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Places you can visit under $30

Yes, I know that you want to travel around the world, like you have heard a song in your 80’s picturized one of legend Indian actor Shammi Kapoor i.e “Around the world in 8 Dollars’. You know that was possible in those days and this is also possible in now-a-days, but frankly speaking, it is not possible in 8 dollars, there could be some zeros you need to add. Anyways, there are a lot of countries where you can visit without VISA or any invitation, it could be an additional bonus. and yes some places you can visit under $30.

Even if you are not subscribing membership, even then I will regular guide you by updating you about my trips, then you can easily understand that travel around the world is not very difficult. The only this is just getting up and going. Well, I will make you ready by updating where I visited and how I deal with good and bad persons, how can a solo traveler make its journey better, cheaper and longer, and if you are looking for travel with your family, then what points you need to remember, to make this journey interesting.

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