Get your KICK

SEE, Who is calling you?????

So, you remember Indian movie “KICK”, where hero is looking for a KICK to going forward in his life, else it seems to him that life has no goal, life is nothing, and when he found his KICK, that becomes his aim of his life.

Similar you need to find a KICK to be a traveler, because there are thousand reasons not to travel, but can you find the reason to travel, around the world? No…

Well, i am not here to convince you, that you should travel, but only to tell you that you need to get inspired by GOD. Do you want to know how…??? Okay, continue reading..

When you wake up, a silent, beautiful sunshine waits for you, when you travel a cool breeze embrace you, when you walk, earth is smiling and showing you the way, when you pass by a river, it force you to walk walk and walk, do not stop, come what may. But when you see a mountain, it urges you, are you free to embrace me? And when you avoid it then it asks in challenging mood. Do you have guts to conquer me?

Have you guess, why i was telling you all?, Because i want you to realize all are free in our life and which is given by GOD, without exchange of rent or money. But we never realize that we have only one life and we need to live it, like it, and we will not get it again and again.

So live life full of its end, with sparkling zeal and start moving to see, what other beautiful world is being structure by GOD….for us, ONLY…for us.

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Bye bye

Take care