there is a huge difference between real life and reel life.  There should always some criteria, else everyone could make one film at least for himself or herself. He taught, a story is judged by below four levels :

  1. Plot Level
  2. Psychological Level
  3. Political Level
  4. Mythological Level

Every Friday, we get information that multiple new films are screening this weekend. Now OTT platform is also established, for example, Netflix, Jio Studio, Amazon Prime, etc. These all are approx 250 in total numbers. Hundreds of newspapers are publishing daily. Thousands of books are publishing every year.

I started thinking, from where these people get stories on a regular basis. “Is there, any treasurer of stories somewhere exists?” “How can it being produced?”

My mind blinks, “The formation generates in our MINDs”. But the question is, if everyone can produce a story, so all are story makers and storyteller.

Is this possible? Well, I think I am on the right path.  Yes, we all are producing stories every day. Not every day, every hour, every minute, every second. We all are actually story writers. That is a different story that actually we don’t know that we are doing because it is not deliberately, it happens automatically.

When we are in conversation with anyone, something is cooking in our brain very fast, maybe it is as fast as, sometimes our mind could not able to read it compare to the speed it is generating. At the same speed, sometimes we forget a lot of things. Isn’t it?

Once I asked my mentor Professor Joginder Singh Puri (US), “GOD has given us a beautiful mind for learning, judging, and invention, but don’t know why GOD has given us the habit to forget”. He smiled as usual and told me “Actually we are lucky that we can forget a lot of things, think about the situation, where you remember all the things, can you easily forget your insult done by your very close friend. I bet you can not, so, in that situation, you should be thankful to GOD to give you the gift of forgetting things”. I got the point, he made me unanswered. If you haven’t read so far, I will suggest reading my blog No-where is Now-here”

Our mind is so hardworking, that even it works while we are asleep. It takes care of our dreams.

Expert says that we want to do a lot of work in one life, but everything is not possible, so our subconscious mind produced stories every night. A lot of stories.

It is rare we remember all the dreams, but if it is, just allows me to say, you will laugh a lot at yourself.

Our brain cooked a lot of unusual stories. Have you heard the word “Day-dreaming”, yes, you are thinking right, we can cook up stories any time, even in days also?

The question is why we cook stories?

The answer is very simple, we cook stories for our existence. Maybe you don’t believe it, but this is a real truth that we live because our stories want us to live.

I have heard a lot of stories from my Grandma. And all are live visible before my eyes to date and they will end with the end of my life.

Well, the fact is she never told me the stories of fairy tales, instead it was real stories from our history. You know, I realized it the first time that history is also a story only when I heard a lot of stories about warriors, sacrifices, bravery, slavery, Independence, etc.

I still remember my childhood days, when I insist on my father to buy a horse for me. He laughed and assured me that it would be available on my coming birthday as a gift. It never happened. It was a joke for him, but it was a reality for me. I was living in on those stories somewhere in my mind. I remember I felt very bad on that day when my father missed the promise. This is the impact of stories, we love to live it.

If you recollect the childhood of all famous people in this world, you will find one thing in common in their life and that is they heard a lot of stories in their childhood.

Bhagat Singh becomes martyr because he heard stories of slavery, torture by English people upon Indian civilians, he heard stories of brave soldiers, he understood the difference between slavery and independence.

The great Alexander wanted to conquer the whole world because his mother always told stories to do so. She told him that you are born only to win.

Stories make us alive, else we are a dead person.

The story could be heard by you in your past or you are playing any role in any story at present or you have weaved a story for the future in your mind. But that is for sure, you are a part of a story.

Everyone exists because there is a story behind it.

Scientists make a story and start pursuing it, sometimes it reaches its end, or sometimes his end himself ends his story. But that is for sure that every innovation in this world has a story behind it. Only then this proverb can be correct “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Necessity brings a story and then invention starts.

Issac Newton reached its gravitational theory because there was a story of fallen apple behind it.

Why we create stories?

We create a story to prove our existence. And because we exist, so again we create stories.

Believe me, if we will not create stories we will die, we will feel helpless to do anything, our brain will die, and sooner we will no more. And if we would be there, we will become mad.

We exist because the story exists and the story exists because we exist.

One of my friends and a beloved personality Mr. Dilvar Singh Chugh was the owner of the GRAND HOTEL, at Grant Road, in Mumbai, India. Once I visited his hotel to have a cup of tea. Then the very first time I came to know that he is a great poet, lyricist, and writer.

On those days, I wrote my first poem in the English language, I thought this is the right time to have a discussion on that. I recited my poem, but he cut me short and started asking why I used the word “Harmony” here. He was a professor of the English language and conduct classes in his spare time at weekends.

The discussion started between us about the correct use of the word ‘harmony’. He was trying to convince me that harmony is like all strings come to one place and producing a piece of music. The combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce a pleasing effect.

By his version harmony is to bring different colors together and to prepare a piece of art. As another example: his logic was about the garden full of flowers, where are different colors of flowers exist, and produces harmony.

I was not ready to buy his logic, for me, he was telling the meaning from the dictionary, but the dictionary can not understand emotions. 

My definition of harmony was completely different from his version. In my version, I want to go into the depth of the heart and want to bring out the real meaning. 

For me, the only artist can understand the meaning of perfection.  A musician, or an actor, or any artist can not work properly if we will not make him free from all boundaries. Well, boundaries could be anything like, our thoughts, our budgets, our limitations of instruments, etc.  Let them free and allow them to fly, let them get drench in their art, definitely, they will come up with their best, else it would be compromised.

Now for a second, assume the condition of an artist, who is trying to prepare a piece of his art, with his full skill. You know, multiple times he gets into a situation in which inconsistent elements are present. He knows very well, there is a contradiction of statements, a contradiction of ideas or features, they are opposing each other.

He knows everything but actually he is enjoying the contradiction and this is his real art. He does not want to get rid of them, he wants to enjoy with them. They are not obstacles for them, they are supporting them. Because contradiction suggests harmony.

Look at an example of our home, there are multiple members staying with us having different ideas, if this becomes obstacles for us then it will become chaos, it will mess up everything, but the intelligent senior person in the home will find harmony in these contradictions. Only he knows how to handle this situation, how it turns adversity into an opportunity.

Harmony is not a disciplined or professional note, explained in the textbook, it is not given to us by a teacher and we need to follow it as it is suggested. the whole idea behind it is to accept the contradiction and enjoy it.  

We are looking for harmony in men and women, we try to find harmony in day and night, but actually harmony exists in the poet’s minds with confliction of words in his poem, it exists in a musician melody, it exists in a storyteller’s plot.

The whole idea of contradiction or acceptance of contradiction is telling a story, but this is not a resolution.

Now look at, all the discussed ideas earlier, in a new way:

Day and night meet at horizon, this is not a harmony, this is a contradiction and we need to accept it to generate harmony.

A story is a contradiction, the universe is a contradiction. Everything is a contradiction. If you accept it then it becomes harmony.

So these are not producing harmony, instead, you are producing harmony by accepting the contradiction. And we should not confuse harmony with a resolution. It is absolutely not.

You can only understand the contradiction, accept it, and enjoy within a single piece of a song, within a piece of the story, within a piece of any skillful art. And this is actually harmony. Resolution is finite and harmony is infinite.

I will suggest more reading my previous blogs:

Is Negative Positivity worst?

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If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist


Professor Joan Freeman, Ph.D., Middlesex University, UK is a distinguished British psychologist working for the development of human abilities to their highest levels. When I was looking for an article published on 30th Jul 2007 I came across a quote written by her “If you can’t measure it, it does not exist”.

I found this quote resemblance with the quote given by business management expert  Peter Drucker -“If you can’t measure ityou can’t improve it.” Both quotes have the one-line in common “If can’t measure it“.

It was a really interesting thought to pave my way to explore further. I remember the habit of intellectuals, I heard a story in my childhood, the story of King Akbar and his courteous Birbal, when Akbar wants to find the most intelligent person in his kingdom, King Akbar ordered one pot of milk to be poured into a pond by every person for all of his courteous at one night. And all the intellectuals thought in the same way that everybody will pour pot full of milk, what if I will pour water. It will mix in hundreds of poured milk and nobody can recognize his identity.

The next morning King Akbar found that the pond was full of water, even not a single person poured milk in it. What is the takeaway from it? Everybody who thinks he is intellectual thinks, in the same way, irrespective of others. Their parameter of measurement is the same. Let us take an example of a corporate word. If you tell something very specific to a member of your team and make him responsible to communicate the same to other members, you may have an experience that purpose and meaning of message loss in between communication because everyone tries to add his/her own words in the same message. Here again, the parameter of measurement is again the same, all are over smart thinking I can communicate in a better way. We got the same teachings in our classroom from our teachers in academics, but remember the takeaway is always different. I took something and my classmates took something else. When you analyze the reason, you will get that

              “The knowledge weighs upon the wisdom, the simple words lost in the quicksand of experience.”

I have posted the same quote “If it can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist” to my Facebook post. I got a number of phone calls, and everyone was asking for clarification. “What does this statement mean”? I simply asked “Tell me what do you understand”? My purpose was to reach their takeaway context. I was not surprised to get that, everyone was thinking differently.

Let us take one common question, the maximum people want to clarify is “GOD can not be measured, but it exists“, how will you justify this?

Well, to my experience, people always play with the existence of GOD, this is a favorite topic in the whole world.

Let us assume, ask a simple question in public “How big the GOD is?”. I bet you will get different answers. For some people it is 6ft, for some, it is 60ft, 600ft, and go on. Why they are giving answers like this? Because this is the image they are carrying with them. It could be a statue they are recalling from any nearest temple where are visits daily. It could be any other big statue generally they used to see from their daily office route from the office bus from the flyover. It could be their assumptions. But that is for sure, everyone is carrying one measurement.

Their mind fed up about GOD’s identification in their memories since childhood through Calendar pictures, framed pictures, clay statues, etc. Religion wise their statues of their GODs are different, but they have some measurement in their mind for sure. In some specific religion GOD could be on the seventh sky and for some people it could be only limits up to their religious book. Measurement could be different, but their faith is intact. Come what may you should not play with their faith. Because faith does not have any religion, but every religious person has faith.

I remember one incident, one day I was sitting in a large playground, many groups were playing different games. Then suddenly one group came and started flying kite. Soon after some minutes we can see a number of kites are flying in the sky and everyone was looking at their own kite only. They want to take care of their own kite only.

A small question came into my mind and I went to that group introduced myself and ask the question “How big the sky is? In a sudden spike, unknowingly there were a number of fingers pointing towards their kites. I got my answer. People say there is one sky in the universe, but a fraction of seconds before, I have seen hundreds of skies through children’s fingers. Every child had one sky. Their sky had their limitations it is not limitless. The limits of their skies were up to the maximum height of their kites. I understood every child had a measurement of the sky. A Million dollar question? Who is giving instructions to give these types of answers? Obviously our mind. So what if I want to get rid of my mind. How could it be possible?

