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Love – A Healing Touch

I was sitting in my room, and reading a book, suddenly, heard a loud voice, with a authoritative tone, instructing to some one named “Alexa”, to do something and maybe she was not doing in a best manner, it was expected. The voice become louder and louder with instructions, and after a while, i heard a hard noise, like something thrown out of house.

Curiously, I stood up, picked up, checked and saw this was an electronic device. I was thoughtful, who threw it. But it did not take much time, when I heard the same voice, asking me to throw it from my hand, but this time far away.

When i inquired, i found that was “Alexa”. This was first time, i have heard or seen and understand the new world, whose dependency increasing swiftly on virtual assistant devices. Human made these devices, but they want all these virtual devices to work as human, which is not possible, at least till now. Devices do not have heart and emotions, they are programmed, they will understand what we instructed. But our expecations from them to work as human.

When I was in school, in my studies, I got the knowledge that Japan has made a robot, who is working as a waiter. In robots stomach, there was a huge cabin to keep plates inside. Nowadays, we can see a very advanced form of robots, who can do many things.

Most robots today are used to do repetitive actions or jobs considered too dangerous for humans. A robot is ideal for going into a building that has a possible bomb. Robots are also used in factories to build things like cars, candy bars, and electronics.

Sofia, a humanoid like a robot, that’s capable of holding a conversation, became quite famous. Sofia is also unusual in that she’s been given official citizenship in Saudi Arabia and the United Nations title of “Innovation Champion”. 

There could be thousands of fields, where technologies are more useful and definitely they will leave a man behind with its programmed artificial intelligence, where the machine can learn human moves and save it for future use.

But when we are talking about emotions, we are programming our machines to show us how to love. After all, machines are learning from our behaviors, our day to day activities being captured by them and they are adding every move day by day and we are loosing all our real moves because of our dependency on them.

A young guy presented a manlike robot to his ailing father. The robot took care of his father by remembering all his day to day activities. That’s OK, but when the guy does not feel any need to visit his father, to see him a person for long. Do we have any excuse for this? Can’t we see, we are losing human touch?

GOD has given material to use and people to love, and we are loving the material and using people.

We grownup reading and watching play Romeo-Juliet, Laila-Majnu, Shiri-Farad, the symbol of Love, they are still as a living legend for those, who know the human values and believe in a human touch.

I was watching the movie “HER”, screened the first time in 2013, based on artificial intelligence. At the end of the movie, the human doesn’t have any choice, just to return back to humans.

My takeaway from the movie was different. Machine (Operating System) took all the things from humans and then return the same to a human, the only difference was TIMINGS. The machine was appropriate. We as a human makes mistakes, we cannot be so perfect.

Relationships are breaking nowadays because we are comparing everything with machines. Our expectations are on rising, but our patience levels are decreasing day by day.

We need to exercise again, we made machines for our facilities, but now we expect machines to work as humans and our expectation from a human is to work like a machine.

The machine can show us the repetitive action of Love, but the machine can not really love you. We may be loving machines, because of its efficiency, but it can not be the replacement of humans.

We meet someone, somewhere, some day and fell in love with him or her, that become history, we could live our whole life, just to rewind those memories. Every time memories repeats, in our mind, our ties strengthen. This is natural.

Love is a feeling, it touches our heart. Nobody knows when it starts conveying our messages to other people. These messages are not stored in a computer hard disk, it is always spontaneous.

If a person staying a thousand miles far away from us, gets the message that someone is remembering him or her, it is a natural mechanism, it is naturally programmed by GOD. We can give the name of this process like “Telepathy” etc. but can we challenge it? Obviously not.

In this mechanical world, a person does not know the difference between having sex and love. People are programmed to make love. Because they are reading books “How to Make Love”, which is a joke only because these books are giving the education to have sex, not love.

Actually nobody can make Love, because it happens naturally, it can not be prepared. It can not be cooked, it is not a recipe.

The word “Love”, should not be restricted with only one relation i.e. Couple only. The difference between caring and loving is simple, to care you need to remember the activities. But when you are in love, care happens automatically, you do not need to remember anything.

When a person is distracted and reached to his or her mother. A mother understands the situation, without saying a single word. How does this happen? Do we need any machine to be programmed?

A single embrace of a mother is enough to bring peace in our hearts immediately. We feel we are in safe hands. We feel that this”Jaadu Ki Jhappi (Magical Hug)”, is sufficient for us to overcome all prevailing issues. This is called “A HEALING TOUCH”.

Again it is not restricted to any specific relation. It is natural because behind this only one programming is working everywhere and that is called “TRUST”.

We trust on a person in relation and person trust on us and this HEALING TOUCH can be from either side.

Remember, as a human, we are making relations with the machine. Machines are not making any relationship with us. As a human, we need to understand, we need relations with human, which is a natural phenomenon. We need to take care of them. We need to love them and loved by them.

