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“WHY” clears then “HOW” starts


In somewhere 2008, I remember there was a famous song from the album “Rock On” hit the Indian music market, and that was having the title “Socha Hai” (Have you think of it?”). Artist was Farhan Akhtar.

The point from the song was very simple. When we saw the world, the very first time, from our own eyes, thousands of questions started coming into our minds. Have you tried to get answers? Yes tried very hard. But whenever we tried to ask the questions, instead of getting an answer, we got rebuked by our elders. Whole childhood was a big question for us?

I start with my questions that arose my mind then. Why I am on this earth? Why does ice melt? Why the sky is blue on the day and black at night? Why there is only one sun? Why the sun is throwing heat, it can’t throw light only? Why the moon is cold? Why the earth is round? From where the air is coming, what is its storage point? Why air is sometimes hot and sometimes cold? Why water changes its colors when merging with some other type of water? Why water does not have its shape? Don’t think, that at that age, I can’t able to even think of these types of questions. Just for your knowledge, my first poem was published, when I was studying in eight classes.

There are a lot of Whys? but all remain unanswered. I still remember, if we try to ask any question, the answer was universal from all members of the family. “Why do you want to waste our time, make yourself busy with your studies”? They could not understand, actually, these answers were the part of our studies.

When we grew up, I realized that the “Why” word was still the same, but the question was different? Why should I go to the temple daily? Why should I study? Why should I take the science stream, commerce stream or Arts stream? Why can’t I become a chef?

In short our “Why?” was always there. From childhood to today? which itching us every day.

First thing first……Why this topic? And How this topic starts?

I was on the 14th floor of my office. This is an open terrace. I saw an eagle, was coming down from its height, with jet speed, within a second she took a mouse in its beak and flew back to its destination. I could hardly saw everything, it started and happened and finishes the task within the blink of my eyes. Why she came down, the reason was to get food. She was hungry. When her “Why” finished her “How” starts. The planning where to prey, whom to prey and when to attack prey. As soon as planning finished, her work finished. There were no high-level meetings called. No WebEx, no late-night calls, no conflicts, no client calls, no scrum meetings, etc. Because she is focused on her limited desires.

Out-of-sight Out of mind: As an employee, if someone thinks that I am the only person, who is working very hard and as a result, the company is growing… wrong…he or she is absolutely wrong. I am having my background in financials. I have a very clear concept of the incorporation of the company. The company is a group of people. It never cares about Individuals. If you are skilled you are an eyeball for your superiors else you are an eyesore for them. Especially, limited companies, there is no individual person is responsible for its profit or loss. Those who don’t know this basic information, always think that this year my promotion is due because I worked very hard in the last financial year. And if the promotion does not happen, then the first question comes in mind is “WHY?” And after a discussion with his superiors, he came out in frustration and the question comes in mind “Why ME only?

Then he or she starts thinking about his or her colleagues, who have less knowledge but got promotion and only then the next BIG question starts HOW? And when he or she got an actual answer, it is shocking to learn that he or she is only a hard-working person, but his or her colleagues are a smart working professional. They have taken all his or her work credits and got a promotion. Here is million-dollar learning “Love your job, not your company because you don’t know when your company stops loving you“.

Another day, another dollar: Americans use this phrase to say that everything is the ordinary, the same routine. Nothing has changed and everything remains the same. Let us see, how developing countries take this phrase, I mean including Indians.

I was reading the speeches of India’s previous assassinated Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi. In 1974, she delivered one speech where she referred “In India, we could have a family of seven to ten members, but only one member of the family is earning, and the rest of the members of the family depend on him only.

I don’t want to go deep into politics or intentions of politicians, but this was fact and that time, and in some places, it is still true. And there could be so many reasons.

But do you think why this is happening? Because we surrendered our “WHY”? If we have not got any answer to our questions, we start living with ignorance, and this is the point where our “HOW” never comes up.

Especially in India, we learn to live within limits. In one way it is good, but in many ways it is bad. If you will not see the dream, then you will never think of it to be completed. In a simple language, then you will complete only other’s dreams, by doing 12 hours job for them and even then cannot claim for 12 hours salary, because by default it is only for 8 hours job.

One day, King Akbar told his courtyard, Beerbal, “Someone has presented me a comforter, which I want to use, while I sleep, but yesterday night, I tried, but it seems to me short of my body length”. He ordered to call in any tailor and amend it. Birbal tried to call in a lot of tailors, but everybody has given the same excuse, that it is not possible. It is a ready-made comforter and we don’t have the same piece of cloth to amend it.

