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Speaking e- Greeting card is a product, where you can send musical greetings in your own voice. The audio could be a birthday jingle or blessings.  Click here to visit Product Gallery.

1. Record your audio by clicking the right side button reflecting the text “Record Your Voice“.
2. Fill up details in the Description tab below and please cross check, the filled up contents, before click on the submit button.
3. Select Greeting Card according to the event & relationship and click Add to Cart button. 

 How to search: Choose Event + Relationship+ Product Code (Prefix 4 Char of Event.XXXX.XXXX)

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Note:    Allow us to next 24 hours after order confirmation, to complete the customized clip, thanks for your patience.


Additional information

Event Name

Congratulations, Marriage Anniversary, Birthday, Compliments, Every Day, Get Well Soon, Good Luck, Missing You, Parenthood, Proposal, Romantic, Sorry, Thank You, Valentine, Wedding, Well Deserved, Festival Greetings


Husband, Wife, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Mother, Mother-In-Law, Father, Father-In-Law, Uncle, Brother, Brother-In-Law, Sister, Son, Son-In-Law, Daughter, Daughter-In-Law, Friend, Fiancee, Grand Son, Grand Daughter, Sister-In-Law, Other

Product Code

CONG1001.1001, CONG1001.1002, CONG1001.1003, CONG1001.1004, CONG1001.1005, CONG1001.1006, CONG1001.1007, CONG1001.1008, CONG1001.1009, CONG1001.1010, CONG1001.1011, CONG1001.1012, CONG1001.1013, CONG1001.1014, CONG1001.1015, MARR1002.1001, MARR1002.1002, MARR1002.1003, MARR1002.1004, MARR1002.1005, MARR1002.1006, MARR1002.1007, MARR1002.1008, MARR1002.1009, MARR1002.1010, MARR1002.1011, MARR1002.1012, MARR1002.1013, MARR1002.1014, MARR1002.1015, MARR1002.1016, MARR1002.1017, MARR1002.1018, MARR1002.1019, MARR1002.1020, MARR1002.1021, MARR1002.1022, MARR1002.1023, MARR1002.1024, MARR1002.1025, MARR1002.1026, MARR1002.1027, MARR1002.1028, MARR1002.1029, MARR1002.1030, MARR1002.1031, MARR1002.1032, MARR1002.1033, MARR1002.1034, MARR1002.1035, MARR1002.1036, MARR1002.1037, MARR1002.1038, MARR1002.1039, MARR1002.1040, BIRT1003.1001, BIRT1003.1002, BIRT1003.1003, BIRT1003.1004, BIRT1003.1005, BIRT1003.1006, BIRT1003.1007, BIRT1003.1008, BIRT1003.1009, BIRT1003.1010, BIRT1003.1011, BIRT1003.1012, BIRT1003.1013, BIRT1003.1014, BIRT1003.1015, BIRT1003.1016, BIRT1003.1017, BIRT1003.1018, BIRT1003.1019, BIRT1003.1020, BIRT1003.1021, BIRT1003.1022, BIRT1003.1023, BIRT1003.1024, BIRT1003.1025, BIRT1003.1026, BIRT1003.1027, BIRT1003.1028, BIRT1003.1029, BIRT1003.1030, BIRT1003.1031, BIRT1003.1032, BIRT1003.1033, BIRT1003.1034, BIRT1003.1035, BIRT1003.1036, BIRT1003.1037, BIRT1003.1038, BIRT1003.1039, BIRT1003.1040, BIRT1003.1041, BIRT1003.1042, BIRT1003.1043, BIRT1003.1044, BIRT1003.1045, BIRT1003.1046, BIRT1003.1047, BIRT1003.1048, BIRT1003.1049, BIRT1003.1050, BIRT1003.1051, BIRT1003.1052, BIRT1003.1053, BIRT1003.1054, BIRT1003.1055, BIRT1003.1056, BIRT1003.1057, BIRT1003.1058, BIRT1003.1059, BIRT1003.1060, BIRT1003.1061, BIRT1003.1062, BIRT1003.1063, BIRT1003.1064, BIRT1003.1065, BIRT1003.1066, BIRT1003.1067, BIRT1003.1068, BIRT1003.1069, BIRT1003.1070, BIRT1003.1071, COMP1004, COMP1004.1001, COMP1004.1002, EVER1005, EVER1005.1001, EVER1005.1002, EVER1005.1003, GETW1006, GETW1006.1001, GETW1006.1002, GETW1006.1003, GETW1006.1004, GETW1006.1005, GETW1006.1006, GETW1006.1007, GETW1006.1008, GETW1006.1009, GETW1006.1010, GETW1006.1011, GETW1006.1012, GETW1006.1013, GETW1006.1014, GETW1006.1015, GOOD1007, GOOD1007.1001, GOOD1007.1002, GOOD1007.1003, GOOD1007.1004, GOOD1007.1005, GOOD1007.1006, GOOD1007.1007, GOOD1007.1008, GOOD1007.1009, GOOD1007.1010, MISS1008, MISS1008.1001, MISS1008.1002, MISS1008.1003, MISS1008.1004, MISS1008.1005, MISS1008.1006, MISS1008.1007, PARE1009, PARE1009.1001, PARE1009.1002, PARE1009.1003, PARE1009.1004, PARE1009.1005, PROP1010, PROP1010.1001, PROP1010.1002, PROP1010.1003, PROP1010.1004, PROP1010.1005, ROMA1011, ROMA1011.1001, ROMA1011.1002, ROMA1011.1003, ROMA1011.1004, ROMA1011.1005, ROMA1011.1006, SORR1012, SORR1012.1001, SORR1012.1002, SORR1012.1003, SORR1012.1004, SORR1012.1005, THAN1013, THAN1013.1001, THAN1013.1002, THAN1013.1003, THAN1013.1004, THAN1013.1005, VALE1014, VALE1014.1001, VALE1014.1002, VALE1014.1003, VALE1014.1004, VALE1014.1005, VALE1014.1006, WEDD1015, WEDD1015.1001, WEDD1015.1002, WEDD1015.1003, WEDD1015.1004, WEDD1015.1005, WELL1016, WELL1016.1001, WELL1016.1002, WELL1016.1003, WELL1016.1004, WELL1016.1005, FEST1017, FEST1017.1001, FEST1017.1002, FEST1017.1003, FEST1017.1004, FEST1017.1005, FEST1017.1006, FEST1017.1007, FEST1017.1008


Hindi, English, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Urdu, Konkani, Tulu, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Nepali, Assamese, Dogri, Rajasthani, Hariyanvi, Bangala, Japanese, Burmese


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