Thanks for reading

Bye and take a good care of yourself and your family.

Neeraj Bhatia

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No Means No

Mock on Smoke

Last Sunday in a social gathering, some people started a discussion about their apartments, where they are living and boasting to each other about the facilities they are enjoying. Soon, I realized that they are not living in an apartment, instead of an apartment in living in their mind.

When I am thinking about 31st May, celebration, I could not hold a breaking smile on my face, by thinking, why we do not stop production or selling of Tobacco and its products, instead of spending a huge budget to aware people, it is not good for their health.

It seems to me like somebody building a free hospital for cancer patients and getting a grand social status, but his actual revenue comes from the business, by selling tobacco and tobacco products.

The reason is simple, growing “Revenue” every year. If we look into only the Indian Government tax revenue collected graph from 2005 to 20017, you will surprise to see the growth. Today it is more than 34,000 Crore per annum. Obviously, product companies are earning multifold.

WHO (World Health Organization) and global partners are celebrating today “World No Tobacco Day” (WNTD). and the focus of World No Tobacco Day 2019 is on “tobacco and lung health.”

I return to the point, from I have started. Same as an example of an apartment, addiction resides in one’s mind, it does not have any physical figure.

You can not catch smoke forever, but you could be caught by its addiction forever.

Do not be controlled by Smoke, Control the Smoke

I will urge you to do one exercise with me today. Just try to remember, when you have started? Somebody forced you or it was your decision because you liked the smell. You wanted to try once. When you purchase it the first time, are you alone? was feeling depressed? Was feeling stressed? Somebody has requested you to taste it and you could not say NO, just to save friendship or relationship? Did somebody compel you?

Don;t let your Mom feel SORRY for you

It could be one of the above reasons. But who is stopping you now? Who is forcing you now? Nobody? Hmm… You become addicted, but do not want to accept in public, you got a cover of a beautiful word i.e. “STRESSED” & “SOCIAL STATUS”

At last, You will SUFFER in pain and others can only feel SORRY for you

Death is inevitable, everyone knows this fact. When we took birth, the day started decreasing, but we want to enjoy life, so we are celebrating every birthday and telling everybody that we are grown up, but the fact is reverse.

Are we doing wrong? No, actually not. But why we invite death? Let death should invite us.

NO means NO, we heard this statement, and this is applicable all spheres of life. Do not give a remote button of your life to somebody, who doesn’t know how to operate. Keep it with you. You are the king of your life.

I attended funeral proceedings, some persons accompanied the dead body and chanting loudly “RAM NAAM SATYA HAI” (The GOD name is only eternal). While I was thinking, why this statement only remembered when a person is dead, to whom we are giving this knowledge now because man is no more to hear. But suddenly, I realized somebody was calling me. I went to him. He was a hermit, he asked me who is going “JINDA” (DEAD) or “MURDA”(ALIVE). I was surprised to hear the question, but when I realized it was having supreme knowledge.

The person who left the world without doing something good for humanity is “DEAD” and one who done something for which humanity feels proud and felt missing him is “ALIVE”

You BOTH can end each other, let us see, who WINS the race

Just remember we have “B”, “C” and “D”, in our life. B means BIRTH, D means DEATH. We do not have a hold on B & D, but we have a hold on C, which means CHOICE. We have to choose the way of life, the choice is in our hands.

If You do not want to leave “Addiction”, you do not need to, i am with you. Only move its direction, you should not be controlled by it, it should be controlled by you.

Thanks for reading.

Bye, and take care of yourself and your family.

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Space in Relationship

We conquered the moon, we reached space, but it is sad that we still could not understand that how much space we required or how much space we should give to the partner, to balance the relationship.

Can we agree on one point that TRUST is the only feeling, which can save all the relationships, but this should be from both sides?

I remembered one joke in general, where three adjectives are used for wife in context of marriage. First is before marriage she seems like “Chandramukhi”, means beautiful same as Moon, Second is after marriage she seems like “Surajmukhi”, means similar to “SUN”, and the third one is after some months/years of marriage, she seems “Jwalamukhi” means volcano.

Maybe any experienced man made this joke, but can’t we see the other side of the joke. This is the perspective to see the situation and become judgemental without looking at oneself in the mirror.

Remember when you meet someone the first time, it could be infatuation, it could be sympathy, it could be real love. But it is only you, who knows, or maybe you don’t know.

If your association starts with expectation, then this is a bitter truth, that it will be no longer exist because your emotional building is based on giving and taking and maybe your partner was not so judgmental to realize on first meeting. But as soon your partner realized, the emotional building will collapse.

You have gone thru so many websites, highlighting some signs that, now this is the time when your relationship needs space, and it could be in numbers (3 signs, 7signs, 9signs, 11signs, etc.). I have seen some websites are taking a Phycological online test, by giving some questions with optional answers. And with the help of your answers, the computer software will tell you, if you need to continue with this existing relationship or you need to go for the breakup.

