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Speaking e-Greeting Cards -Send your feelings, not only words

Emotions play out in the theater of the body. Feelings play out in the theater of the mind.

– Debbie Hampton

Most probably you have heard about e-greeting cards, recordable greeting cards, or maybe you have used it sometimes, but we are sure you haven’t heard of Speaking e-Greeting Cards.

Love is an emotion, but what about feelings… due to an extreme state of love sometimes, you could not understand how to deal with the situation. You try to hurt yourself, when you see, nobody trying to understand your feeling and blaming repeatedly that you do not have emotions left in you. At this stage, you want to tell the world aloud, you care about them, but what if nobody cares about you.

Speaking e-Greeting cards are available for all occasions. It could be new baby congratulations, wedding wishes, romantic colorful musical moments, inspirational prayer, moral teachings or It could be the opportunity for a job promotion. And unfortunately, it could be sad moments. The subject could be any, but we are available for you for all topic of life.

The First time in history Aaradhya Groups is launching all occasions premium Speaking e-Greeting greeting video films, where you can send you feelings direct to a person, whom you are interacting with. It is fast, quick, simple, free of shipping, downloadable from anywhere, anytime. And it works quickly.

Aaradhya Groups is giving you the opportunity to record your voice from the website itself and select the card from the gallery. Or if you want to send your handwritten card, that is also acceptable. Our media team will embed your voice in this Speaking digital e-greeting card and will send on the date and time as appropriate in your step-by-step instructions.

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