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Real Mother’s Day

Just gone thru an article written by Alice E. M. Underwood and thought to write some line to extend the same. In early 1900, i was not born, but even then i can accept that “Anna Jarvis” started the campaign for an official holiday honoring mothers in 1905.

My personal thoughts are very generic. Only a women can become Mother. As a husband, i can become Father only when my wife become Mother, here i am talking about biological father. So then only we both become parents.

You will strange to know that if you think deep, you will find that a women give birth not only a child, she gives birth approximately all type of relations on the day of birth. In a single home. We suddenly, become, Uncle, Aunt, Dada, Dadi, Nana, Nani, as so on….

Mother can only has a power to excuse a child for all type of faults, if it is small or big. She has only power to bear all type of problems, because GOD made her too strong same as earth.

Our character is a reflection of our upbringing, and this points to our mother’s teachings. Because the first teacher in our childhood is our mother. Let make the world know that what our mother taught us, and our actions in society, gets this reflection by our doings.

If only Mother is strong as Mountain, has deep understanding as Sea, has a great heart as Sky, has ability to make us cool as Water, can produce energy in our heart, as Fire, has selfless love as purity, has forgiveness as GOD’s act and last but not least she has a pool of emotions. Then why we need especially a special day to recognize her as Mother. Every day is a Mother’s Day, because we are always in debt to her.

If i will see some book titled, “Lean how to make Love”, then i will say a single word, “Rubbish’. Nobody teach you how to love. Love is a pool of emotions. And it should be with you always, that is different and due to some unavoidable circumstances, you buried them, but it is in you only.

Well i will say, if you really want to learn how to “LOVE”. You can look towards your mother, who given you selfless love always and never expect anything from you. If you will send her to OLD HOME, even then she will not resist, you can find her to talk about yourself among her mates, and these are only good things.

Recently i gone thru one real incident, where, a visit with some school pupil, to an OLD HOME, a child started crying like anything, after embracing, an old lady, when asked, she told, she is my grand parent and my parent told me that she left us without notice, she never know that she has been sent to an old home, but her parent were telling a lie. And to add a surprise, that old lady was giving blessing to her son and daughter-in-law.

Can you find any other example of a pure heart then a Mother?

Yes, we can say Happy Mother’s Day, if our upbringing converted into actions towards humanity and this is for sake of safe world.

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