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STARTUP means Work for Yourself

We are coming to your city, to reach you. Please join us on 16th Nov 2019, Saturday, at 11 a.m. at Lucknow. You can find the details given below link. Register today to join. Venue details will be available on the RSVP ticket.

Startups Million Dollar Club

Lucknow, IN
33 Members

Professionals will meet with professionals. This meetup will help both and will help to grow both. Bring your “IDEAS”, meet with like-minded people and clinch the world. We wi…

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Introduction Get Together @ Members

Saturday, Nov 16, 2019, 11:00 AM
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Somebody called me and asked, “What is the fees to join this meetup?” I answered, “Only your Courage”. We are not asking for money, but definitely we need you to come forward by yourself.

Aaradhya Groups will give your opportunity, the and the WORLD is yours.

I got the second call from a person, who become our member now.

He proposed to me,” I want to invest in your startup”.  I simply answered, “Same here”.

He surprised, ” You couldn’t get me.”

I told, “I got you, but actually I want you to invest in your project yourself and then I will give boost up to your project by investing my money”.

I am happy, he is going to start his own project now.

We are coming one by one to your city. Join us, if you really want to stand up.

You have worked a lot for OTHERS, Now it’s time to work for YOURSELF.

To check feasibility study for your Startup Idea, we will suggest you download article copy “Evaluate your Startup Idea”, free of cost, from the link given below:

STARTUP means “START-UP”, and we will make it together. We will do definately.

Don’t Believe me, BELIEVE in yourself. 



Neeraj Bhatia

Find any issue please write to me:


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