Once I heard somewhere film director Shekhar Kapoor said    

                           “Panic is the great access to creativity, this is the only way to get rid of your mind”

Initially, I could not understand, why he quoted like this, but soon I realized he is right. Everything evolves and revolves around the mind. Our limits start from the mind and extents up within the mind.  Who makes the decision within you? You, yourself, or someone else? Well, everyone says “MIND”. We use our minds to make decisions, in maximum situations. And what about your heart? Sometimes people want to make decisions from their hearts, but it is always overlapped by the mind. Isn’t it?

Sometimes you really want to get rid of your mind. Because the mind has the knowledge, a library of information so it weighs upon wisdom. It means it will not allow you to take a fair decision, then what we need to do?

I will repeat the same activity “Get rid of your mind“, and to do this “Push yourself in a panic situation“. It is not a joke, it happens regularly with us, but we don’t realize.

Analyze a situation:

When you have not done anything wrong and everyone tries to blame you for any specific decision. You are crying internally, but unable to cry in public, you are in a situation where you need to maintain decorum. you are trying to convince everybody one by one, but nobody ready to be convinced. At this time you are in a panic situation. You want at least support of one person, who can stand up for you, by you. You do not want to take a decision from the mind, you want to deal with it with your heart. you want to talk heart to heart. But when you find yourself failing in all situations, then only you start thinking about GOD. you want to pray. You want to access of universe, you want to send your feeling to them through the universe. You want to tell them you are honest, you are pure. you do not have malafide intentions.

             “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  – Paulo Coelho

You heard the above-mentioned statement earlier. But this time you do not want to read this statement, you do not want to be heard this statement again, now, you only want to feel it. Let the universe give you access and help you.

Here is the only solution for you. You should not hold yourself, you are already in a panic situation, let chaos come and go, that moment would be the honest and pure moment of your life. If you try to hold again, it means you are using your mind, you are obstructing the universe to helping you. Let all of them free, the truth will come out organically. Let’s wait and enjoy the moment.

When everything is done and somebody is asking you what happened to you. You don’t have an answer, you could not be able to answer, because you do not remember anything, something happened automatically. you could not understand what happened, but it happened.

The situation could be in a cricket match; six-run hits on the last ball by a cricketer. It could happen with a football player, a goal that happened in the last 20 seconds. It could be you are saving somebody from an accident just nick of time. It could be your destination arrival one second before the door closes. It could be cracking the interview with the last question, win the quiz without knowing the answer, just by choosing an option from given options. it could be anything, which you think beyond your limits.

Let us take another example:

Suppose you are a musician ( I am taking an example of a professional, where one is an expert in his profession). You are ready for a big concert. All the preparations are done. Till yesterday night you were full of confidence. Today morning you are feeling something is missing, but you have not lost your confidence. The entire team is your responsibility. You are giving instructions and everything is running smoothly. The concert timing is from 8 O’clock in the evening.

Since evening you started feeling panic. You are a confident person, you have so many successful concerts stories with you, but now you are feeling panic. And in this panic situation, you start praying to the universe, “Give me Courage”. “You have chosen me to complete this task, but I do not know how it will complete, help me to complete this task”. Now you bring yourself in a panic situation. Now you are expecting something to happen and you will be through.

Someone can say, you surrendered yourself in front of the universe. I am not using the word “Surrender” here, because when you know that you have the ability to do something and you believe that you are a chosen one, you are not in a surrender position. The reason is simple because you remember that you are the presenter of this concert. To surrender yourself you have to forget completely, who you are, you should become slave, you should become a puppet. You will obey an order without raising any question. The concert could be successful, or it could be hit by the worst situation, you should accept it. Only then you could be eligible to surrender. So here if you know that you are doing the task and you are chosen, it means at this point you are in a panic situation and you are accessing the universe to ask help. It is your trust which makes you successful.

I do not want to use word faith here, because faith is always unconditional, but trust is conditional. Here you are asking help from the universe because you trust your instincts and you want to make it successful so the whole universe will help you to succeed. Most probably at any age of yours, you have asked a question from yourself. How far this universe go? The answer you found was very simple “Forever”. And then you started finding the meaning of the word “FOREVER”, and I believe the journey of your search is still going on till date. Isn’t it?

Can’t you think here, who has created the Universe? If the universe is so powerful and it can answer our prayers then how powerful the source would be, who is giving source to the entire Universe. Suppose a woodcutter is going to cut a tree with his own capacity. He is full of confidence. He is using his full energy in every shot, but after some time, he feels low. He thinks to cut this tree alone is not possible, he should bring manpower. Before leaving he wants to take last chance. He prays to the universe and asking for help. Suddenly in the next shot, the tree dashed to the ground. Has he got some extra power from anywhere?

Do you think a woodcutter alone can cut a tree with his own axe without any help from the universe? No, absolutely not. But which type of help the universe provides? From where this extra poser comes? When all the sources of the universe and the master source, who is giving source to all sources of the universe allow only then the whole universe becomes the atom of the axe for that moment when the final cut happened.

We always wait for that “Moment“, because only that moment is the most powerful moment in the whole universe. At that moment the whole universe stands still for a moment and all forces in this universe started helping you only and only for your task.

Master source always helps you, it is the same source who made the universe, and when you connect with the source, you are eligible to get that moment from the universe. And this moment is the measurement of his existence. It is within yourself, people try to find him outside themselves, it is within the universe, but people try to find him outside the universe, it is alone and it is all in one. It is endless, it is infinite.

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Corona – An Eye Opener

Corona Virus


CONTEXT: उसने अपनों के आगे कभी अपनी किसी जरूरत को तवज्जो नहीं दी, उसकी ज़िंदगी उन्ही के लिए थी, वो उन्ही के लिए जिया और उन्ही के लिए मरता भी, लेकिन जब उसको उनकी सबसे ज्यादा जरूरत थी तब उसने पाया कि उन्होंने ही सबसे पहले उसका साथ छोड़ दिया. वो आज भी सोच रहा है कि वो ज़िन्दगी और ज़िन्दगी के मूल्यों को समझने में कहाँ गलत था? जो उसके साथ हुआ वो तिरस्कार था या मजबूरी ?


Gopal Kishan – Father
Shanti Devi – Mother
Sudhakar – Elder Son
Atul- Younger Son
Archna – Sudhakar’s Wife
Payal – Atul’s Wife
Madhav Rao – Old Age Home Friend

ओल्ड ऐज होम का दृश्य, चारो तरफ चहल पहल है, जिधर देखो सभी किसी न किसी काम में व्यस्त है. बस इस जगह कि ख़ास बात ये है कि ये एक सीनियर सिटीजन के रहने ही जगह है, यहाँ के सभी बाशिंदे या तो रिटायर्ड है, या अपने घर वालों के सताए हुए या खुद ही यहीं आ कर रहना चाहते है और फिर या तो पुलिस वाले किसी सड़क से पकड़ कर ले आते है. लेकिन यहाँ सभी खुश दिखाई दे रहे है. कोई गार्डनिंग कर रहा है, कोई नाश्ता बना रहा है, कोई नाश्ता सर्व कर रहा है, कोई सफाई में लगा हुआ है. कुछ तो मिलकर धोबी घाट खोले हुए हैं और मिलकर कपडे धो रहे है.
गोपाल किशन भी यहाँ अभी थोड़े ही दिन पहले आये हैं. जिस हॉस्पिटल में उनका इलाज़ चल रहा था, वही काम करने वाले एक डॉक्टर दम्पति ने ये ओल्ड ऐज होम खोला हुआ है. उन दोनो को सेवा करने का बहुत शौंक है. कोई भी मजबूर मिल जाता है, वो उसे यही ले आते है और अपनी ड्यूटी समाप्त होने के बाद खुद ही सबकी सेवा करते हैं . जब उन्होंने देखा कि इलाज़ के दौरान उनसे कोई मिलने ही नहीं आया, तो वे उन्हें अपने साथ यहाँ ले आये.

माधव राव
(अखबार का एक पन्ना खोल कर दिखते हुए)
“गोपाल किशन जी, अरे आपने देखा क्या, आज तो आपके फोटो न्यूज़ पेपर में छपी है”

गोपाल किशन
“अच्छा, दिखाओ ज़रा”

गोपाल किशन
(देखने के बाद थोड़ा गंभीर मुद्रा में)
“ये मेरी तस्वीर नहीं है”

माधव राव
(जिद्द से)
“क्या बात कर रहे हो भाई, ये हुबहु आपकी ही तस्वीर है”

माधव राव न्यूज़ पेपर लेकर औरों के पास चला जाता है और उनको भी तस्वीर दिखता है. सभी आश्चर्य से गोपाल किशन कि ओर देखने लगते है,
माधव राव
(कौतुहूल वश सभी अन्य साथियों के साथ)
“गोपाल किशन जी, आप जब सेआए है, बड़े चुप चुप से रहते हैं, आज तो आपको अपने बारे में बताना ही पड़ेगा. बतायेंगे ना”

गोपाल किशन अपनी ही धुन में कही खो जाता है.और उसका मस्तिष्क अतीत के पन्नो को पलटने लगता है

गोपाल किशन (VOICE OVER)
अभी जैसे कल ही की तो बात है, झूमते गाते कट रहे थे वो दिन, और उस दिन तो बड़े बेटे की मैरिज एनिवर्सरी भी थी

एक खूबसूरत बिल्डिंग और उसमें एक अलीशान दो मंज़िला घर, दिन का समय
आज गोपाल किशन जी के बेटे सुधाकर की मैरिज एनिवर्सरी है सब लोग बहुत खुश हैं बहुत सारे मेहमान आने वाले हैं सभी लोग घर को सजाने में लगे हुए हैं । एक तरफ बच्चे खेल रहे हैं तो कभी-कभी इतना शोर मचा रहे हैं की जोर शोर से बज रहे म्यूजिक प्लेयर की आवाज भी दबी जा रही है तभी अर्चना कमरे में दाखिल होती है

(नौकरों से)
“अरे जल्दी जल्दी हाथ चलाओ अभी बहुत काम बाकी है पूरे घर को सजाना है”

अर्चना आज बहुत खुश दिख रही है गोपाल किशन जी बैंक गए हुए हैं वह भी अपनी पेंशन लेकर आते ही होंगे उसके मन में लड्डू फूट रहे हैं. ₹50000 आज के जमाने में एक अच्छी खासी रकम होती है तभी दरवाजे पर डोर बेल बजी अर्चना लगभग दौड़ती हुई दरवाजे खोलने दौड़ी. सामने गोपाल कृष्ण जी को खड़ा देखकर उसकी बांछें खिल गई

“आइए बाबूजी थक गए होंगे इधर बैठिए. मैं आपके लिए पानी लेकर आती हूं”

गोपाल किशन जी मन ही मन इस प्यार को देखकर प्रफुल्लित हो गए. उन्हें लगता था सुधाकर ने लव मैरिज जरूर की थी. किंतु शायद उनका सोचना गलत था उनका परिवार बहुत सुख और समृद्धि से रह रहा है

अर्चना तब तक पानी लेकर आ गई उसने गोपाल किशन जी को पानी दिया गोपाल कृष्ण जी ने थोड़ा सा पानी पी कर गिलास रख दिया

गोपाल कृष्ण
( जेब से पैसे निकाल कर, अर्चना के हाथ में देते हुए)
“बेटा यह थोड़े से पैसे रख लो, तुम लोग की मैरिज एनिवर्सरी का एक छोटा सा मेरी तरफ से गिफ्ट है”

( लिफाफा पकड़कर मन ही मन खुश होते हुए किंतु दिखावा करते हुए)
“नहीं नहीं बाबूजी, इसकी क्या जरूरत थी लेकिन कोई बात नहीं, यह तो आपका प्यार ही है”

लिफाफे को लेकर अलमारी में रखने चली गई. तभी सुधाकर कमरे में दाखिल हुआ

(गोपाल कृष्ण जी के पांव छूते हुए)
“अरे बाबूजी आप कब आए?”

