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Is Negative Positivity worst?

22nd September 2019. I was watching news on television on the day when Mr. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was busy in “Howdy Mody” program in United States. On the same day news ticker in some news channels were running a breaking news “Now GOD will take revenge with Terrorists in Kashmir?” And these news ticker was highlighting some names of old temples which is being destroyed during last 70 yrs of span, and our central government has announced to taken care of all temples going forward.

I am not a religious person, but definitely a spiritual person and always respect all the religions in the world, because they never teach us anything wrong. We are smart enough to interpret those words with different meaning just for sake of our vested interest. But i started thinking that what should be our first reaction on these types of news or piece of news, how should we really react? Should we react happily or should be react as sad or should we start laugh at? My first thought “Will GOD take revenge”? Is it? I don’t think so. If revenge is taken by GOD is justified than it should be justified by a common man, who believes in GOD and doing all the wrong things in his daily life. What’s wrong in it then? My second thought “Why revenge now? Why it was not stopped at first point, when it was being destroyed by terrorists?” Well this is my personal thoughts, i am not forcing it on anyone to agreed with me.

A person suggested me to be positive in all sphere of life. don’t speak any single word of negativity, if effects the whole life. He gave me example, ‘Do not tell a lie”. This is a negative statement because it is having negates, so it should not be used. Well, when i argued, he has another example “Tell the truth”. This is correct statement.  He was right in his view point, but can not give any answer when i asked him,” Well, then why GOD prepared us to ready to live with odds also”. Every thing in this world has an opposite reaction like the word has opposite words like “Day vs Night”, “Sunlight vs Shade”. “Happiness vs Difficulties”.

Then again he argued “Anand”(आनंद), a word in Hindi language does not have any opposite word. And he was right. In Hindi language they escaped its opposite. But actually if you translate it in English language, the word will translated to “BLISS” and if you search thru search engines, you will find the opposite word “Misery”. It could be possible you will get another word “Ecstasy”, which is called extreme sense of bliss, where you claim, you are enlightened, further you understand the crux of the life like. “All the materialistic world is just for use and you should not attach yourself with it.”  Fair enough. Agreed on their points. 

But again the opposite of this word present in dictionary and this is “Misery”.  Most probably you will get similar type of opposite words in other languages also. I am not sure why Hindi language is exceptional in this case.But even then i will say its opposite word is “Anand Viheen” (आनद विहीन), just for my knowledge.

We forced to live in a fiction world. where every body is having a pure heart. They are noble, kind, truthful and posses all the best qualities, a person can think of it. But again, there is one more person, who posses all bad qualities, and he indulges in all type of bad practices, one can think of it. And this person is called “Villain”. 

We heard all types of moral stories in our childhood around this. One Good man(generally King or Prince), one bad man (generally Demon, it could be male or female). And one princess, who is struggling to get rid of this so called demon or devil and then the prince or the king will come for her rescue. In any of the case King or prince was always handsome and beautiful and same was always true with princess.

And then a bad practice started:

When a girl took birth in any family. Parents tells, “You are a most beautiful lady in this earth”. And when a boy took birth in any family, parent tells “you are the most intelligent person in this earth” And the confusion stars on those days, continues till today. Every girl wants to be a Barbie girl and every boy wants the Barbie girl for him. And both are thinking they deserve it. We become culprit to spoil their whole life by saying a baseless positive thought.

I personally grown up in a family where i never been forced to visit any religious place. We generally visit these places just for fun or just to see the natural beauties. So i am not connected with any fear related to GOD in my mind.

Specially in the families where religious rigidness is the top priority in the daily list, i have experienced these people do not want to hear any other thing, just what they are saying and talking about GOD is correct. This is my personal feeling that actually there growth are restricted, but they do not realize it.

