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The present” is shocked to see the “Future” and “Past” is confused, to see the “Present”.

Everyone is running towards a materialist world, and the attitude “Who Cares”, is spreading like a chronicle disease.

The world is running towards the sky, day and night thru technologies, obviously, speed is multi-fold. Today “Present” is thinking, I should be far behind, if, would not able to cover a long distance to reach at par from others. “Future” is thinking that I am ruling the world because just to catch me, people are destroying their present. And “Past” is thinking that I always taught the people to learn from mistakes and move forward.

Maybe, the person who follows the natural rule, could not become a public figure, cannot rule the world, but at least, he is learning from the past, living in present and ruling on for the future.

In this mess, relations are found themselves cornered. What if you are popular enough but cannot meet your, parents, daily. What if you become a celebrity, but cannot hug your relations in public. What if you are millionaire, but unable to send your real feelings to the right person at the right time.

Aaradhya Groups is trying to bridge the gap among relationships because today everybody is running, but nobody can see, what they are leaving behind.

“Speaking e-Greeting Card”, is a product, thru which you can send your feelings to the person, who cares for you, and you are also caring for them, but you are unable to describe properly. Due to this, an unseen GAP among all relationships is generating.

Our Tag Line says “Send your feelings not only words”, because sometimes words can not express your real feelings.

Book today, a lovely greeting card from our website.

Record your feelings thru message, and instruct us to whom and when to send. Rest we will take care.

Thanks for reading.


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