दूसरी ओर से अर्चना दाखिल हुई

( जल्दी से पैसे देने की बात को छुपाती हुई)
“बस अभी अभी आए हैं, इनका मन नहीं मान रहा था और फिर आपसे इतना प्यार करते हैं इसीलिए आपसे मिलने चले आए”

“यह तो बहुत अच्छा किया बाबूजी अब आप शाम तक यही ठहर जाइए आज शाम को एक छोटी सी पार्टी है मैं तो आपको उसके बाद ही जाने दूंगा.”

तब तक शांति देवी कमरे के अंदर दाखिल हुई. शांति देवी गोपाल कृष्ण की पत्नी और सुधाकर की मां थी जो कि वही रहती थी और घर के काम में हाथ बंटाया करती थी

शांति देवी
(गोपाल किशन से मुखातिब होकर)
“अरे आप कब आए मुझे तो किसी ने बताया ही नहीं”

गोपाल किशन
“बस अभी अभी आया हूं , जाना चाहता था लेकिन सुधाकर जिद पर अड़ा है क्या शाम की पार्टी अटेंड करने के बाद ही जाऊं इसलिए रुक गया”

तभी किसी बच्चे ने टीवी ऑन कर दिया
और सभी ने अचानक देखा कि टीवी पर एक न्यूज़ आ रही है जिसमें यह बताया जा रहा है कि कोरोना वायरस इस शहर में बहुत तेजी से फैल रहा है और धारा 144 लगा दी गई है किसी भी तरह की असेंबली की इजाज़त नहीं है

गोपाल किशन
(सुधाकर से)
“बेटा यह क्या है अब तो धारा 144 लग गई पार्टी कैसे होगी”

(हंसते हुए)
“यह सब तो होता ही रहता है बाबूजी करोना की वजह से जिंदगी ठहर थोड़ी जाती है पार्टी तो पहले से ही तय है और वह अपने समय पर ही होगी. आप अभी यही आराम कीजिए”

गोपाल किशन को छोड़ कर सभी लिविंग रूम से निकल गए


शाम हुई और जबरदस्त भीड़ के साथ पार्टी भी हुई किसी तरह का कोई विघ्न नहीं पड़ा प्रशासन के ओर से कोई परेशान करने नहीं आया हर तरह शोर ही शोर था. सब एक दुसरे से ऐसे मिल रहे थे जैसे जन्मों बाद मिले हों
उनका छोटा बेटा अतुल और बहु पायल भी आये थे. गोपाल किशन जी उनसे मिलकर भी बहुत प्रसन्न हुए. उनके बच्चे भी दादा जी दादा जी कहकर उनसे लिपट गए उनका दिल गदगद हो गया

(चरणस्पर्श करते हुए)
“आप कब आये, मुझे तो किसी ने बताया नहीं कि आप आये है , नहीं तो मैं जल्दी आ जाता”

(चरणस्पर्श कर के)
“कैसे है बाबू जी, आप तो घर पर आते ही नहीं, आपकी बहुत याद आती है, बच्चे तो आप को बहुत ही याद करते हैं.”
(अतुल के और ऊँगली कर के )
“इनकी क्या कहूं, दिन भर आप को याद करते रहते है”

गोपाल किशन
“जिनके तुम जैसे प्यार करने वाले बच्चे हो, वो मातापिता कभी बूढ़े नहीं हो सकते, और मैं भी नहीं होऊंगा”
गोपाल किशन जी सहृदय गदगद हो गए, और सभी को खूब आशीर्वाद दिए.


पार्टी अपने शबाब पर थी. गाना बजाना चल रहा था, सभी अपनी अपनी मौज़ में मगन थे . तभी शांति देवी वहां आ गई

शांति देवी
“अरे आप यहाँ बैठे है, वहां पार्टी में सब आपका इंतज़ार कर रहे हैं”

गोपाल किशन
“शांति, मुझे कुछ ठीक नहीं लग रहा है. लगता है तबियत कुछ बिगड़ सी रही है”

शांति देवी
“दवाइयां तो समय से लेते है न ?”

गोपाल किशन
“हाँ हाँ , वो बात नहीं कुछ बुखार सा लग रहा है , गले में खराश सी लग रही है, मुझे लगता है अब मुझे चलना चाहिए. रात बहुत हो जाएगी तो सवारी भी नहीं मिलेगी.”

शांति देवी
“आप ही कि जिद है, वरना तो सुधाकर भी कितनी बार कहता है कि हमारे साथ ही रहो. लेकिन आप हो कि मानते है नहीं, वही पुश्तैनी मकान में रहोगे, उसे बेच क्यों नहीं देते?”

“ठहरिये, मैं सुधाकर को बुला लाती हूँ , वो बुरा मान जायेगा, फिर मुझे ही खरी खोटी सुनाएगा”

शांति देवी ये कह कर कमरे से बहार निकल जाती हैं

सुधाकर शांति देवी के साथ ही अंदर आता है

“क्या हुआ बाबू जी?”

गोपाल किशन
“कुछ नहीं, थोड़ी तबियत ठीक नहीं लग रही, घर जा कर आराम करूंगा तो ठीक हो जाऊंगा. अब मुझे जाने दो”

“नहीं, नहीं, आप कही नहीं जायेंगे, लोग क्या कहेंगे? पहले आप मेरे साथ पार्टी में चलिए सब से मिलिए, सब आप को पूछ रहे हैं उसके बाद आप यही आराम करिये, सुबह चले जाइएगा”

सुधाकर कि जिद के आगे गोपाल किशन जी कुछ नहीं बोले और उसके साथ पार्टी रूम में चले गए.


जैसे-जैसे रात गहराने लगी गोपाल कृष्ण जी की तबीयत और खराब होने लगी, उनको थकन सी महसूस जाने लगी तो, वो पार्टी रूम से वापिस लिविंग रूम में आकरसोफे पर लेट गए. शांति देवी को जैसे ही पता लगा तो उन्होंने सुधाकर को खबर दी

पार्टी में सुधाकर के दोस्त भी आए हुए थे जो कि पेशे से डॉक्टर थे जब उनको खबर हुई तो उन्होंने गोपाल किशन जी का चेकअप किया और उनको आराम करने की सलाह दी

सुधाकर से अकेले में उन्होंने कुछ यूँ समझाया

(गंभीरता से)
“सुधाकर साहब बुरा मत मानिए अगर लेकिन मुझे कुछ हद तक कोरोना के लक्षण नजर आ रहे हैं”

(कौतहूल स्वर में)
“डॉक्टर साहब आखिर ये कोरोना है क्या बला ?”

“देखिये सुधाकर साहब मैं आप को अँधेरे में नहीं रखूँगा ये एक महामारी है जिसकी चपेट में कोई भी आ सकता है मैं भी,आप भी परिवार भी और ये सारा मोहल्ला या शहर भी. ये छूने से फैलती है. मैं आपको कुछ मास्क दे रहा हूँ . एहतियातन सभी को चेहरे पर पहना दीजियेगा.”

सुधाकर यह बात सुनकर सकते में आ गया अब वह चाहता था कि गोपाल किशन जी उसके घर से चले जाएं किंतु वह स्वयं ही रोक चुका था तो उसकी समझ में नहीं आया कि उन्हें किस कमरे में आराम करने के लिए जगह दे क्योंकि कोरोना एक महामारी है इस बात को जानता था और मैं यह भी जानता था यदि वह यहां रहे यह बीमारी सबको लग जाएगी

उसने अर्चना से इस बात का जिक्र किया तो उसने उसे एक आईडिया दिया. जहां पर उसका पालतू कुत्ता बंधा हुआ था वहीं पास में उसने उनका बिस्तर लगा दिया और उनको वही आराम करने के लिए कहा जाये

सुधाकर के दोस्त डॉक्टर ने यह बात सभी को बता दी और अब सभी के चेहरे पर खौफ साफ नजर आने लगा था
अचानक ही पार्टी बेरंग हो गई थी. सभी आपस में बात करने लगे, कि अभी तो गोपाल किशन जी उनके साथ थे, कहीं उनको वास्तव में कोरोना हुआ तो उन सभी को उसका असर हो सकता है. यह सोच कर सभी बारी बारी से पार्टी छोड़ कर जाने लगे

पार्टी समाप्त हो गई थी परिवार के सदस्यों के चेहरों पर भी खौफ़ साफ़ दिखाई पड़ रहा था ।


गोपाल किशन जी की चारपाई घर के एक बाहरी कमरे में डाल दी गयी जिसमें इनके पालतू कुत्ते मार्शल का बसेरा है । गोपाल किशन जी कुछ साल पहले एक छोटा सा घायल पिल्ला सड़क से उठाकर लाये थे और अपने बच्चे की तरह पालकर इसको नाम दिया मार्शल ।

मार्शल ने उन्हें देखा तो जोर जोर से पूँछ हिलने लगा , जोर जोर से भोंकने लगा. गोपाल किशन जी ही उसे देखकर भावुक हो गए और उसे प्यार करने लगे

इस कमरे में अब गोपाल किशन जी , उनकी चारपाई और उनका प्यारा मार्शल हैं । दोनों बेटे और बहू ने दूरी बना ली और बच्चों को भी पास ना जानें के निर्देश दे दिए गये ।

सरकार द्वारा जारी किये गये नंबर पर फोन करके सूचना दे दी गयी । खबर मुहल्ले भर में फैल चुकी थी लेकिन मिलने कोई नहीं आया ।

साड़ी के पल्ले से मुँह लपेटे हुए, हाथ में छड़ी लिये पड़ोस की कोई एक बूढी अम्मा आई और गोपाल किशन जी की पत्नी से बोली

बूढ़ी अम्मा
“अरे कोई इसके पास दूर से खाना भी सरका दो , वे अस्पताल वाले तो इसे भूखे को ही ले जाएँगे उठा के” ।

शांति देवी
(चिंता भरे स्वर में)
“हाँ इन्होने तो कुछ खाया भी नहीं है”

(जल्दी से दौड़कर)
“मैं ले कर आती हूँ”

गोपाल किशन जी की आँखों मं दोनों के लिए भरपूर प्यार आ गया.
मन ही मन सोचने लगे
(बुदबुदाते हुए)
“बीमारी में भला कौन देखभाल करता है और देखो मेरा तो पूरा परिवार ही मेरी चिंता कर रहा है”

खाना तो आ गया लेकिन अब प्रश्न ये था कि उनको खाना देनें के लिये कौन जाए ।

“खाना तो मैं ही दे देती मुझे कोई गुरेज थोड़ा ही है लेकिन सोचती हूँ मुझे कुछ हो गया तो मेरे तो छोटे छोटे बच्चे हैं.”

