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Father’s Day?

I want to start this circle from my childhood. My existence in this world is because of my parents. My parent’s existence? obviously because of their parents. Then why Father’s day is separate and Mother’s day is separate? What is the confusion?

Let us make it simple now. If both were not present in my life, my existence was impossible. In Indian culture, we always used to speak in a single word for our parents ‘MATA-PITA”, “MAA-BAAP”(Mother-Father). And here also you can observe that the female name is always in front of a male name. For example: “Siyapati Ramchandra” (Siya means Sita), “Radhe-Shyam” (Radhye for Radha).

So I am trying to analyze here when we were acustomed to respect too much to our females, then who made them separate?

It seems to me that events are the main culprit, they separated them. Mother’s Day? Father’s Day? Then a new event comes into existence “Parents Day”. Funny? Beautiful business model by business organizations: First Divide and rule and then makeover with a new one and rule again. So here 1+1=3 instead of 2. Three new events and all are emotional, connected with brisk business.

We will not talk here about, these events and their purpose to start with. We will go one step ahead and try to find what should we learn from these opportunities, what we missed so far.

Late Mr. Niramal Joshi, Renowned Editor in Delhi, once asked me a question: Suppose a father is beating his child when a child is asking for a costly toy, which father’s pocket can’t afford it. what do you learn from this? Why? What is the reason?

I answered respectfully that “he is not beating his child, actually, the child is an only medium for him to bring out his frustration about his poor condition.” I felt obliged when he blessed me a lot. My answer was not a very big achievement for me, it was simply reading between the line. And this is possible only when you know what is LIFE.

Nowadays, we realized the new generation is running behind a fake world. Their heroes are those, who can do impossible things within seconds. Even they do not have any relationship with their Hero’s, even they accept them blindly. All their heroes are artificially branded, which pushed them to run behind them and then they try to use those products, what their heroes are using notwithstanding their heroes have never used it actually.

Have you tried to find a hero in your father? If your father has enough money or resources to fulfill your demand, he will definitely do it. But if he is not able to, even then he will try to go out of his comfort zone to fulfill your wish. Just believe me, parents are equally important. Both amicably can able to provide you Love, Care, and Security (Internal or external).

In a plane journey, during strong turbulence, when all passengers started crying and calling GOD, to help them to survive. Passengers noticed a boy was sitting peacefully and playing video games. They asked if he doesn’t have a fear of death. The boy replied peacefully, I know, nothing is going to happen. How come? passengers surprised. He told that I know the pilot is my father, and he will survive me anyhow. This is called real bonding between the duo and confidence between parent and child, which no dictionary in this world can explain.

Let me introduce “Aaradhya” today, my only daughter. As a Father, I can see myself as a “Hero” in her eyes, when, she runs to open the door, on reaching my home from the office. When she cries and with tears in her eyes, she is looking for my shoulder, I know she is confident, she will get a safe place. When she wants to grab my lap to sit and feel she is sitting in Maharajah’s Seat. For her, it is like heaven. She closes her eyes on my chest and gives a feeling, I don’t need more, I am lying down on the rose bed. When I toss her in the air, she doesn’t afraid, instead, she laughs, because she is confident that she is in a secured hand.

When I accompanying her anywhere, she poses as a queen, because, she realizes that father is next to her. She feels her all dreams are going to be true. She thinks all the toys in a shop is hers only. I have seen sprinkling eyes when she introduced me to her friend by saying “Ye Mere daddy Hain”, ( He is my father). You can see the hight of possessiveness and love. When I am not in a good mood, only she realized first and try to reach to my cheeks through her little fingers and embrace me around my neck to give a supportive lovely hug, which obviously brings tears in my eyes.

I am a whole world for my daughter Aaradhya and she is a whole world for me.

In this world, everyone has a right to keep a relationship or break relationships anytime. But this is a fact that relationships never end. When the next generation surpasses the older generation, only then they understand the issues faces by their parents.

In the upbringing of their children, parents can ready to lost every penny, what they earned in their life, but nowadays, this is a bitter truth that people don’t care about their elders.

A father had two sons. Both got married. After some days, they started quarreling. Then one day, the proposal comes from sons, the division of property. Father finds himself unable to find the solution and accepted the solution. But due to this incident, he faced a severe shock and left the world after a massive heart attack. Both sons decided, that they can not afford the expenses of their mother’s living, so for 15 days the mother will stay with the elder son and another 15 days mother will stay with the younger son.

At this stage, you will not get any wrongdoing in this story and you will not get any message instantly, because this is a story of every home, nowadays. Let me conclude it now. Due to this decision, Mother has to go for forced FAST, for all the months having days more than 30 in a year. Doesn’t it seem shameful? And believe me, this is a reality of today’s smart generations.

Lemony Sniket wrote somewhere that ‘Sad truth is that the truth is Sad.

Maybe, those of us having our parents with us, can’t take this subject seriously, but I will urge everyone to give a thought once, what would if we haven’t? Realize for those, how they feel, who don’t have parents or one of them.

If moral values were the part of our upbringing, and we are following it till today and this is still in our practice, please keep it up.

But if we are still not realizing, please have a visit to nearby Old Age Home, and realize once. We can not deny the truth that at last, we have to reach till this age and if this stage? then what? What we will sow, will reap the same, Isn’t it?

Please respect the elders and pass your love to youngers.

Happy Father’s Day to all my readers.

Thanks for reading..

Bye and take good care of yours and your families and relatives.


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