The “Priest” or “Guru” or teacher can not hold growth, but because people respect them like they are GOD for them, so they always try to take best benefits by saying to their children that “You are born to serve people, your birth is only for salvation of the people”, and “You are a selected person, being chosen from all over the world population”. “You are lucky to born in this family, now i will show the path of salvation.”

And hearing these statements, a child started thinking that he or she is similar to GOD, and God has chosen him for any special tasks, which other can not do. As well as they started thinking their teacher as GOD.

Ironically, when we start comparison between Person A and person B, this is a universal truth that unknowingly we already starts giving a slow poison to both persons.

Trust is logical, based on conditions, countable. But Faith throws all logic behind the curtain. Faith is unconditional. Faith don’t accept any logic. If you born in a family where tradition of “GURU-SHISHYA PARAMPARA” is still going on, as a child you do not have to ask any question. You have to trust on their faith and you forced to have faith in all the activities they are doing.

So called Gurus destroying the thousands of lives daily, but we accept it as it is. We do not have any say? Why? Are we blind? Are we deaf? Are we emotional or emotional fool?

A beautiful word, generally is in the air is  “Enlightenment”. Let us discuss a little bit on this?

Take one example that some body got free of cost course on “Enlightenment the Soul” in its corporate office. He attended and found it very useful, because there are a lot of moral speeches, emphasis on moral practices.

Now he wants Clean and pure positive environment for his soul. He suddenly started speaking truth and you can assume his love life started become hell. He simply told the truth, in a simple statement “I never committed with you my dear”. or “I have cheated you several times”. “you are a burden on me”. Since day of marriage, i am thinking that it was better i should commit suicide, instead of married you. Now you can assume, what happened next? Enlightenment from both side. The home become worst place to live in then. Fights starts and ends only with breakup of relationship. What is the use of this type of “Enlightenment”, Do we really need it?

Mahatma Buddha left her wife and children for seeking enlightenment. Why? Any answer?. Maybe he knew the real truth, but we know only stories told by historians. We never go beyond it in search of truth.

The real enlightenment is just to live your life with in your family, where you are facing day to day issues and working on solution for all type of problems. You try to align all the issues with in the members of the family. You need not to have an experience of a civil war. you are facing it on daily basis. And the real fact is that you know the real meaning of “PEACE”, which no body knows. Not only a single preacher in this world.

Recently, i read an interesting blog written by Author : Charlotte Laws  titled “How a Guru and a Measly Vowel almost destroyed my love life.” She asked a simple question to her fiancee if you have already enlightened, then why you are going again and again to your Guru for enlightenment. It should be only one time practice. Neither Guru have had the satisfactory answer nor pupil knew that. This question saved her love life and now both are married couple after two years of struggle.

If you know the destination, why are you running, just walk daily for some miles, you will reach at least.

But if you don’t know the destination, why are you running. Stop, think, analyze and finalize, and then only move slowly.

My personal experience is that  “To be extreme positive is actually following a harsh negativity”. Because at this stage positive thoughts become poison.

Give a room to you to hear negative thoughts, negative ideas. because it is impossible that everything in this world is positive. I have seen people published their issues in social media, because somewhere they want every one tell them to stick with positivism. But they do not want to accept in public that they are feeling negativity. Negativity is a truth. You can not run from it. Negative thoughts are around. 

Critics are equally important in all sphere of society, welcome them. Embrace them, love them. They are only person, who force you to find the real path. Don’t ignore them. They are your real assets.

Just remember darkness is always everywhere. Only light can remove darkness for some time, as soon as light goes out, the darkness appear.Which means darkness never gone anywhere. It is still always be there and here.

In same way, actually negativity exists, and for the time being my positivism can take place for a while but as soon as it gone from my mind, every thing remains same. So better accept the negativity, work on it. You will feel better, i bet.

Think today: Where GOD dwells in you? Is it your “Mind?” Or is it your “Heart”?

Thanks for reading. Send your reviews as usual, i will answer to each one.

Bye, take care of yourself, relatives, near and dear ones


Neeraj Bhatia

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