“ये ही मैं भी सोच रही थी. मुझे कुछ हो न जाये बेचारे बच्चे कहाँ जायेंगे वार्ना तो मैं ही दे देती”

बहु ने खाना अपनी सास को पकड़ा दिया
अब गोपाल किशन जी की पत्नी के हाथ, थाली पकड़ते ही काँपने लगे , पैर मानो खूँटे से बाँध दिये गए हों ।

इतना देखकर वह पड़ोसन बूढ़ी अम्मा को गुस्सा आ गया

बूढ़ी अम्मा
“अरी तेरा तो पति है तू भी ……..।”
“मुँह बाँध के चली जा और दूर से थाली सरका दे वो अपने आप उठाकर खा लेगा” ।

शांति देवी
(चिढ़ कर)
“अरे यदि मुझे कुछ हो गया तो मेरे तो आगे पीछे कोई नहीं है , क्या अर्चना क्या पायल इन दोनों में से कोई मेरी सेवा नहीं करने वाला , यूँ ही मरने के लिए छोड़ देंगी”

दोनों बहुओं से मुँह बनाया और पल्लू झटक कर चली गई, और जाते जाते अपने पतियों को भी हाथ पकड़ कर ले गई, जो थोड़ी दूर से खड़े होकर सारी बात सुन रहे थे

सारा वार्तालाप गोपाल किशन जी चुपचाप सुन रहे थे ,
गोपाल किशन जी ने मन ही मन बड़बड़ाते हुए

गोपाल किशन
“वक्त से साथ कैसे इंसान का व्यवहार बदल जाता है. एक बार तो मन में आया कि चलो बहुएं तो पराये घर कि है, किन्तु ये तो मेरे अपने भी अजीब सा बर्ताव कर रहे है. क्या अभी थोड़ी देर पहले मैं अछूत नहीं था, अब अचानक मैं इनके छूने के काबिल भी न रहा”

(उनकी आँखें नम थी और काँपते होठों से )
“कोई मेरे पास ना आये तो बेहतर है , मुझे भूख भी नहीं है” ।


तभी एम्बुलेंस और पुलिस का सायरन बजा, सभी मोहल्ले वाले इकट्ठे हो गए. उन्होंने एड्रेस पुछा और सुधाकर के घर पर पहुंच गए

पुलिस अफसर
(सुधाकर से)
“आपको पता नहीं है कि धारा १४४ लागू हो चुकी है और अब किसी भी तरह कि असेंबली या पार्टी करना मना है”

(गिड़गिड़ाते हुए)
“बस सर छोटी सी पार्टी थी, अब तो पार्टी ख़त्म हो चुकी है”

एंबुलेंस डॉक्टर
“पेशेंट कहाँ है ?”

“आइये, यहाँ पर है”

एंबुलेंस डॉक्टर
“ये भी पार्टी में शामिल थे?”

(सफ़ेद झूठ बोलते हुए)
“नहीं नहीं ये तो अभी आये है, और जब से आये है, यही पर बैठे है, कही गए भी नहीं”

एंबुलेंस डॉक्टर
(गोपाल किशन जी को चेकअप करते हुए)
“क्या नाम है आपका?”

(उनके बोलने से पहले ही)

“गोपाल किशन, मेरे पिता जी है”

गोपाल किशन जी को एम्बुलेंस में बैठने के लिये बोला जाता है । गोपाल किशन जी घर के दरवाजे पर आकर एक बार पलटकर घर की तरफ देखते हैं । पोती -पोते फर्स्ट फ्लोर की खिड़की से मास्क लगाए दादा को निहारते हुए और उन बच्चों के पीछे सर पर पल्लू रखे उनकी दोनों बहुएँ दिखाई पड़ती हैं । ग्राउंड फ्लोर पर दोनों बेटे काफी दूर, अपनी माँ के साथ खड़े थे । विचारों का तूफान गोपाल किशन जी के अंदर उमड़ रहा था ।

सभी बच्चे
(गोपाल किशन जी को एम्बुलेंस के तरफ जाते देख कर)
“दादा जी कहाँ जा रहे हैं?”

(बच्चों से )
“दादा जी को बाई बाई कर दो”

सभी बच्चे
“क्या अब दादा जी नहीं आएंगे?”

गोपाल किशन जी ने देखा उनकी पोती उनकी तरफ बाई का इशारा करती हुई हाथ हिला रही थी एक क्षण को उन्हें लगा कि ‘जिंदगी ने अलविदा कह दिया’ । गोपाल किशन जी की आँखें लबलबा उठी । उन्होंने बैठकर अपने घर की देहरी को चूमा और एम्बुलेंस में जाकर बैठ गये ।

एम्बुलेंस चल पड़ी. गोपाल किशन जी ने एम्बुलेंस की पिछली खिड़की से देखा, की जिस देहरी को वह चूम कर बैठे थे, उनकी पत्नी शांति देवी ने तुरंत ही बाल्टी भर पानी डाल कर धो दिया था . उनको लगा कि उनका दिल जैसे हलक में आ गया हो

उन्होंने देखा मार्शल उसी एम्बुलेंस के पीछे – पीछे हो लिया जो गोपाल किशन जी को अस्पताल लेकर जा रही थी ।


माधव राव
“तो फिर हॉस्पिटल में आने के बाद क्या हुआ? क्या आप वास्तव में महामारी से प्रभावित थे? कितने दिन इलाज़ चला ?”

गोपाल किशन
“हॉस्पिटल पहुंचने के बाद मेरी टेस्टिंग की गई. सामान्य सा बुखार था, मेरे सभी टेस्ट नेगेटिव आये. उन्होंने मुझे बधाई दी. कुछ दिन ऑब्जरवेशन में रखा और फिर छुट्टी दे दी”

माधव राव
“तो क्या आपके घर से आपकी कोई खबर लेने नहीं आया? अरे आप डॉक्टर्स को बता देते, तो वो खबर कर देते, कोई ना कोई आपको लेने आ जाता”

गोपाल किशन
“उन्होंने तो बहुत बार कहा, लेकिन मैंने ही मना कर दिया. जिन लोगों ने मुझे जीते जी ही मार दिया , वो सब अब तो सब मेरे लिए मर चुके है.
जब मैं हॉस्पिटल से बाहर निकला तो बस मेरा मार्शल ही मेरा इंतज़ार कर रहा था, इसीलिए उसी के साथ मैं यहाँ आ गया. जुबान वालों से बेहतर तो ये बेज़ुबान ही सही. कम से कम प्यार तो दिल से और सच्चा करता है”

माधव राव
“तो ये जो आपकी फोटो न्यूज़ पेपर में छपी है मिसिंग कॉलम में, और साथ है ये भी लिखा है क़ि आप का पता बताने वाले को 50 हजार रुपया का इनाम दिया जायेगा”

गोपाल किशन
(हँसते हुए)
“50 हजार – हाँ पढ़कर ध्यान आया कि इतनी ही तो मासिक पेंशन आती थी मेरी , जिसको मैं परिवार के ऊपर हँसते गाते उड़ा दिया करता था।

तभी किसी ने टीवी ऑन कर दिया. रोज़मर्रा क़ि तरह सभी न्यूज़ सुनने लगे. गोपाल किशन जी को आज न्यूज़ भी कुछ अच्छी लग रही थी, आज न्यूज़ में भी एंकर बता रहा था क़ि किस तरह से लॉक डाउन क़ि वजह से नदियां स्वच्छ हो गई है, प्रदूषण लगभग ख़त्म सा हो गया है, मौसम सुहाना हो गया है , हवा साफ़ हो गई है और तो और ओजोन लेयर ने भी अपने आप को रिकवर कर लिया है. आज उन्हें भी अपने घावों पर मरहम लगने का एहसास हो रहा था शायद अपना दुःख सभी के साथ बाँट कर अच्छा लग रहा था. आज अपने बेगाने हो गए थे लेकिन बेगाने अपने हो गए थे

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Reel Life v.s. Real Life

Ashok Mehra, a well-known film artist, producer, film director, met me last winter season in 2018, in Delhi. I spend approximately one month with him, but then I didn’t know anything about him, before Mr. Chaman, one of my Video Editor friend introduced me officially that what is his profession.

We met, we spend a good time along with each other, we took so many times lunch and dinner together. We share jokes, incidents, our viewpoints on any particular topic. I was busy in studio work, but whenever he visited the studio, the atmosphere of the studio changed every time like an entertainment mood. He came close to the heart with everyone because he was living his real life. When I came to know about his profession then only I realize how can an actor be.

I realized if a person has really a reality in his behavior in day to day life or you can say real in nature, nothing unnatural, nothing fake in behavior, then it is very easy to live a reel life with real-life amicably without any difficulty. He carks jokes with any dialogues, which relates to his any of the movie or play, we felt that it was never to show-off, it was real, direct come out from heart, not from the mind.

One of my blogs, I referenced you about Mr. Joginder Singh Puri, a great Professor from the USA and one of my mentors, once told me that whenever you get an opportunity to meet any person, meet like this is the very first time you are meeting with him. And when you leave the same person, leave him like, this is your last visit and you will never meet with him at least in this life. This is a philosophy of life. We do not have command on our birth as well as our death.

Once I got a clipping of a lecture delivered by Mr. Ratan Tata, and his one statement from his speech was very practical and very touchy. He stated,” You have seen ECG machines near hospital beds. When it is showing curved lines, up and down, it means life is still alive, but when it is showing a straight line, it means life is no more”. Life has similar ups and downs for each person. A person stands up, fell down, again stands up, again fell down. it means life is still there, his will power is forcing the person to stand up and fight with all ills. But when the person quits, the lifeline becomes straight. No ups and downs, no life anymore.

The philosophy to live a life is,

Live your real life like an actor is acting in reel life, and acting in reel life like living a real-life”.

Sometimes it seems, how fake is this definition, but if you go in-depth, you will feel this is the only definition that is near a fact nowadays. If you try to find nearby, you will surprise to realize that you are surrounded by fake relationships and fake relations. It is very rare you can find true love near you. You will surprise to see that in adverse situations, your true relations are among the very first person to left you alone.

Once I attended funeral proceedings, there was a custom to speak some words for the decease. Everybody was using selected great words for him. I was thinking that if he is very good in nature, very polite, very helpful and energetic in his behavior, then why he was living in such a miserable condition. Why he died because of short of medicines. People of this world have two faces. Or you can say there are multiple faces behind one mask.

