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Space in Relationship

We conquered the moon, we reached space, but it is sad that we still could not understand that how much space we required or how much space we should give to the partner, to balance the relationship.

Can we agree on one point that TRUST is the only feeling, which can save all the relationships, but this should be from both sides?

I remembered one joke in general, where three adjectives are used for wife in context of marriage. First is before marriage she seems like “Chandramukhi”, means beautiful same as Moon, Second is after marriage she seems like “Surajmukhi”, means similar to “SUN”, and the third one is after some months/years of marriage, she seems “Jwalamukhi” means volcano.

Maybe any experienced man made this joke, but can’t we see the other side of the joke. This is the perspective to see the situation and become judgemental without looking at oneself in the mirror.

Remember when you meet someone the first time, it could be infatuation, it could be sympathy, it could be real love. But it is only you, who knows, or maybe you don’t know.

If your association starts with expectation, then this is a bitter truth, that it will be no longer exist because your emotional building is based on giving and taking and maybe your partner was not so judgmental to realize on first meeting. But as soon your partner realized, the emotional building will collapse.

You have gone thru so many websites, highlighting some signs that, now this is the time when your relationship needs space, and it could be in numbers (3 signs, 7signs, 9signs, 11signs, etc.). I have seen some websites are taking a Phycological online test, by giving some questions with optional answers. And with the help of your answers, the computer software will tell you, if you need to continue with this existing relationship or you need to go for the breakup.

Come on. Give me a break, Can a computer tell me, that what should i do with my relations? Are we crazy enough to believe it?

Believe me “TRUST” is the only word, which gives you all of your answers. You want to fight with your partner, go for it, but do not lose the trust on him or her. If you want to go for all the wrong ways, go for it, but do not breach the trust.

We have faith in GOD, but have you seen him? We are experiencing a supreme power every second, every moment, but have you seen him? Doesn’t it a million dollar questions? We are experiencing him when TSunami comes or when an earthquake destroyed thousands of lives. Or any event which shattered our faith, then only we cried “Please GOD SAVE US”

Similarly when it comes to have faith on our partner, then why we are not experiencing. You know, Faith is unconditional, and Trust is calculative. We have not seen GOD, but we have faith in him, but we see our partner daily, but we do not have trust in him or her?

When we are looking for space in our relationship, i think we need to bridge the GAP between our thoughts. There could be thousands of ways to distract, but there is only one way to attract and that is “TRUST”.

I met one couple, approximately aged, in the ’80s and they have successfully maintained their relationship. I simply asked, how? It would be 50-60 years from now.

I got the same answer from both. When one partner dissatisfied, on any decision, and there is the situation of the fight, then if the wife thinks, that my husband is wrong, she left the room for a while and walkover nearby for 30 minutes. and the same case with her husband. Later they sort out the issue and chilled.

Conclusion, leave the space for some time, it seems funny, but this is a fact. Anger is prevailing in the space at that time. Leave the space.

And this exercise will never bring the situation to discuss the space between relationships.

Agree? then Try from today onward.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now, and take good care of you.

Only Yours,

Neeraj Bhatia


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