Birbal tried to convince King Akbar, but he was not ready to accept the reason. Then Birbal realized, this is not possible to resolve the issue with the help of the younger generation. He started to find an experienced person, who can give a fit answer to the King. And at last, he found an old man. The tailor told to Birbal, I will accompany you to King’s palace, but I have a condition that nobody will ask how I satisfied the King.

Birbal had no choice so accepted the condition. The next day, when Beerbal saw that King is giving a lot of prizes to that old man he took a sigh of relief that the issue is resolved. But the main question was HOW he resolved?

Do you have the same question? Ok, let me give you the answer. That experienced tailor understands that “WHY” the king was not ready to accept the universal solution, because of his ego, then he tried to find the answer “HOW” I made him satisfied.

He brought one needle and fix it at the end of the comforter, when the King tried to stretch his legs, the needle pierce his skin and he forced to fold his legs inside the comforter.

The takeaway is “LIMIT YOUR LIMITS”.

Well, the message was clear in different aspects, but our then generations took this message in another way around. Now they have made up their mind that, whatever condition we are in, we need not stretch ourselves, but we need to fold ourselves in between and live life. And the same knowledge they exchanged with the next generation.

Come on. Grow up. The message was taken absolutely in the wrong way. This means if you have seen a pothole, you will not report to the authority. If someone fell down in it, you will say, it is OK, but if that someone is from your family, you will start the blame game on government. But what is our responsibility? How can we shun away from this?

A newly married couple returns to the groom home. A lot of her relatives came to leave her. This was her first entry in the In-Laws house. She was in the veil. Mother-in-Law was very happy. But as soon as she was moving towards the main gate to receive the bride, she saw a black cat was moving around. She thought this cat could go into my kitchen and could destroy all the dishes. Suddenly she found a big basket near her. She took that and put it on the cat, so at least the cat would be caged inside at least for some time. The new bride was looking at everything from the veil. She noted, “it seems this is a custom and I need to follow”.

When the bride’s son grown-up and got married, the same situation happened. She ordered to bring one black cat and one big basket. When her mother-in-law asked why? Then she told, “You did the same when it was my first day in this home”. After clarification, she understood that from the last 30 years, her thinking was wrong.

If she could have guts to ask the question “WHY”, so she could have saved her thirty years, to understand that she was not right. It all started when she surrendered her “WHY’ and tried to copy “HOW”, without understanding the reason behind “WHY”

So the takeaway from this event is very interesting. If you are thinking that you are right, it may be possible that you are wrong. And the possibility is strong enough that you are carrying this wrong information for many years. The resultant next generation’s takeaways are also wrong and so on, and so on.

So if you want to save the next generation from passing your wrong pieces of information to them, you need to start today asking “WHY”, and then only your “HOW will be smooth.

A young and beautiful girl aboard in a train compartment, in which a handsome and beautiful boy was also traveling. she got birth, exactly in front of that boy. She noted he was wearing black sunglasses, which really suits him and he looks more handsome with those. She wanted to talk to him, but due to shyness, she avoided. Suddenly she realized he started staring at her continuously and this makes her very uncomfortable. Initially, she likes her, but now she thought she was wrong, he is a bad guy. She tries to avoid him, but whenever she looked at him, she found he is looking at her only. She wanted to abuse him. Some time back developed feeling for liking him was completely change into hate slogans somewhere inside. She wanted to curse him but somehow managed herself.

After some hours the train stopped and the boy asked about the name of the station. She heard but avoided to give an answer. Somebody nearby told him the name of the station. He tried to find something and stood up. When he opened the foldable white color cane with red bottom circled and started finding obstacles, then only, the first time she realized that he is a blind person. And now the emotions again changed from hate to sympathy.

Again the same question? Why did it happen? because she surrenders her “WHY” and started thinking about “HOW”. How disgraceful this boy is?

At last, I will suggest only one thing, ask, ask and ask “WHY” “WHY” “WHY”? What is the harm in asking? What would be the maximum result? It would be positive or negative. But in both ways, you will get knowledge. At least you will not feel guilty later. Don’t rush towards planning “HOW”, without understanding the purpose of “WHY”.

Do Not underestimate the power of “WHY”? which could save a lot of time of yours.

Thanks for reading.

Bye Bye. Send your review as usual.

Take very good care of yourself and your family, your friends and near and dear ones.

Best Regards,

Neeraj Bhatia


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