Once I was reading the book written on Swami Vivekanand. He stated somewhere, “if your life is cool, it means you are on the wrong path”. This does not mean that we do not need a cool life. He wanted to indicate, if everyone is praising you, there could be two reasons behind it. First one, you are really a very good person and the second is that you never come out from your comfort zone. you never took the risk in your life to do something challenging. And then only you will live a cool life. The struggle is a part of our life, do not avoid it, instead of enjoying it.

In short, if I bring out me from myself, then masks will be removed forever automatically. Confused?

Take one live example from day-to-day life. If my manager is asking a report from me immediately, and I am asking for two days to prepare it, what does it means? There are two possibilities, either I am not working preparing a report on a day to day basis, so I want more time to prepare it, it is called laziness. But if I want to play with the numbers and aksing two more days to prepare the strategy, how to crooked the report, how to manipulate it before presenting it before my manager.

In the above situation, either I need to accept I am a lazy person or maybe I am busy with other engagements, so the report is not prepared so far. Or in another situation, I used to wear a mask on my face and tell my manager that the report is ready, but this is not in a presentable mode, so It will take time to prepare it. Or maybe I can crook some more ideas to make him fool. But actually I am making myself a fool, and this is a hidden truth lies between the lines.

In the reel life, the viewer, hero, heroine, characters and even the villain are well defined, hence, it is very simple to understand and in some movies, if the artist is doing similar roles when they already did in any previous films then, it becomes simple to recognize in advance. But in real life, it is like a suspense movie, where hero and villain are unknown but there is no viewer. I may mistake the hero for a villain or villain for a hero etc.. In the real-life, we require more understanding than usual to understand what is good and what is bad, then who is good and who is bad, in which circumstance he/she is good and in which circumstances he/she is bad.

Sometimes, it is seen that young minds are often carried away by what they see in the movies, without judging, what is true and untrue. In the movies, often obsession is justified in the name of love, violence in the name of revenge against injustice. And a fresh mind or young mind taking it as real. Do you know why it happened? Because the actor who is living his role in that movie is so honest with the character, that he/she mistook as real. But this real-life acting actually becomes successful in his/her reel life.

The clown lives a public life as real as he can but just think for a while, doesn’t he has issues any issue in his life. He does, but his real acting makes us feeling like hat we laugh a lot and actually forget our personal issues for a while. This happens only because he justifies his character honestly, he understands his responsibility.

Once a person asked me a beautiful question. Tell me, “Who is a more genuine person? A film Actor or a Cricketer.” The question was very practical. I could not give the correct answer on that day, because I could not give the right logic behind it. But today I can. Even today I can compare a Clown also with a Cricketer. Now you may have a question, if a Clown and a Cricketer both are the same, then why there is a lot of difference between their monetary conditions. I can not compare both in moneywise, but yes, both are playing real characters. A Cricketer plays a natural game and a Clown plays an honest character. And both have one special common feature while playing their roles in their characters. And that is. They don’t get a second chance or they don’t get the option of RETAKE. But when we are thinking of film actors, they can go for ‘n’ numbers of retakes. A Film actor can be different in nature in real life and reel life. Only that film actor can be famous who has no difference between both the lives.

A fake person doesn’t have a long life. Either in his life or afterlife.

In summary, we can say that “Luxuries and lies have huge maintenance costs, but truth and simplicity are self-maintained without any cost”. So better not to work with mix emotions. Emotions should be pure to attract another emotion.

It is possible that working for success will make you a Master for your skills, but working for satisfaction will make you a legend.

Thanks for reading, send your reviews, as usual, I will send you my replies as soon as possible.

Take care, Bye Bye


Neeraj Bhatia

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Want to Retire @ 50? Now Impossible is Possible

  • A person asked: “Money, Money, where are you honey; I want to retire with your fire”.
  • Money Smiles, “Catch me, if you can” Gold spreads everywhere, I am there; I am here”.

So, you want to retire at 50? Let us calculate it between 45 and 50 somewhere, so you will get five more extra years to enjoy. But just remember, retirement does not mean, no work, It means enough combination of active and passive income in your kitty to relax and easily covering emergency and all types of unseen unavoidable circumstances while you are enjoying your luxury life.

Some days ago, I met with a middle-aged couple, who could not gather enough money in their whole career life to be able to purchase their own residence. They both lived a well-maintained luxuries life, with a high profile job. They visited so many places in the world, but never think of to purchase their own home. They thought, they would be earned enough money at the time of retirement, so they can purchase their own home, wherever and whatever they want.

Now, what actually happened:

  1. The real estate price continues up. So whenever they want to purchase, start to bargain and every time they felt that property is a little bit costly.
  2. The inflation rate went up every year
  3. Their savings were not enough to beat the pace of inflation.
  4. They want residence matching with their lifestyle, which seems not possible now
  5. Financial institutions denied a home loan to them because of their overaged factor.
  6. Their children were well settled and they prefer a nuclear family, so they left both of them.

There was an incident that happened personally with me when I need money in an emergency. I sold all of my Shares, stocks at half of the price from the price I have purchased 10 years back. I thought I mistook myself as a great financial managed person. For the last 10 years, I was thinking that I was managing money, but actually money was managing me. It was an eye-opener for me. I am failed to manage it, but I learned a great lesson and that was priceless.

So here we will discuss only two points “How to make money” and then “How to manage money”?

Let us start:

What are Your Only Options?

After completion of our schooling, we have three options for earnings:

  1. Become an Employee
  2. Become a skilled Professional
  3. Become a businessman, an employer and provide jobs to others

But what actually we are missing in your school days, we will discuss further in the same blog.

Our Normal Reactions to Purchase

Let us analyze a situation:

I am offering you to buy something very costly. You have below options to give answers.

  1. I can’t afford it, I can’t buy it, I am not so rich, I can’t think even dream of it. (Helpless)
  2. How I can afford it? (Denial mode with a little surprise)
  3. How can I afford it? (Thoughtful process to find the way, to get it, to own it)

In the first two statements, you blocked your road of growth. The only third one is practical because it forces you to think over it, to find ways to fulfill your dreams.

Common Attitude about Money

You can find a lot of persons saying, “What is in the money”, “Money is not everything”, “GOD gave us a lot of wealth, so why to worry for the money?” Another one, “I literally not interested in money”. “Money is secondary in my life”. “Money does not matter for me”.

One more example, “Job! I have enough parental money, I am doing the job just to spend my time”. A very enthusiastic person is stating, “I am working, because I love my job.”

This is the fact of the life that “You can not avoid money”, but similar you should not be attached to money as a real thing. Money is power, if it is in the wrong hand, it could be enough to mess-up. But if it is in the royal hands, every single buck will become gold.

These all rubbish statements. Without money, no one can survive. Only blessings from elders and from GOD cannot fulfill your appetites. Just remember Money is a Power and you have to work hard to earn it. Here we will talk about Work Smart instead of Work Hard.

Every person has a weak and needy part of the soul and that can be bought, and every individual also had a part of his soul, which is strong enough that it could never be bought. It is the only question of which one is stronger?

Are you writing your own Fate or depends on your Karmic Fate?

Do one exercise with me. From today onwards ask yourself one question daily, “Where is this daily activity taking me”? “Am I doing all the right things in my life, and if yes, then the million-dollar question, “Why all odd happened to me only”.

Analyze today. “If life is pushing you or you are pushing life”. Generally, life does not tell you anything it always pushes you, throw you, and break you, just to stand up.

If you think your senior, your superior, your boss is a problem, then try to show them your best part of working, and even if there is a problem, then you don’t have an option, just to change them.

Else, if they are right and your problem is only yours, then you are in a problem. You have to change yourself. Then you need to understand the problem is within you, and the solution is also within you.

Change is Inevitable: Either for you or for Situation

This is a universal truth that it is not easy to change others, but this is also true that to change yourself is also not an easy task as we think of.

You cannot teach a new trick to the old dog unless he wants to learn. But this is not for others, just apply this idiom up to yourself. It is not easy to change habits either if it is laziness, or indiscipline or the love to get a salary check at the end of the month after doing minimum work.

This is also a bitter truth that most people become the slave for money and then curse their superiors or bosses always. You need to realize this truth now or never.

The world is filled with talented people, but why they are poor because they don’t want to use their talent or maybe this is also true that they don’t know they have talent.

If really you want to learn a lot in a single life, within a single organization then move yourself department to department to learn more new things, not only for the job or to get a hike, but to be self-sufficient one day.

Because a job cannot be a long term solution for all of your needs, it is only a short term solution for time being.

When you are short of money, you always started thinking and talking about money while eating, wandering, sleeping, playing, etc. Many are working just to get over the fear that if they will not work, they will lose the salary or wages, then what about expenses, who will pay for them?

What is Money?

The money is not real, the more you think real, you will work harder for it. Don’t work for money, let money work for you. Some people work for money but for some people, money works for them.

Run for money is nothing but fear pushes you out of the door and desire calls to you to come in the door.

Our Mind is a powerful asset, and this is real money for us. We need to train it, so it can earn for generations. If you have a problem with money, and you are running behind money to collect more, than, more money will not solve your problem.

The more you will get money, the more you will find yourself in debt. Sometimes money can solve some problems for the time being, but intelligence solves all types of problems at the root level.

Emotions for Money:

Use your mind and emotions in your favor, not against you.

Most people have a price just because of emotion. And emotion is nothing but fear & hunger. Fear of insecurity of money. It could be a loss of a job or no money at the end of the month to pay bills. So just to overcome this fear, they work hard. And then hunger to get all things, bring pleasures in life. Well, hunger can be changed with another noun i.e. desire. People do more work to full fill their desires. Isn’t it?

To spend your life living in fear and never exploring the dream is like punishing yourself. On another side to working hard for money and thinking that it will buy all the things, which will make you happy, is also punishing yourself for nothing.

Learn to use your emotions to think, not think with your emotions.

The best example of fear and hunger is the Stock Market. If you are trading in share market and putting your hard-earned money in different deals and started praying then you are making fool to yourself. It is not business, it is a gambling.

Buying stocks with a long term vision with financial literacy is good, but when you sell it out just for a fear of market declining, it will not work. And if you are in profit and you are looking for more and more, that is greed. And both are harmful.

The difference between Informed and Uninformed

Investing is not buying, it is more knowing, what to buy, when to buy and how to buy. People think we will earn money while we will sell, but actually investing is to know, you should be in profit, before investing in it. So in a layman language cut your cost before you buy.

                                        Human life is a struggle between ignorance and illumination.

Who are your public relations officer? You yourself. You should search for Information & earn self-knowledge, only then you can understand what you do not know and what you know.

Recognize Yourself:

Workers work hard so they do not get fired from the job, and employers pay just enough so a worker does no quit. Ask any colleague “I am going to quit”, do you want to come with me”. Only the honest person will speak out, “yes I want to but what about my job, who pays my salary, next month my promotion is due. So I want to, but I am not”.

