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No Means No

Mock on Smoke

Last Sunday in a social gathering, some people started a discussion about their apartments, where they are living and boasting to each other about the facilities they are enjoying. Soon, I realized that they are not living in an apartment, instead of an apartment in living in their mind.

When I am thinking about 31st May, celebration, I could not hold a breaking smile on my face, by thinking, why we do not stop production or selling of Tobacco and its products, instead of spending a huge budget to aware people, it is not good for their health.

It seems to me like somebody building a free hospital for cancer patients and getting a grand social status, but his actual revenue comes from the business, by selling tobacco and tobacco products.

The reason is simple, growing “Revenue” every year. If we look into only the Indian Government tax revenue collected graph from 2005 to 20017, you will surprise to see the growth. Today it is more than 34,000 Crore per annum. Obviously, product companies are earning multifold.

WHO (World Health Organization) and global partners are celebrating today “World No Tobacco Day” (WNTD). and the focus of World No Tobacco Day 2019 is on “tobacco and lung health.”

I return to the point, from I have started. Same as an example of an apartment, addiction resides in one’s mind, it does not have any physical figure.

You can not catch smoke forever, but you could be caught by its addiction forever.

Do not be controlled by Smoke, Control the Smoke

I will urge you to do one exercise with me today. Just try to remember, when you have started? Somebody forced you or it was your decision because you liked the smell. You wanted to try once. When you purchase it the first time, are you alone? was feeling depressed? Was feeling stressed? Somebody has requested you to taste it and you could not say NO, just to save friendship or relationship? Did somebody compel you?

Don;t let your Mom feel SORRY for you

It could be one of the above reasons. But who is stopping you now? Who is forcing you now? Nobody? Hmm… You become addicted, but do not want to accept in public, you got a cover of a beautiful word i.e. “STRESSED” & “SOCIAL STATUS”

At last, You will SUFFER in pain and others can only feel SORRY for you

Death is inevitable, everyone knows this fact. When we took birth, the day started decreasing, but we want to enjoy life, so we are celebrating every birthday and telling everybody that we are grown up, but the fact is reverse.

Are we doing wrong? No, actually not. But why we invite death? Let death should invite us.

NO means NO, we heard this statement, and this is applicable all spheres of life. Do not give a remote button of your life to somebody, who doesn’t know how to operate. Keep it with you. You are the king of your life.

I attended funeral proceedings, some persons accompanied the dead body and chanting loudly “RAM NAAM SATYA HAI” (The GOD name is only eternal). While I was thinking, why this statement only remembered when a person is dead, to whom we are giving this knowledge now because man is no more to hear. But suddenly, I realized somebody was calling me. I went to him. He was a hermit, he asked me who is going “JINDA” (DEAD) or “MURDA”(ALIVE). I was surprised to hear the question, but when I realized it was having supreme knowledge.

The person who left the world without doing something good for humanity is “DEAD” and one who done something for which humanity feels proud and felt missing him is “ALIVE”

You BOTH can end each other, let us see, who WINS the race

Just remember we have “B”, “C” and “D”, in our life. B means BIRTH, D means DEATH. We do not have a hold on B & D, but we have a hold on C, which means CHOICE. We have to choose the way of life, the choice is in our hands.

If You do not want to leave “Addiction”, you do not need to, i am with you. Only move its direction, you should not be controlled by it, it should be controlled by you.

Thanks for reading.

Bye, and take care of yourself and your family.

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