So, you missed a lot of deals floating through airlines. Yes, there are a lot of deals every week, which generally missed by us.

1. There is no Cheap Ticket: if some body is telling there is a cheap ticket. He is surely living in myth.Break the myth first. There is no cheap ticket available in the whole world. Yes, deals will be there and you need to catch in.

2. Do not travel with fix dates in mind : Never fix any specific dates in your mind for travel. Well you can avoid this suggestion during festival seasons. This idea provide you cheap tickets or good deals.

3. Break the flights, it will be cheap and covering more destinations: If possible, do not go for direct flights. This is always costly. You can take break. This will increase your destinations.

4. Never search for Group tickets, search for one person, it is always cheap. sometimes nobody wants to sit in middle seat, and this is often vacant, airline knows that and these tickets can be available for chap rates.

5. Try to book early: Now-a-days you can see a lot of comparatives deals are publishing in social media or email marketing to give a chance to book approximately 6-8 months ticket in advance. This could be good chance to explore. But you need to book with flexible option. So you can change dates if required.