How to Manage your Money

Learn to Manage Yourself:

Need to learn 3 Management aspects to win yourself:

  1. Management of Cash Flow
  2. Management of System
  3. Management of People

When I was in the job, I faced the same issue. As soon as the month completed, salary credited to my bank account, the first day of the new month, all money shows outflow. I can see only all debits in my bank account? Where had the money gone? Finish. Cash In-and a Cash-Out took only 24 hours. So money was with me only for 24 hours. I never understand the point number two. What is the system? Actually, it is nothing but to understand the logic of demand and supply, not for any specific thing or item, for all types of things in the world, even this is applied to humans also. The third point is interesting that who is people to be managed? None, but you, yourself. Learn to sell yourself, learn to market yourself. You as your skills are actually salable commodities.

If you think you are lacking some specific skills, just learn to work with a person more than knowledgeable than you. It is called the synergy of a professional specialist. If you will learn nothing, do not worry, you will have a bright skill to learn indirectly and that is, your communication skills will improve, and you will become a Subject Matter Expert. Doesn’t it priceless?

You could be a good learner only if you could become a good seller, you could become a good marketer, and after all, if you could become a good teacher.

Be Honest Today & Ask Yourself:

  1. If you have purchased your house, or planning to purchase your house. What do you think about it? Will your house is a liability to you or it would be a good investment for you.
  2. At what date you are paying you monthly expense bills? Is it the first day of the month or the last day of the due date?

Don’t Chase Money, Let Money chase you

In the previous section, you answer for point number 1 is, “An Investment”, then you are pretty good, but if the answer is “Liability”, you have already missed an opportunity to become rich.

In the previous section your answer for point number 2 is, the first day of the month, it means as soon as your salary credited, you start paying you expenses, and won’t allow your money to grow. If you are paying it before one day of the due date, you could have at least earned bank interest for some days. If you are a businessman, do not pay your taxes first, pay your taxes before the last day.

Don’t become what school making you, try to be what you want to be, what you should be.

Intelligence solves the problem and produces money. To understand this let us dig a little bit more about active and passive income.

Active income is nothing, but income coming from your day to day work, it could be salary, commission, business income, etc., which needs your presence.

But passive income is income generated by you, and it does not require your presence, for example, bank interest, etc.

What are the business categories where you can earn passive income?

  1. Rental Income
  2. Income from Fixed Deposits, Bonds, Promissory Notes
  3. Income from Royalties like music, book writings, bloggers income, story writing, scriptwriting, etc.
  4. Income from Stocks
  5. Income from investments to a small business as a partnership or equity sharing etc…etc…etc.

Recognize Your Powers:

Every person should learn and understand three powers:

  1. How to save yourself in all type of emergencies
  2. How to earn money when you don’t have any support from others
  3. To learn Who I am, what you know, what you don’t

No doubt, you are a born Intelligent person, but it is possible that other side of this world, somewhere one more person already born, is more intelligent than you. Find him and give him employment and learn from him.

Join schools not to design yourself as a good employee, let school proud of you by producing an employer, who can give the job to many employees.

No one is stopping you from making money, but this is always an emotional decision. Don’t trap yourself in it. You should not work for money, let money should work for you. 

Losses come in life to give you a learning experience:

Do not count your losses with a single word. For example: When you buy a house and it becomes your liability then it means: It is Loss of time, Loss of additional capital, Loss of Knowledge, Loss of Information, Loss of opportunity cost.

The first house should come up with a planned way so it can become your asset and it generates income. This house will bring the second house as your residential house.

Networking is for Giving not to take:

From my parents, I always learn one thing, “You should part a little percentage of profit for charity” So earn then you give. But life shows me help those who cannot help you in return, this ends up your expectations and only then it counts in Charity, else this is a business. So it is reverse now, “Give without any expectation and then you will earn.”, and this is not only for money, that is true in all sense of worldly affairs. Try it from today.

Pick up BAD HABITS within you and KILL them forever

  1. Fear: Losing money is a phobia. Learn to cross the line. Don’t bury your failures. Convert disaster into an opportunity.
  2. Cynicism: Uncheck Doubts and fear creates Cynic. Cynic person criticizes and winner analysis. Find a good superior Boss/Manager/Professional/Agent etc. Who are masters in his skill? Learn how to stop and then when to stop, your fear will remove. Don’t focus on I do not want, instead focus on what you want
  3. Laziness:  Become greedy, you will never feel laziness. Ask yourself “what is in it for me?” and then your mind starts to exercise to find something. Be hungry, your mind is enough smart to get you in.
  4. Educate yourself: Do not use your arrogance to hide your ignorance that you are not educated enough to understand financial jargon. Start educating yourself today.

Thanks for reading. Send your reviews, as usual, I will reply as soon as possible.


Neeraj Bhatia


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Rape can’t stop If….?

When I saw a post from Shubhangi Salvi, a member of the LinkedIn Advisory Team Board, in my newsfeed I was not surprised, because since morning all the newspapers are publishing the voice of resistance after Hyderabad rape incident with “Doctor Bitiya”. I never understand why we always wait for the next incident to raise our voice.

We should accept that we become indifferent against the incidents which don’t belong to us, this includes me, and my family. We want to raise a voice against each incident, where we can satisfy only to ourselves by caress to ourselves by saying to ourselves that, “I tried to raise the voice, but no one cares. What to do?”. And we surrender ourselves in the hand of the situation.

When I left my recent job and started my venture, I was very much clear in my thoughts that I will never work under a helpless person. And the last statement I told my boss is, ” Today you told me that you are helpless and I am sending my resignation to you because I told you that on the day, you will tell me, you are helpless, I will resign from this company. There was a simple reason behind it and that was I can not work under a helpless person, because soon the day will come when I will become helpless and later I will say the same sentence to subordinate that, “Sorry dear, I can not help you because I am helpless”.

Today I can see the same situation in our country. We have a lot of laws, very strict laws but we do not have the political will to implement it. We feel helpless. Can’t we stop incidents of rapes in our country?

On the other side, we as a public have developed a habit to blame on Government, society, and discrimination behavior done by GOD between a rich and a poor and just want to take rest. We have had a history to fire Rawan’s “Lanka Nagari” by “Hanuman”, just a token to showcase that, what can we do to save the honor of a woman. We should understand that just to march with a candle is not a solution to this problem. We need to wake up.

To think out of the box, please start thinking about what is in the box. Can we ask ourselves one question? Who is the government? Who is society? We are choosing government and government is a group of people chosen by us, they are our representatives. That’s all. The same is about society, Where society comes from? We are a part of it. We as an individual is a part of society or in other words, we are society. Then whom we are waiting for, to take a stand to save a human from a human. We have become inhuman in the skin of a human body.

If in our house, someone breaks the rule of the house, there are two types of behaviors. Suppose a jar full of sugar powder slips from the hand of our maid or cook. We start rebuking them. But if the same happens from our son or daughter, we ignore and try to conceal from our elders. Why? Because we learn discrimination between “Inside” and “Outside” person, between poor and rich, between master and slave. A sense of strangeness is the main idea, which starts discrimination in our minds, this can be removed, but I will talk about it a little later.

I took birth in India, and if you calculate many saints took birth. Today we feel shame on us when the people of the world are looking towards us, and saying that this is a country from where the culture spread all over the world. Our so-called famous “BABA”s are in jail. India has given divine knowledge to the world, but today we become a laughing stock and a sample of mockery because of these irresponsible fake so-called irresponsible saints, who were doing the business of “FAITH”, without any divine knowledge.

We as a human need to focus on some very important things:

  1. Raise a voice, when you see something is going wrong with anyone, it could be male or female
  2. Help the police to nab the culprit, be a witness of the incident.
  3. As a parent teach moral science in our home, not only to a female child, also require for a male child
  4. Don’t live life in fear, after all, we have only one life to live, then why in fear?
  5. Start taking strong decisions. It could seem harmful in a short period, but this would be benefited in the long run
  6. Think about, what we are leaving for our next generation, a fearful society or a strong society.
  7. Don’t depend on the Government or Court to come forward to correct everything. We need to come forward to correct ourselves, to correct our society.
  8. Be spiritual, rather become religious. People are playing with our religious sentiments. If they believe in one GOD, they can never do this. Religion unites never divide.
  9. We are human first after that we are Indian.
  10. Do not become mere spectators or puppets of any other’s mind. Remember you are not a dead body, you are a living being with a beautiful mind.

If you want to judge a person, just see that the list of his or her friend. This will tell you about the character of a person has. This is a very clear message given in our ancient historical incidents. In Mahabharata epic, you can read between the lines that Kaurva brothers taking guidance from “Shakuni” but interestingly Pandava’s brothers were taking guidance from Sri Krishna. Didn’t anyone could see the final result was obvious, that who was going to have the last laugh.

Come back to the point, “Is there any solution to kill the rapist? Not sure? Right…Instead you will feel more secure if you will be able to kill his idea. There is a voice all over the world to give the capital sentence to the rapist. Well, somewhat it could seem a solution, but this is not. We need to do something to kill this IDEA. Fear can not be the solution to everything.

We have a knife to be used or to be misused. We have a revolver, to be used for your security or to kill anyone. The idea is working behind it. In the case of rape, that is the idea, who is forcing at that moment to do the wrongdoing.

Well, how can one clean the idea? It is not a one day job. It starts with the birth of a person. His/her upbringing plays a major role to develop his/her character.

Seriously, if we think, what we are giving today to future generations? We are forcing our thoughts on them. Today a child is too far from our own culture. Our parents, Our Teachers, in our society all NGOs are struggling to maintain the decorum in one’s mindset. We are being pushed by our parents always to reach the first line. And to reach the first line, we become hard enough to pull the person, who is crossing my line. so this way, actual violence or ill thoughts start from home itself.

The only solution to kill the idea is that move the idea to positivity and spirituality. And this is possible only if parents, teachers, preachers set up their examples to kill all the ill will and do the right things at the right time in the right context.

My thoughts are, we need to go back to basics, where our culture starts growing step by step, and there only we can learn the first lesson of spirituality from our own home.

True Spirituality is the only solution for ill wills. Why I am using the word “True” before spirituality because now everything is adulterated. Even religion, faith, and spirituality. We need to find the True Master, who can show the path of truth to our generation as well as the next generation.

What we will sow today, so we will reap in the future.

Thanks for reading.

Bye-bye, take care and send me your review, as usual, I will answer as soon as possible.


Neeraj Bhatia

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“Nowhere” is “Now-here”. Is It?

There are two famous quotes given to this world by a famous person Andrea Bocelli.  “Nowhere. is…. Now Here” and  “All that counts in life is intention“. The person, who went through pain in life, only that person can understand the happiness of life. He born September 22, 1958, an Italian operatic pop tenor and a classical crossover singer who has also performed in operas. He recorded seven complete operas (La boheme, Tosca, Il trovatore, Werther, Pagliacci, Cavalleria rusticana and Carmen) and some various classical and pop albums.

He born with congenital glaucoma, total blindness came to Bocelli at the age of twelve, after a football accident. He saw the darkness of the life and then for him “Life was “nowhere”. When he understood the aim of his life and become successful with God gifted skills then this quote comes from somewhere inside “Life is now here”.