Come on. Give me a break, Can a computer tell me, that what should i do with my relations? Are we crazy enough to believe it?

Believe me “TRUST” is the only word, which gives you all of your answers. You want to fight with your partner, go for it, but do not lose the trust on him or her. If you want to go for all the wrong ways, go for it, but do not breach the trust.

We have faith in GOD, but have you seen him? We are experiencing a supreme power every second, every moment, but have you seen him? Doesn’t it a million dollar questions? We are experiencing him when TSunami comes or when an earthquake destroyed thousands of lives. Or any event which shattered our faith, then only we cried “Please GOD SAVE US”

Similarly when it comes to have faith on our partner, then why we are not experiencing. You know, Faith is unconditional, and Trust is calculative. We have not seen GOD, but we have faith in him, but we see our partner daily, but we do not have trust in him or her?

When we are looking for space in our relationship, i think we need to bridge the GAP between our thoughts. There could be thousands of ways to distract, but there is only one way to attract and that is “TRUST”.

I met one couple, approximately aged, in the ’80s and they have successfully maintained their relationship. I simply asked, how? It would be 50-60 years from now.

I got the same answer from both. When one partner dissatisfied, on any decision, and there is the situation of the fight, then if the wife thinks, that my husband is wrong, she left the room for a while and walkover nearby for 30 minutes. and the same case with her husband. Later they sort out the issue and chilled.

Conclusion, leave the space for some time, it seems funny, but this is a fact. Anger is prevailing in the space at that time. Leave the space.

And this exercise will never bring the situation to discuss the space between relationships.

Agree? then Try from today onward.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now, and take good care of you.

Only Yours,

Neeraj Bhatia


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The present” is shocked to see the “Future” and “Past” is confused, to see the “Present”.

Everyone is running towards a materialist world, and the attitude “Who Cares”, is spreading like a chronicle disease.

The world is running towards the sky, day and night thru technologies, obviously, speed is multi-fold. Today “Present” is thinking, I should be far behind, if, would not able to cover a long distance to reach at par from others. “Future” is thinking that I am ruling the world because just to catch me, people are destroying their present. And “Past” is thinking that I always taught the people to learn from mistakes and move forward.

Maybe, the person who follows the natural rule, could not become a public figure, cannot rule the world, but at least, he is learning from the past, living in present and ruling on for the future.

In this mess, relations are found themselves cornered. What if you are popular enough but cannot meet your, parents, daily. What if you become a celebrity, but cannot hug your relations in public. What if you are millionaire, but unable to send your real feelings to the right person at the right time.

Aaradhya Groups is trying to bridge the gap among relationships because today everybody is running, but nobody can see, what they are leaving behind.

“Speaking e-Greeting Card”, is a product, thru which you can send your feelings to the person, who cares for you, and you are also caring for them, but you are unable to describe properly. Due to this, an unseen GAP among all relationships is generating.

Our Tag Line says “Send your feelings not only words”, because sometimes words can not express your real feelings.

Book today, a lovely greeting card from our website.

Record your feelings thru message, and instruct us to whom and when to send. Rest we will take care.

Thanks for reading.


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Speaking e-Greeting Cards -Send your feelings, not only words

Emotions play out in the theater of the body. Feelings play out in the theater of the mind.

– Debbie Hampton

Most probably you have heard about e-greeting cards, recordable greeting cards, or maybe you have used it sometimes, but we are sure you haven’t heard of Speaking e-Greeting Cards.

Love is an emotion, but what about feelings… due to an extreme state of love sometimes, you could not understand how to deal with the situation. You try to hurt yourself, when you see, nobody trying to understand your feeling and blaming repeatedly that you do not have emotions left in you. At this stage, you want to tell the world aloud, you care about them, but what if nobody cares about you.

Speaking e-Greeting cards are available for all occasions. It could be new baby congratulations, wedding wishes, romantic colorful musical moments, inspirational prayer, moral teachings or It could be the opportunity for a job promotion. And unfortunately, it could be sad moments. The subject could be any, but we are available for you for all topic of life.

The First time in history Aaradhya Groups is launching all occasions premium Speaking e-Greeting greeting video films, where you can send you feelings direct to a person, whom you are interacting with. It is fast, quick, simple, free of shipping, downloadable from anywhere, anytime. And it works quickly.

Aaradhya Groups is giving you the opportunity to record your voice from the website itself and select the card from the gallery. Or if you want to send your handwritten card, that is also acceptable. Our media team will embed your voice in this Speaking digital e-greeting card and will send on the date and time as appropriate in your step-by-step instructions.

To book right now our products, please click here to visit the order page.

To visit our product gallery, please click here

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