Sparkling Life,,, you and me :):):)

Wanna say something for joyful, tempting your tongue, go ahead…. record in your voice and we will decorate it ….. beautifully.

So, it is your Birthday….So you want wishes from me !!!!!

Oh.. Lovely birthday wishes,, go head if you wanna whispering jingle, we are with you, do not worry, how your voice is , we will decorate it so beautifully, even you can not assume, that , this youuuuuuuuu.

It is difficult to say…but SORRY

So, you wanna say sorry, in your voice, but you are not sure, if he or she will listen you or not much carefully, we assure you, i will happen, come on…record it in your voice… say whatever you want to… shout on him or on yourself,,, say “Sorry”, we will make it so beautiful, he or she will laugh a loud, full pot belly.

Miss Youuuuuuu !!!!!!

Do not worry, i know you love a lot, your emotion wants to come out…so record dude….now …. do not miss it, we will miss you, if you will miss out…. come on…record now.

How to say Three Letter Word ???

So do you think it is difficult to express love, or send proposal to him/her.. Hmm.. yes it is, but what if we will make it a beautiful small audio in your voice or also we can create a small video, so ready for recording…say what you want to say, this will be with you and us, it will not go out, a secret pact between us. Say a loud…don’t scream alone……:)