This quote was misused by a lot of people in this world, just for their vested interest. Somewhere I find an advertisement quoting that the career life was nowhere but it is now here. Smartest people use these words successfully misleading a large crowd by saying that  “GOD was nowhere for you but GOD is now here for us.”  Don’t you feel surprised to hear this?

Nov 20, 2019, 05.22 AM IST, now the date is memorable and recorded in history, when Supreme Court of India clearly mentioned in the Ajodhya verdict that “God is not a juristic person, but idol is

Some important part of “The verdict” is written as below

NEW DELHI: God or ‘Supreme Being’ may be omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent but has no juristic personality, but an idol, worshipped by believers as a physical incarnation of God, is a juristic personality, the Supreme Court has said.

“Legal personality is not conferred on the Supreme Being. The Supreme Being has no physical presence for it is understood to be omnipresent —the very ground of being itself. The court does not confer legal personality on divinity,” ruled a bench of then CJI Ranjan Gogoi and Justices S A Bobde (now CJI), D Y Chandrachud, Ashok Bhushan and S Abdul Nazeer in its landmark judgment settling the 70-year-old Ayodhya land dispute.

Divinity in Hindu philosophy is seamless, universal and infinite. Divinity pervades every aspect of the universe. The attributes of divinity defy description and furnish the fundamental basis for not defining it with reference to boundaries — physical or legal. For this reason that it is omnipresent, it would be impossible to distinguish where one legal entity ends and the next begins,” the bench said.

The SC said in contrast, an idol was identifiable by its physical form and hence could have juristic personality. “The idea of a legal person is premised on the need to ‘identify the subjects’ of the legal system. An omnipresent (God or Supreme Being) being is incapable of being identified or delineated in any manner meaningful to the law and no identifiable legal subject couldemerge,” it added.

The bench further explained the legal difficulty in conferring legal personality on God as “the narrow confines of the law is ill suited to engage in such an exercise (delineating boundaries of a God who is omnipresent) and it is for this reason that the law has steered clear from adopting the approach”.

“In Hinduism, physical manifestation of the Supreme Being exists in the form of idols to allow worshippers to experience a shapeless being. The idol is the representation of the Supreme Being. The idol, by possessing physical form, is identifiable,” it said.

The bunch of above statements stated in verdict by Supreme Court of India clearly mentioned that GOD or Supreme Being does exist. And the definition is clearly referenced as omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.

So there are two major takeaways:

  1. GOD does exist and GOD is Omnipresent (Present everywhere at the same time), Omniscient (Knowing everything) and Omnipotent (Unlimited Power). At last the supreme power of India’s legal framework could not deny from its existence. 
  2. GOD is top most authority, which is incapable of being identified in framework of Indian Law. So whatever judgement is given by judges are with in framework setup by GOD and Judges are not GOD, but they also comes under GOD same as other human beings. Judges only obey them and doing their duties honestly. 

The saints from all over the world knew this truth, the divine knowledge in early stages of their life and whenever they trying to distribute this truth to common people, they have been killed or ruined or disowned by some religious contractors. Now public know WHY? I do not need to describe more.

I am sure that you are fed up now by listening the same statements in particular i.e. Who made this nature? Who made us? Who is providing a breath to us every second? Why we cannot able to see him? If there is such person exists, please produced in front of everybody?

Well, we will discuss this for a while, before that, I want you to do some exclusive excercise, irrespective of you are theist or atheist, irrespective of you are follower of any religion, irrespective of your gender, irrespective of you belong to any sect of the world’s society, any cast, any color or any creed or so on. So on…

Bring one small size stone and install it near your door. Now do this exercise daily to wash it and throw some fragrance or scent on it. Now start begging. Yes begging like anything. Ask this stone to fulfil your wishes. It will not. You know very well. But you need to continue this exercise daily in morning, before going out for you regular office work or business. Now after some days you can see that if you are asking for 5 wishes, you will get at least one completed. Then suddenly you realize counting is going up. How come? But really you don’t care about that till any one of your wishes are completing on regular basis. You start believing in that stone. It seems it is GOD for you. It has power, a supreme power. Now you start respecting that stone and stone get some valuable place in your home. The actual fact is stone is same stone, there is no change in it, but your criteria of thinking changes, you view point against this stone is completely change. You stated believing in the stone. But eventually you should believe on yourself.

Now this exercise is revealing that whatif another person doing the same exercise is a Muslim brother, Christian brother, Sikh brother or Jain bother etc…etc… Does stone prayer is restricted only to Hindu brother? Obviously not. So if this stone is fulfilling your wishes so the same for other also. It means GOD statue or stone stature or only stone does not need any specific form of prayer to fulfil their wishes. Then why we do prayers in front of any statue? Any answer? I am not restricting here any one to do so, after all this is your life, you can free to do, but my curiosity crossed peak level to find the answer “WHY”?.

The prayer could be in any form and it can be done by any person in this whole world, it goes to GOD, no medium required, no postman required, no WIFI, no Cable and no Internet required.

So the discussion has a direct conclusion. Do not find GOD, find what is not a GOD? Don’t run behind those nouns (a person, a place or things), these nouns, GOD has provided us, to live peacefully.  GOD has direct connection with you, and you have direct connection with those things which is created by GOD, but those are not GOD.

Another way to reach to GOD is, to find the person, who knows who is GOD or where the GOD is? He or She could be only a True Master. And he or she would have one great ability to introduce you face to face with GOD.  

Well now the million dollar question. How can you trust who is a True Master?

The symbol of True Master is very simple. He or She does not connect you with the “Creation” (again Noun), but connect you with the “Creator”, only that person could be a True Master.

And the second most important symbol is that True Master will take only seconds to show you who is GOD.

If any person who is telling you stories or trying to gain some time from you to make you busy in useless activities, it is very clear that he or she cannot be True Master and hundred percent he or she do not have any divine knowledge. 

So now do not explore Who is GOD. Start exploring, what can not be GOD? Well even then if you can’t find satisfactory answer then, try to find the True Master, who can show you GOD within seconds. Then only you can say GOD was nowhere, but GOD is now-here.

Thanks for reading, do send your reviews.

Bye, Take care.


Neeraj Bhatia

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Diabetic Relationships 7 Sweet Spots

‘Family and diabetes’, is the theme setup for 2019 for World Diabetes Day. Thank GOD, at least intellegent people in the world is now understanding that we as a human could be the reson behind major diseases faces by human itself.

My personal thinking is that the main reason to highlight this theme is just to make every one understand that how important it is for a patient to get support at home.

Every year, November 14 is observed as World Diabetes Day by WHO and International Diabetes Federation (IDF) to mark the birth anniversary of Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin.

WHO (Wold health Organization) described diabetes as epidemic disease in the world. This is a health problem.

Economic liberalisation in India was initiated in 1991 by Prime Minister P. V. Narasimha Rao and his then-Finance Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, liberalised the Indian economy, allowing it to speed up development dramatically.

But you know that in 1980s intellectuals understood the problem of diabetes are rising rapidly but after 1991, it increased multifold. A lot of junk food introduced in the market and initially there main target was children, but slowly it also captured adults and then it to eat foods rich in sugar, salt and fat, becomes show-off in all regular parties.

Multinational companies purchased potato from our farmers, which was approx 0.25 paise per kg and started selling fried potato chips our public approx Rs 60.00 per kg. And suddely potato shoots up to Rs 10.00 per kg. And farmer’s own children started purchasing packed potato chips from multinationals. This is only one example, where we lost our ground and become slaves with additional diseases, for which they started providing us thier own multinational manufactured medicines on higher rates. They provide us disease so they know the best medicines and we felt ourseleves helpless. All this leads to an epidemic of non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and cancer. Well, off course the diabetes stands right on top of them.

When big money started pouring in our houses, our physical activities went down. Members of our families started relaxing and the reslut comes in suprising way. We achieved 100% of increase in diabetec patients. India is one of the 6 countries of the IDF SEA region where 425 million people have diabetes in the world and 82 million people in the SEA Region; by 2045 this will rise to 151 million. There were over 72.946.400 cases of diabetes in India in 2017.

Now come to the main point, from where this blog started. What happened, if a person of a family get diagnosed with Diabetes. Family shattered. They lost hope immediately, they started counting the days of that memeber. In fact, patiened need support, but he or she gets different environment, in his or her own house. When the dietary habits of the patient have to be modified, it is a better option for the rest of the family too have to make changes for themselves also. If patient develops diabetes-related complications like affecting the eye, feet, heart or kidney, the morale of not just the patient but the whole family is affected, which is completly surprising. They even become laughing stocks, when this happens in learned, educated socities.

Gone are those days, when the diabetes was incurable.

I still remember when in a family gathering, where, would be bride, came to know that his would be husband’s father, was having diabetes, she decided not to marry with him and blame game started that it was not told earlier. Why we scared, this does not show any sign of  untouchability or epedemic, but even then our orthodox  ideas make it complicated. Well in some cases it could be heredity, but not all cases. It can be cured with some hard commitments.

When ever i used to visit old age home, i got so many cases, where children leaves their parent just after diagnosing diabetes. Their simple excuse is that they can not take care of them, becase this disease requires more attention and we are working people so we can only shell-out some money to the organization, so they can take care of them.

In one of the old age home, i remember there are a large number of patients living beyond 90+ years of age. If i am not wrong, many have been living with diabetes for 50+ to 60+ years and they aare still doing well without complications.

Today children forget that one day thier children will thorw away in the same way to them here only.

Relations can work like sure shot medicine. This only need a little care, thats all.

1.Regular Medical Checkup Required: 

The meaining of regular means, at least 4 times in a year, not more than that. There are some mandatory test like the eyes, kidneys, heart and feet at least once a year. Early complication dedction may even be reversed. It should not be left uncontrolled. Diabetes can cause havoc in the body, it is even worse than some of the cancers.

2.Develop Healthy Food Habbits: 

Strict vegetarian diet. Green Vegetables, nuts, pulses fruits etc. Especially strct follow up of doctors prescribed diet.

3.Daily Walk or Excercise Regularly:

Member’s of the family can encourage a person to walk or  exercise regularly at least 5 days in a week. Well, this is a suggestion that the family, as a unit, can decide to go for a walk. This will boostup the moral of patienet and you can also have a strict eye to ensure the patient gets the required exercise. And event this is good for health of all members also.

4.Spending Time Together:

Members of the family should think of the way to spend time together. Especially couple. This helps to maintain a healty and positive atitude.  Some of the ways like group Yoga, Group meditation, indoor and outdoor games, are all excellent examples of how a person with diabetes can get support from his family.

5.Strict on Medicine Schedule:

Sometime, it could possible that, patients forget to take their medicines. The reason could be any, but any of the memeber like the spouse or children can remind the patient to do so. 

6.Avoid Stress: 

Remember you are not, who is operating this world. If any other person think in this way, let them do. You try to undersand your limitations. In this world, every one is stressed, and they are looking any easy way to bring it out. And you could be a their victim. So give time to recongnize your self. Be restricted positive. Do mediation regularly.

