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Is Solution Itself a Problem?

I still remember, there are some of my previous BOLGS, where I promised to discuss some of the points in further blogs, I assure you that, will do it one by one. Today I want to draw the attention of the biggest problem among the people of the world.

There are two types of thinkers in this world. One who finds a solution for each problem and others who find the problem in each solution?

I have no hitch to accept that I was never a bright academy student in my life, but I met some very important personalities in my life, who always think I have something unique. in me. I have no doubt that these personalities have different types of thinkings than ordinary people.

I still remember the day. I was in class VI in City Montessori School, Rajendra Nagar branch Lucknow. It was 7:30 a.m. or 8:00 am in the morning. My father asked my elder brother to bring a glass of drinking water. He was thirsty. He finished water within some seconds and return the empty glass to my elder brother. Suddenly he threw a question in the air, “I can see the glass is not empty, what is the English translation of this? My brother immediately answered, “There is a few water in the glass”. I was listening to that translation from another room. I could not control myself and immediately shouted, “The correct statement is, “There is a little water in the glass”. My father was happy to hear that, and he told, “Yes this is correct”. I personally thanked internally to my English subject teacher “Ms. Shah”, who has guided me correct. But when I discussed this incident to my teacher, she told me, “I have taught the same thing to all students of the class, but I am glad that you grab it properly.

That was the first point, I learned in my life that there is a difference between to learn and to live with that learning.

As I told you earlier I was never been a bright student in my academics. I was being punished serval times during my schooling. Those days I was in eight class when one day I got the message from the principal of our school that I got punishment to be in school 24*7 for some days because I was very weak in Math’s subject and I have to take extra classes. I was not alone there were four other students. We spent three days there, but our mathematics subject teachers Mr. Pandey never turned to take up for extra classes. He got scolded by our principal, and then he started scolded all of us, especially to me and started trying to humiliate me, in front of other classmates, by asking those questions, which he was confirmed that I cannot give answers.

One day, in one of our classes, Mr. Pandey instruct me to write a question on the blackboard and solve it immediately. He was sure, I could not. Instead of helping me out, he started scolding me and cursing me that I will ruin the name of the school in the Junior Board examination. He was not worried about me, but he was worried about the name of the school. That was the first day when I wept and felt ashamed.

Km. Seema Krishnan, my co-student, was looking at the whole incident and later she approached me and tried to understand my issue. Her father was a banker, and she was a bright student. She was extremely good at mathematics subjects. She guided me with the concept to understand the problem and then the logic for the solution. And then I never look back. Mr. Pandey was shocked to see my obtained marks in mathematics subject of the Junior Board examinations, I obtained 95 percent.

William Wordsworth used the expression, “The child is the father of the man” in his famous 1802 poem, “My Heart Leaps Up,” also known as “The Rainbow.” This quote has made its way into popular culture.

On that day, I learned the most important thing in my life. Your Guide, Guru, Teacher, Preacher can make or break our life forever. Our parents handover our future in their hands and hardly a few, let’s say 1% is fulfilling their duties honestly. And this is also the fact that this 1 % is struggling fighting in their whole life on a daily basis to produce again the same 1%, who can become again the “father of the man” because later those would be few among others, who will become actually “father of the next generation

There is a very famous statement in the corporate world “Do not come with the problem come with solutions“. But the fact is that, before reaching the solution, you need to understand the problem. Before thinking out of the box learn to think what is in the box

Necessity is a mother of Invention“. The solution always comes to a problem. If there is no problem there is no solution and if there is no solution, again there is no problem.

Once I was listening to late Mr. Jogindar Puri, a great philosopher, and one of my mentors, he told,” 95 percent of issues are created by man himself but when he needs a solution to self-made problems, every time he started looking for a new GOD, who can give him an immediate remedy.

Nowadays human do not love GOD, they use the name of the GOD just to serve their self-interest. In the early days, the name of GOD was a solution, but now, the name of GOD is the main root cause of wars. The name of the GOD is being used to justify almost any cruelty, from burning heretics and stoning adulterers to crucifying Jesus himself. Why mankind suffers?

Well, for an old generation still the name of GOD is a survivor because they still believe in faith but for the new generation, there is no GOD exists or maybe when they found themselves in a big soup, then only they think that perhaps GOD can save them because their faith is interchangeable according to the situation.  And if you ask them where is GOD, again they have a thousand of questions, “Is GOD male or Female”?: Is GOD black or white?, “Is GOD exists or not”? They don’t have an answer, or they have an answer, it is always full of confusion.

Once flood created havoc in a village and everything washed out. The only temple was also caught by flood. A priest of a temple tried to save himself, by running up on the floor, every time, when floodwater crosses its floor below the floor. Temple was having only three floors and this was the time when he should think about, what next? All three floors are full of water now. He decided to run towards the tomb of the temple and luckily got a safe place to sit there. A neighbor was rescued by the rescue team shouted to him, “Come with me, I will save your life”. The priest of the temple replied, “I have saved thousands of lives because GOD has chosen me to do so. So GOD is with me, he will come himself and save me. You need not worry about me”.

After some time one more passing by stranger felt guilty to see that the condition of the priest. He also offered his help to save him. The priest again said the same thing that, “I have to spend my whole life in prayers and never done bad for others, I am sure GOD will come himself to save me”. Rescue team tried to take the last attempt to convince him, to come along with them and they will save his life. But they heard the same statement from the priest, then they left him on his fate. The last statement of the story is, he drowned and died.

Now, what is the takeaway from this story, GOD tried to save him three times, once in form of his neighbor, second in form of Stranger and third in for of Rescue Team? But the priest was having faith in his ideological GOD, which does not exist. He was looking for a miracle, looking for a familiar face, what he studied and taught everybody. He had one symbolic face in his mind, which never exists. Hoping against hope and living in a fool’s paradise has always similar fate.

For some of us, GOD is a solution to every problem, but what happened if the name of the GOD become a problem? GOD is one, everybody reads the same statement in their religious book but when coming to practice, everyone has one GOD and his or her GOD is only one, the rest of the world needs to follow him. So now the name of the GOD becomes a problem, Isn’t it?

In summary, we create problems, we find a solution, then again some of us, create a problem from the solution which we already found and again we try to find a solution for a newly created problem. This is a circle. Never ended circle. We need to learn when & where to step in, when & where to step out.

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Neeraj Bhatia

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