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Mother’s Day – 12th May 2019

Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love Mother Teresa

Do we think, we need to dedicate one day in a year to our mother? My personal thoughts are a little bit different from the whole world. I think every day is Mother’s day. If she would not have been given birth, we never ever get the chance to dedicate a day to her out of 365-366 days.

I heard a story, but it seems it is real. A child daily used to go to church and whisper something with folded hands in front of statue of Jesus, before going to school. One day father thought let me hear, what actually child is asking, most probably i can help him.

On that day again the child did the same whisper and to father’s surprise, he was not asking anything. He murmured English alphabets (A to Z) and in last he told with folded hands, i do not know how to make prayer, but prayer prepared from words and words prepared by alphabets, i am surrendering all the alphabets to you, so you can make my prayer and bless me and my family.

The crux of the story is simple, there is no difference in kindness, either by GOD or by mother. Both do not want anything from us. They may not need us, but we need them always.

If we don’t forget her virtues ever, we do not need to remember her specially only for one day.

In real life, mother becomes reflection of our character, because she provide us knowledge with correct information. Knowledge converts into Ideas, and this becomes our thoughts. Thoughts becomes our action and action reflects in our character.

In depth, “whom so ever” is giving us, we accept as mother. In India, we accept earth our mother. We accept our country as Mother. We accept our land as Mother because it bears all the pain, but even then in return it gives our grains. If you throw a stone towards a tree, it never return stones but the possibility is it returns fruits. It is nature, never asks anything in return. Neither for air nor for water.

Actually earth never came with division, we divided with lines. Lines of geographical division. Why can’t we see the line as place of meeting, instead of division. Similarly now-a-days in nuclear families, every body wants to divide mother, some for some months, some for days.

Just want to share one live story with you. In a family, after death of her husband, mother was alone and depended on her two son. Now both bothers discussed and told mother, that, we have our own life and our own expenses, so we have decided you spend 15 days in a month, with younger son and 15 days in a month with elder.

Can you guess what happened after that? Mother spent one day in some months in hunger because all months do not have 30 days, some months have 31 days also. And on that extra day, both were not able to decide, who will take care of mother.

Motto of this real story is heart touching. Mother never wants to leave our fingers when we are in trouble, but we as a so called legitimate sons, can not able to hold her hand, when she is in need.

In conclusion, nature and mother never asks us anything from us, they are here only for giving not taking any thing from us. If mother can not give us any thing, even then she can give us blessings…….. and it is a food for thought.

My appeal to the people of whole word is, please shut down OLD AGE homes, and bring you parents back to your home (at least who can afford). Then only we can say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY….. Is n’t it?

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