7.Restriction on Alcohol and Smoke

Memebers of the family should keep a watch to conrol this habbit. This should be big no, as soon as diabetese diagnosed.

Well the theme could be any for this day but i personally believe, this is actually depend more on the personal relationship, than to accept as a mere compulsion between couple.

If a person takes care of his parents, obviously his or her generation learn from them and they will take care of you and also by teaching this,  you are saving your future generation. Because what they will see today , will do tomorrow.

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Thanks for your reading, do send your reveiws as usual, we will reply as soon as possible. By. Take care.


Neeraj Bhatia

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4 reasons, why Photography similar to Meditation

Guest Author: Sonia Peters, Australia

Photography and Meditation

Would you believe photography and meditation are the same? Is there anything that both have in common?

It may seem different things to take photographs or practice meditation. While the photographer insists on looking through his camera at the outside, a person was practising meditation searches inward to seek out the complexity in their mind and heart that is locked within. Meditation and photography, as activities, entail dedication, concentration, and technical skills. Nevertheless, ownership of these attributes does not guarantee that meditation can lead to excellent knowledge beyond the end of photography in great art. Moving beyond pure expertise in either field requires a new world viewing capacity.


Photography an art of Observation

Photography is an art that involves observation:

Photography, as well as meditation, require the ability to concentrate on what is occurring to see more clearly. Seeing in this manner involves moving to a frame of mind in which the standard vision of a universal and self-evident universe is substituted by a keen sense of each moment’s unique and unrepeatable nature. Whether you’re paying attention to the air while sitting in contemplation or writing a picture in a viewfinder, you’re standing in front of a flickering, thrilling truth.

The roles of the meditator and the photographer seem to diverge at this stage. While the meditator cultivates the moment’s continuous, nonjudgmental consciousness, the artist captures the moment when the shutter is raised. But in reality, rather than interrupting the contemplative act of contemplation, the artistic choice to freeze an object on the film crystallizes. In those last microseconds, aligning one’s body and senses until taking a picture briefly enhances the image’s brightness and immediacy. One is given a glimpse of the moment meditative attention may struggle to provide in the brain.

Ultimate Reasons why photography is meditation:

Memories – When no one is around you, who were before

1. Memories:

While in your mind you do not live, or rather you are dreaming about your potential, you are standing squarely and more actively on the current. Rather than loving this split second of your life, there is no exquisite perfection. It could be anything, not just a style of music. “This” time is more important, and before your eyes, it will disappear. Cling and chew the memories, any recent images, and attempt to answer.

State of being is nothing but listen to your inner voice

2. State of being:

You don’t listen to the outer voices, the endless quest for the sublime light, the appropriate arrangement, or the suitable subject. You start listening to your intuition, no more from the past, enjoying the present state of being simple. It’s going to happen the moment, it’s more about being persistent. It’s not the same drop of water that continues to fall in a cascade, it’s just spending a super small millionth of a second. This is more about persistence and looking relentlessly for the last seed. When meditating, you can’t be imaginative, and yes, because when you start imagining, you’re heading out of the zone. Imagination is dreaming and brings you into visions, and is by far the opposite direction of meditation.

Separation brings Focus Unlimited and Focus is nothing but Separation from Outer world

3. Separation:

Let’s think about the most modest reality when we want to photograph something for that moment of split seconds, our goals, hopes, life, family, rivals, and separate relationships vanish. You live in a prosperous place, where you stay, you are alone–the second and nothing else. At that particular moment, they try to make use of the sun to catch the beautiful moment at that fixed period. What are the chances you feel is insignificant to the state of mind, when your hands are on the viewfinder already. Everything crosses your mind, and this is what the first step of relaxation is called by a yogi. Separate the heart from the outside universe.

Nothing is everything and Nothingness is quist to the pursuit of an unknown

4. Nothingness:

Why do we do this, the relentless quest in pursuit of the unknown, whether it be picturing a glorious sky, a beautiful grin, the magnificent waterfalls, or a deciding moment on the road? How would you think if you reflect on the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen, right in between your camera’s broken shutter speed, how you felt.

Okay, if you don’t have a response to that, I’d be thrilled to finish this article, saying, “Dear photographers, we’re all meditating!”.

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OILING or SPOILING a Relationship

“Trust in Relationship”, If you have seen the logo of our group, you will easily find that this is a tagline of Aaradhya Groups(AGs). An organization that cares for relations. The group is established with a motto to realize everyone the loss of an important feeling nowadays from our life and that is “TRUST”. We are competing with each other in the race of faith but actually we are losing TRUST every second among mankind. 

What is the relation? – Can you guess, we can not live without relation. Try to see near you. You feel the definition of relation was misunderstood by everyone. I and you also include this everyone. 

We feel only living being is connected with relations, but this is not true. Living or Non-Living all are related to us. In living creatures, this is a two-way relationship, but in non-living things, it is one way, but it exists.

Ok, let’s take an example:

First, we take living beings. Well, we have relations with our family, friends, colleagues, strangers. Well, it is always two ways, even, if you do not know the stranger, even then, you have a relationship of non-familiar relationships. 

Now count on non-living things. Do you see, the table has a relation with the chair, but we have a relation with both. We can use a table or chair either altogether or separate each. So non-living things have a relationship between them, but there is one more relationship that exists and that is Non-living with living beings. Right?

Well now come to the most important point “TRUST”. Take an example of a non-living thing first. Suppose you are full of anger and you want to break the head of the person standing in front of you. You don’t have any weapons with you. You are in office, scolding him, calling names, and suddenly you look towards a paperweight, it is lying down in front of you. You picked it up and full of rage, you throw it. Can you guess what happened just now? You have shown full TRUST on that paperweight, by making yourself understand that it will work for me. For the time being, it will become my weapon. 

The pace of life is changing from moment to moment. sometimes we want to catch life, some times life tries to catches us.

A person told me when you are a child, you want to live your own life, but somebody told you, first of all, you need to gain the experience. And You agreed on that so you started following our GODFATHERS.

Sometimes, godfathers are not our idol what we were looking for, again lack of experience becomes obstacles. We changed our godfather again and again and suddenly on the edge of life, we realized we lost something very important and that is TIME.  But actually we gained a precious thing in this duration and that is called “EXPERIENCE”. And that is what we were looking for.

Well, now this is the time when we need to give proper values to our experience because we have not got it through ancestors, we have earned it. And when we are not able to realize the value of experience, then we are also following rat race. 

We know the PRICE of everything but the VALUE of nothing

Suppose, today if we become king alike person, and having all the luxuries, one can think of it. I do not have any person who claps for me, what is the use of this worldly affairs. We realize then only, we have earned nothing. We lost everything if we lost people, we lost our relationship, we lost others’ trust, and the most precious, irrecoverable TIME.

Today, we will try to discuss, all important points how should we strengthen our relationships:

Build trust in relationships:

I am not here to make you remember about any romantic commitment to last, but my intention is to make you remember that TRUST is the base of every relationship. Now the relationship could be a business, Corporate, among friends, relatives, and the most one is a relationship from yourself. The relationship brings two people together. It is not necessary that relationships are only for good relations, even it flows to enemies also. for example: before start hostility, one person should have trust in the second person, that first-person has lost his trust by becoming dishonest. When you are in love with someone, the first step is that your partner earns your trust. Well, if this relationship somehow converts into a long-distance relationship, this is the only feeling, which ties up both with each other. Well, you can say they either mastered themselves the art of TRUST or really they understand each other so much in deep, they do not have distrust on each other. And this happens because, just like love and respect, TRUST has to be earned over and over and should be able to withstand any storm that comes it’s their way.

Here are some points. you should remember to practice:

Value Yourself:

Be honest here and ask yourself, are you feeling often that you are good for nothing? No, it is not a joke and also no need to be too much serious when you are trying to pick up this question. The reason is very simple. Does anybody know who they are? I am sure not. Well if I will say you are a small particle of the source of energy, maybe you will not believe in me. but you will get something more in our previous article “I Love You” And I am sure, after reading it, the first time you will realize and recognize yourself.

When you understand your source, then you will never feel that you are good for nothing. you will start giving value to yourself. You will start loving yourself. You will start respecting you. So the main point is to find your own worth and believe in you.

Have faith in the relationship

Well, here I am not restricting the word partner only to your lover. I am not talking here only for a relationship between a couple Instead of I am talking here for all types of relationships, it could be in every sphere of life with anybody. Well everyone has prior experience with instincts. Well, it is called sometimes the third eye. Something only you can see, only you can realize. But somehow this develops with experience. It is very rare that someone brings this knowledge since birth. 

In general Sixth sense works only for experienced people and this develops trust between a relationship. But what about faith, this is always unconditional. To understand more, I will suggest reading my article “Trust Builts slowly but destroys quickly”

Building trust in a relationship involves creating a strong and genuine love for each other.

Value honesty:

Sometimes actual message lost in communication, so better to cross-check before you believe in that. And another most important thing is to listen honestly and accept the statement honestly. Some time takeaway is misunderstood because we are not listening honestly and this creates mess up. Most of the strongest relationships are built on the foundations of honesty and truth, so make sure you’re doing it right.

Listen Properly:

Do not be judgemental with your prenotions. Maybe your experience is very bad with the person you are dealing with, but it is not always he or she is wrong. We need to listen properly & honestly, then try to collect takeaways. Try to put your foot in client shoes, then only you can get the pain he is suffering from. So this happens only if you listen properly.

Talking on Pain Point is a must

Sometimes petty issues can make huge differences, so this is good to pick up one by one and bury it forever. If we can not talk sense, better not to talk nonsense. It may be possible one partner is suffering, but having patience, which could be a wrong signal to another partner, thinking that you are wrong and feeling guilty for any particular issue. better to talk and make it clear. If need to point out your partner’s mistake do it if need to accept your fault, accept it. 

Resolve issues together

If money lost, it will return, but if the trust is lost, then everything lost. It is very difficult to bring it back. You should be ready to lose everything. And in that case, it is better to settle down either issue or the relationship. There is no meaning to continue in further. Do not let others come between to settle down things in your relationship. Do it yourself, face to face. You should be able to reach at least either end.

Ask questions

“What is in harm to ask?” If you have doubts regarding any of the matters with your partner or you need clarification, you should be proactive and take initiative. Do be the judge without giving the opportunity to another party to clarify. If could not satisfy, ask again, it is your duty to save a relationship and also it is your right to know the truth.

Develop a connection beyond the relationship:

Maturity comes with experience, so initially, this would be a duty for both parties to maintain a relationship, beyond a mare relationship. It should contain trust and belief on each other, never lie, so doubt will not take birth.  enjoy the gettogether frequently, so some offline issues can be clarified.

Life is uncertain, but there are certain things can be maintained by us. 

The best way to do this is, ask below three things in life:

Oh Lord, give me the courage to change the things, what I can change

Oh Lord, give me the courage to accept the thing, which I can not change

Oh lord, give me the wisdom to understand, what I can change or what I can not Change


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Neeraj Bhatia